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Corin Dennison to address Retail Risk – Sydney on 24th February 2022

Corin Dennison
Director Global Profit Protection for major German sports brand

Get a global perspective on protecting your brand, IP, people and assets…

Corin is Director Global Profit Protection for a major German sports brand, with responsibility for all aspects of Retail Compliance & Profit Protection, overseeing a retail estate of 2,400 stores.

An inspirational speaker, Corin has worked with renowned brands, including Burberry and adidas aG.

He has helped them establish world-class global capabilities to protect their brands, IP, people and assets globally, including LATAM, APAC, Greater China, CIS, North America and Canada.

Corin believes that security can be used as an enabler, allowing senior stakeholders to make informed decisions. He is passionate about connecting with other brand leaders to share industry best practice.

His Global Profit Protection Team have recently won awards from OSPA & Retail Risk, and Corin is the LP Director of the Year 2019 awarded by Retail Risk. In 2020 he became a Director of Insight Retail Risk Consultancy and holds the CPP qualification from ASIS International.

Corin will be appearing at Retail Risk – Sydney, talking about his international experiences and explaining what specifically Australian Retailers can learn form them to stay ahead of the bad guys…

20 years of collaboration against retail loss – the highs, the lows, the achievements!

Austin Craddock
National Security Manager
Coles Supermarkets

2002 was a landmark year: the Sydney Olympics and the first Retail Risk conference! Inspired by this year’s conference venue at the Olympic Park and Retail Risk’s 20th anniversary, Austin will take a lighthearted look at the last 20 years of Loss Prevention and consider the parallels with Olympic attainment!

Are we winning the race?

Changing the world of Risk: Women in LP


Sophie Wong
General Manager,
Profit Protection and Service

Debbie Perano
Head of Loss Prevention

Amelia Adey
Loss Prevention & Compliance Manager

Ellen Dick
Retail Partnerships Manager

How to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated profession?  Join our panellists for insights on their career journeys, success secrets and the thinking that is taking them to top!

The panel will discuss:

  • How did you come to be in the LP / AP world? Tell us about your career journey to date.
  • How did you reach your level of success, given the gender gap, especially among leadership? What advice would you give others who are looking to do the same.
  • What is the biggest challenge in the LP / AP / Security space at the moment?

Sophie Wong

Sophie joined Coles in 2013 in the Liquor Operations team as State Manager for SA/NT/WA North. She completed a caretaking role as State Manager for Victoria for 7 months, joined the Supermarkets team as Operations Manger in 2016 and was appointed State General Manager for SA/NT in January 2018. She is currently General Manager for Smarter Profit and Service, based in South Australia.

Previous to this, Sophie spent several years working across national franchise organisations including Chemmart Pharmacy for 8 years and L.J. Hooker in State and National marketing and operations roles.

Debbie Perano

Deb is the Head of Loss Prevention for Bunnings, the leading retailer of home improvement and lifestyle products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry. Deb has worked in the building industry for over 25 years with the last 16 years at Bunnings. Having held several leadership roles within Store Operations Deb transitioned into functional leadership roles within the Bunnings New Zealand business leading high performing teams across Business Improvement, Merchandise Support, Credit, Risk, Compliance and Loss Prevention.

In 2020, Deb made the move to Melbourne, to assume the role of Head of Loss Prevention at Bunnings. During this time, the Loss Prevention function has seen some visionary changes, most notably the implementation of an additional team focused on utilising event-based intelligence and innovative technology to disrupt Organised Retail Crime. Deb is deeply passionate about the safety of the team and the customer environment and sees the work her team are doing in this space as transformational.

Amelia Adey

Amelia Adey has been with KOOKAI Australia & New Zealand for over 14 years, and has been in the role of Loss Prevention for over 7 years. KOOKAÏ prides themselves on internal succession, and Amelia has had several roles created within the business to suit her development and skillsets, including that of Loss Prevention & Compliance Manager.

Amelia has been the driver in developing loss prevention programs for the business, including policies & procedures, stocktake action groups & plans, LP audits and training. Amelia has been project manager of such initiatives as POS surveillance & RFID as well as implementation of fraud prevention solutions across the growing eCommerce arms of the company.

KOOKAÏ is a Melbourne-based, family-owned and run fashion label founded in 1992 by Rob Cromb and Danielle Vagner, with 40 retail stores in Australia and 4 retail stores in New Zealand, plus retail stores throughout Europe.

