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Sometimes retailers ask us suspiciously, “What do you mean, Retail Risk is free to attend?” Paul Bessant, Founder of the conference series, explains…


Unfortunately, we live in an age of cynicism.

And that’s probably because we have all felt lied to, or misled, by slick marketing campaigns over the years.

So, if we are promised something is “free” we ask, “what is the catch?” Or wonder if what we are now being “offered free” was actually worth anything in the first place!

After all, we are told, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Well. Maybe there is…

Free… Absolutely, positively, 100% guaranteed!

Retail Risk conferences are run solely to help retailers, academics and law enforcement personnel fight crime; both in their online and physical stores. They are now the most popular conference series in the world; catering for more risk and loss prevention managers than any other similar conference series – so we must be doing something right!

Each event is sponsored. And, thanks to the generosity of those sponsors, everything at our conferences is free for delegates to use and enjoy.

  • There are no entrance fees.
  • Delegates get to access the whole of the event, not just the Exhibitors’ Hall.
  • All presentations, workshops and masterclasses are free to attend for ALL delegates. Always featuring top speakers, flown in from around the world to share with you how they have solved a particular problem so that you can copy their solution, the information in these presentations is pure gold; expertise you can use in your business to save millions. And it is all here, for you and for free.

No dreary sales pitches to sit through either

And then there is the subject of sponsors. They tend to be companies that sell to the retail industry. Why do they sponsor the event..?

Obviously, they see it as in their commercial interests to support an event that is now the most popular Loss Prevention conference series in the world. They hope to catch up with existing retailer customers and, perhaps, to meet new contacts that could represent sales opportunities.

However, delegates are never asked to sit and watch hours of sales presentations. And the only vendors allowed into the conference are those who are sponsoring it. We do not sell individual tickets to vendors, leaving our retailer guests to be mobbed by vendors trying to make unsolicited sales approaches.

Complimentary conference programmes, an agenda and useful information are given free to all delegates upon arrival. Free refreshments – hot and cold – are also served throughout the day.

And what about lunch?

And then there is the subject of lunch… Yes, that too is served to every delegate free of charge. And not a dog-eared sandwich and a packet of chips! We pride ourselves on using top venues with high quality catering, for all our conferences around the world. We even check individually with each delegate before the conference for any special dietary requirements associated with food allergy or intolerance, or religious observations.

So, it turns out that there IS such a thing as a “free lunch” after all!

We promise you that every aspect of our events is free, but don’t just take our word for it

To join the thousands of other retailers around the world who attend our free Loss Prevention conferences every year, and to see what they have to say about their experiences, simply check out the sample of comments received on this website and then register for the conference next in your region. If registration is not yet open, pre-register to make sure that you will be contacted and offered tickets the week before they go on general release, to make sure you get the number of tickets you want.

Bring your whole Loss Prevention team. After all this is free training for them. And our conferences entitle delegates to claim professional CPD points from their professional bodies too.

Valuable insight for your whole organisation

Please also tell your HR, IT, Ops, Logistics and Finance departments to come along too. What better opportunity to create better understanding between departments of the Loss Prevention challenges facing retailers in the modern age; to enhance understanding and common ground when working on inter-departmental solutions to a retail challenges?

And encourage your rising stars to attend – people who would not normally get the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars due to budgetary constraints. Because our agenda is constructed to include valuable material for executives of all levels, from junior to the most senior.

And, after all, it is free..!

See you soon.


To claim your free VIP pass to one or more conferences, simply click on the BOOK NOW link at the top of the page of the conferences you are interested in attending and register… It takes less than 60 seconds.