Ellen Dick

Ellen is the Retail Partnerships Manager at Auror, a crime intelligence platform focused on preventing crime, reducing loss, and making stores safer. Ellen joined Auror in 2015, growing the customer success function globally. In her current role, she is responsible for the growth, support and success of Auror’s retail partners in New Zealand and Australia. Having worked with retailers in New Zealand, Australia and North America, her unique experience helps her to support Auror’s customers to tackle the loss and safety challenges they face in an ever-changing retail environment.

The customer is not ‘always right!’

Scott Tayor
Security, Safety &
Risk Mitigation Specialist

The nuances of managing conflict in the retail space…

Aggression against frontline retail staff is increasing exponentially.

There has been a surge in inappropriate and inconsiderate actions by customers with frontline staff dealing with more frequent abuse. This spike has included exponential increases in abuse and aggression. So, the question facing every retailer is how to prepare their frontline staff to deal with this?

Join Scott Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Cross Group at a round table, to discuss:

  1. Enhancing retail staff’s situational awareness and base behaviour evaluation (people with bad intent display physiological changes- what are they?)
  2. Overcoming your natural response habits to conflict that are counterproductive to a positive outcome.
  3. How to develop a Customer Centric Conflict Management Program.
  4. Reality acquisition /immersion training for retail staff to improve conflict outcomes and dramatically reduce the chance of PTSD/stress/anxiety.

Scott Taylor

Scott is a highly motivated, performance driven and versatile leader who has worked across the gamut of the security, safety and risk industry over the past twenty-five years. Scott is a court and tribunal recognised security, safety and risk expert- evidenced by his provision of over 100 expert reports in civil cases.

He has consulted and lectured throughout the Middle East and USA, as well as working with government, industry regulators and industry across all Australian States and Territories spanning the spectrum of security, risk and all industry verticals.

He is an experienced instructor and a highly commercial change agent with superior ability to inspire innovation and enhance both overall performance and compliance/governance across multiple disciplines.

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Trolley push out, under the radar…

Nick Trudgett

A new report exposes the myths surrounding this type of theft…

The hitherto ‘under the radar’ phenomenon of trolley push out theft is becoming a significant problem for all facets of Australian and New Zealand retail, given the free access to shopping trolleys as a primary carrier in many shopping centres and retail environments.

Nick Trudgett, General Manager of Gatekeeper Systems Australia, has 20 years of experience in the retail trolley management and loss prevention market, and in recent years has been focusing on the generally unseen rise in trolley related push out theft.

At Retail Risk – Sydney, Nick will discuss the findings of the recently released research white paper, Controlling Trolley Push-Out Thefts by Emeritus Professor, Adrian Beck, and answer some of the most common questions and myths surrounding this type of theft.

The human demographic of such theft events will surprise many, coupled with the varied value and how a large percentage of such thefts go undetected.

Whilst prevention and deflection are important, collaboration between retailers across the spectrum is also key to successfully reducing push out theft. Multiple retail tiers are impacted, not just those that provide trolleys to customers, as many perpetrators will use a trolley to carry merchandise from retailer to retailer and blend in with the general shoppers.

Data sharing and awareness of the methodologies and activities of both opportunist and organised crime are key to reducing losses – helping retailers to identify what is going on, under the radar, in their stores and allowing them take appropriate action.

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Managing People Risk in the Retail Industry

Tarsha Gavin
Managing Associate
Allens Linklaters

Many employers in the retail industry are navigating the challenges of ensuring that their employees are paid correctly in accordance with Australian industrial laws and instruments

In an environment of strengthened regulatory enforcement action, and increased public attention on wage underpayment issues, it is imperative that retail employers have robust risk and compliance systems in place to identify, manage and mitigate people-related risks.

Tarsha Gavin is an experienced employment and safety law practitioner – join her for a round table discussion on:

  • Key employment compliance risks and challenges within the retail industry;
  • Recent trends in regulatory oversight and enforcement action;
  • Practical tips for identifying and managing people-related risks.

Tarsha Gavin is a Managing Associate at leading Australian law firm – Allens. As an experienced employment and safety law practitioner, she assists employers with complex, sensitive and reputationally significant employment issues. Tarsha specialises in advising employers on large-scale wage underpayment matters and compliance with industrial instruments, particularly employers in the retail industry. Tarsha has deep experience engaging with the Fair Work Ombudsman and other regulators, and has also assisted clients with managing people risks and implementing new compliance and payroll systems.

Tarsha Gavin

Tarsha Gavin is a Managing Associate at leading Australian law firm – Allens. As an experienced employment and safety law practitioner, she assists employers with complex, sensitive and reputationally significant employment issues.

Tarsha specialises in advising employers on large-scale wage underpayment matters and compliance with industrial instruments, particularly employers in the retail industry. Tarsha has deep experience engaging with the Fair Work Ombudsman and other regulators, and has also assisted clients with managing people risks and implementing new compliance and payroll systems.

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Post-transaction customer experience and disputes

Trinity Ambler
Director, Account Management, APAC

How is customer behaviour changing around post transaction disputes and what security measures can you implement?

Join Trinity Ambler of Ethoca for this round table discussion which will consider:

  • What activities is your company engaging in around the post transaction customer experience?
  • Have you seen a change in behaviour around how people dispute transactions or lodge complaints / make returns?
  • Do you plan to implement any new security measures from both an online fraud and in store perspective?

The discussion will cover other points raised by attendees, such as friendly fraud and chargebacks.

Trinity Ambler

A fraud and payments expert, Trinity has been with Ethoca since January 2017. During this time he has worked closely with leading merchant and issuer clients across the Asia-Pacific region to ensure they successfully reduce fraud, decrease costs, increase revenue and improve customer experience. Prior to Ethoca Trinity worked for a range of payments, e-commerce and cybersecurity companies in Australia and the UK. He is currently based in their Melbourne office.

Safety and the Organised Retail Crime Agenda 

Andrew Kouimanis

Join Andrew Kouimanis of Auror to learn how to create an ORC plan for your business, keeping your team and customers safe while engaging senior leaders

This round table discussion will focus on how to successfully plan, start and continue an Organised Retail Crime (ORC) plan for your business whilst keeping your team and customers safe.

It will also provide some handy tips on how to engage senior leaders on why your business needs to be landing ORC outcomes.

Andrew Kouimanis

Andrew Kouimanis has over 20 years’ experience in managing security / safety, fraud detection and loss prevention in a fast paced, 24/7 multi-site environment. Andrew has led risk, compliance and brand protection in one of Australia’s largest retailers, including international operations. Andrew has created best-in-class strategies and frameworks, with multi-million dollar impacts; mitigating critical incidents, ensuring legal compliance and enhancing customer experience across diverse retail businesses.

Managing Risks in Payments (Contactless Cash)

Teaj Sian
Managing Director
Glory Global Solutions

Join Teaj of GLORY Australia, together with representatives from the retail industry, for a discussion managing risks in payments

  • Health & Safety Risks
  • Cash & Inventory Loss
  • Fraud & Theft
  • Leveraging Business Intelligence & Data

Be sure to get a seat at the table and hear more about the latest innovation in smart cash management solutions.

Teaj Sian

Teaj has been leading Glory Australia as the Managing Director since 2018, following 5 years of success as the Sales and Marketing Director for the business. He has focused on transforming Glory Australia from a market leader within the banking fraternity to a leading expert in cash automation and securitisation in the Retail, QSR and Convenience market segments.

Teaj and the Glory Australia Team have worked with Loss Prevention, Risk Management and Security Executives to help drive efficiencies and improve the handling of cash throughout their stores.

Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) – is it for you?

Jeremy Sea

Discover real-life insights that have helped inform decision-making at a leading UK grocery chain

Join Ole Sulkiewicz and Jeremey Sea of Sensormatic at this round table discussion to learn more about a SMaaS case study, looking at:

  • Systems performance
  • Stores
  • Guarding
  • Organised Retail Crime
  • Asset Renewal
  • Self-checkout

New expectations: how data is shaping better customer experiences

Brett Small
General Manager – Asia Pacific

Join Brett Small of Ethoca for the latest in balancing CX and risk mitigation

In his presentation Brett will discuss:

  • Market Statistics around Fraud and Chargebacks
  • Balancing CX and Risk mitigation
  • Resolving Customer issues upstream with a Digital-First strategy

Brett Small

Brett Small is Ethoca’s General Manager in Asia Pacific and is responsible for Strategy, Partnerships, Sales, and Account management within the Asia Pacific region. Brett has spent the last 6 years building Ethoca’s presence in the region and now working in conjunction with MasterCard post Ethoca’s acquisition in 2019. Prior to joining Ethoca Brett has held numerous roles within large Australian banks over the last 10 years, including Global Head of Fraud Strategy at ANZ bank and Head of Fraud at National Australia bank. Prior to his banking roles, Brett spent 7 years in risk and analytics consulting with Ernst & Young and KPMG where he worked with large multi-national corporations across numerous industries.

Aggression management in stores

Jove Jonceski
National Service Delivery Manager
Southern Cross Protection

Melanie Graham

Why are retail staff under-reporting customer aggression and what can be done about it?

Join this round table discussion hosted by Jove Jonceski of Southern Cross Protection and Melanie Graham of JB HiFi to discuss:

  • How big is the problem in retail?
  • What does it look like and why do staff in stores under report it?
  • Body science
  • Who are the experts? 
  • Education 

Refund Fraud in the Digital Age

Luke Dynan
Sales Director and GM

Join Luke Dynan of Accertify for a round table discussion on Refund Fraud, currently the fastest growing fraud type faced by retailers

Covid-19 has had a major impact on retailers both in Australia and abroad: as the shift from in-store to online shopping gathers pace, it presents retailers with a myriad of new opportunities and risks. Merchants have had to quickly adapt to these market forces, often doing so without adequate tools or insights to manage these issues effectively. From a merchant risk perspective, Accertify has observed specific trends that have forced retailers to rethink their approaches to things like gift card and refund fraud, protection of customer data and accounts, as well as the optimisation of customer experience as scheme- based services like 3DS and SCA play a role in the payments flow.

These trends will likely mark permanent change in the industry, forcing retailers to think more proactively about how they best protect, and maximise, interactions with their customers when it comes to online payments and digital engagements.

In the discussion Luke will focus on the growing problem of Refund Fraud which retailers, in a recent study by Accertify, confirmed as being the fraud type with the biggest increase in the past 18 months. The conversation will focus on the following themes:

  • How retailers distinguish between refund fraud and abuse
  • Explore the different ways in which retailers experience the ‘Order Not Received’ claim from customers
  • The extent to which Retailers are aware of the problem around non-receipt, short-ship and damaged items impacting their business
  • Explain this notion of ‘Fraud-as-a-Service’ as 3rd parties use sophisticated means to defraud retailers of legitimate purchases and in doing so, share our observations of trends in northern hemisphere markets and what this might mean for Australian retailers
  • And finally, discuss how merchants have traditionally addressed the problem of refund fraud and the power of dedicated claims pages and associated data to deter fraudulent refund claims

Shopper Insights for 2022 and beyond

Brian Field
Senior Director, Global Retail Consulting

In his presentation Brian will be looking at shopper insights across the world, especially shopper behavior in Australia and New Zealand during the holiday season and more. The analysis and data will provide trends to help you better manage your retail operations in 2022.

Loss Prevention strategies for high-loss stores and product categories

Ken Williams
Account Executive
Sekura Global

Matthew Christie
Manager of Loss Prevention

Why LP teams should take a bespoke approach to these stores, or categories, rather than one size fits all

Join Ken Williams from Sekura Global and Matthew Christie of TK Maxx to discuss Loss Prevention strategies for high-loss stores and product categories. Why LP teams should take a bespoke approach to these stores, or categories, rather than one size fits all and how LP teams can justify additional investment.

Ken Williams

As an experienced retail consultant, I am enthusiastic about customer service and about building strong and lasting relationships, working closely with retailer partners to meet ongoing loss prevention challenges with solutions that work. With over 20 years’ experience in sales, project and account management, and the retail industry in general, I have developed a reputation for putting the customer’s needs first and building business value from the outset.

Matthew Christie

With over 20 years in Loss Prevention, security and investigations, I have considerable experience in loss prevention, project management, and people management. Over the last two years, my team at TJX Australia trading as TK Maxx, have navigated one of the largest retail disruptions ever, necessitating new loss prevention strategies. I will be joining the Sekura roundtable to speak from an “on the ground” point of view, sharing my experience designing and delivering a wholistic Loss Prevention strategy, using minimal resources and on a minimum budget.

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