Megatrends in Risk Management


Explore the trends and technologies that are transforming risk management in the retail revolution.

Special guests include:

Victoria Wilkes
Head of Security

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Victoria Wilkes

Victoria has a career spanning more than 20 years in the retail/commercial manned guarding, CIT and remote monitoring sectors with an international remit. Victoria creates inclusive security solutions combining physical-guarding, technology and systems, which she is highly passionate about.

I guess I always wanted to fight crime and injustice (perhaps watched too many episodes of The Bill growing up!)  Originally, I wanted to join the Police, so my father told me to get some university of life experience first.  Getting a job in security seemed a logical first step, so I started working for a security company at a warehouse on the gates.  That journey has lead me to my current role as  Head of Security for Primark internationally.

I’m always excited to learn and hungry to develop. To make security fit for the future,  I believe in building a clear strategy while constantly innovating, progressing, listening and supporting ideas which drive the business forward. My career path in the security industry has been an amazing journey for me.


What does Security look like after a pandemic?

The inevitable change within global retail security has been accelerated by the pandemic and the challenge to get the most from budgets has now become a priority for many high street retailers.

There is a growing need to heighten the retail experience for shoppers while understanding that we are experiencing changes in customer behaviour. Greater levels of anxiety among shoppers has resulted in increased delinquency and aggression on the high street.

Retail security teams are now tasked with the responsibility to make shoppers feel safe, to control shrinkage in a much more complex supply chain and to circumvent myriad obstacles that the latest retail environment demands.

This is an opportunity to be seized!


Ron Delnevo (CHAIR)
Cash and Card Consultants

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Ron Delnevo

After gaining experience at Board level at a number of companies, including participation in an IPO, Ron led the MBO which created UK independent ATM operator Bank Machine in 2003. He led the company until 2012.

During this period, Ron also served as a Director of the UK Payments Council for 3 years.

In 2014, Ron founded Cash and Card Consultants. His main project currently is leading the UK launch of Swiss Fintech Sonect.
Ron, who has a special focus on payments and Payment Choice, regularly speaks at leading events and is a prolific contributor to both financial services publications and academic journals.

As well as his consultancy work, Ron currently serves as Chairman of CaLP, an organisation established by some of the world’s leading charities to optimise the use of cash in humanitarian aid.

Ron is also a member of the Board of the UK Cash Supply Alliance, an organisation founded to support a continuing role for cash within Payment Choice.

Ron takes a keen interest in politics and economics, enjoys travel and loves sport, especially his beloved Heart of Midlothian Football Club.


Debbie Smyth
Freelance Consultant

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Debbie Smyth

Debbie has worked in the ATM industry for over 30 years, starting at FTS, a founder member of LINK, managing new members as LINK incorporated the previous networks operated by the major UK banks. Debbie then moved to a major independent ATM operator, overseeing their acceptance into the LINK network. Following a management buyout, Debbie continued her role as Operations Director of Bank Machine, with close involvement in all aspects of cash logistics, hardware and software, customer service, security and business strategy.

Debbie is now a freelance consultant, working for banks, equipment manufacturers and transaction networks, including Fujitsu, Auriga, LINK, Bank of Ireland and ATM Industry Association.

Before the ATM world, Debbie was a linguist and researcher at the British Library, and a designer and implementer of automated library systems around Europe. In her spare moments she is a keen travel writer and award-winning photographer, with a particular passion for street and urban photography, and it is not unusual for an ATM or two to appear in her images.

CLICK FOR PANEL DISCUSSION DETAILS: The Benefits and Risks of a Life without Cash

The Benefits and Risks of a Life without Cash

Ron will open the discussion with some historical perspective and a brief analysis on where we stand today regarding Payment Choice. He will then invite two panellists to advocate for, and against, ‘cashless’!

Data privacy and cybersecurity

Special guests include:

Isabel Ost – Director, Data Protection Lead, KPMG Law, part of KPMG LLP


Whatever happened to GDPR?

A legal update on how it affects your business.


Special guests include:

Masha Cilliers
Payment Industry Specialist & Partner


The changing face of payments fraud

Cennox Round table – speaker TBA


The importance of customer choice

  • Cash, card and digital payments… how do we meet the requirements of an ever changing payments landscape?
  • How do we maximise operational efficiencies without impacting on customer experience?
  • How can innovation keep me ahead of the competition, whilst meeting the ever changing demands of the customer?

Protect stores and create opportunities with the latest solutions

Details TBA

Business resilience

Special guests include:

Chris Butler
Lead Principal Consultant, Risk, Resilience & Security
Sungard Availability Services

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Chris Butler

Chris has worked as a consultant in Resilience and Security since retiring from 20 years of military service in 2012. Initially working in high-hazard industries, notably the UK’s nuclear sector, he specialises in helping Board-level Executives to improve and develop their leadership in a crisis, with a focus on cyber risk. Chris also helps our clients develop their strategies and frameworks for organisational and operational resilience, including leadership development and full lifecycle Business Continuity implementation. Since joining Sungard Availability Services in 2016, Chris has worked with customers in finance, insurance, healthcare, not-for-profit and automotive sectors. He is a fluent French speaker who has a number of clients in Sweden, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, in addition to clients in the UK.SC cleared, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) practitioner, Management of Risk (MoR) practitioner, Change Management, Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and qualified/certified Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor.

Member of the Business Continuity Institute. Certified Information Security Manager (ISACA).



Crisis leadership: why effective communications are at the heart of any good crisis response

When so much of a crisis response is judged by the communications, preparation ensures that you are ready when crisis strikes. A rapid and effective communications response in times of crisis is not just desirable, it is obligatory. In this session, we will look at some recent case studies and explore the risks for leadership teams in poor crisis communications. From social media challenges to ensuring internal messages are aligned, there is much for the crisis management team to do.

Online fraud

Special guests include:

Andrew Wainwright
Head of Online Profit Protection

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Andrew Wainwright – Head of Online Profit Protection, Next

Andy has worked in the fraud industry for the past seventeen years and has significant experience in leading the investigation and prevention of internal and external crime within the financial, insurance, telecommunication and retail sectors.

He has implemented new fraud strategies within financial organisations across multiple delivery channels for both cash and credit, leading to considerable cost savings.

He is a regular speaker at industry events and a member of the editorial board of Loss Prevention Magazine in the UK. His team have won the Online Profit Protection team of the year for the last two years.



Online fraud: lessons from lockdown

Andy discusses how fraudsters changed their modus operandi in response to the lockdown – and what Next did to adapt its response. This led to some very interesting results, which impacted multiple retailers.

Max Wolke
Head of Strategy

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Max Wolke

Max is Fraugster’s Head of Strategy and is focussed on how new technologies like AI and Machine Learning can help e-commerce businesses improve performance and customer experience, whilst reducing the impact of fraud. Max believes “great strategists are great simplifiers”, which means he takes highly technical and complex topics, like the idea of Bias and Deep Learning and makes them explainable, and actionable. Prior to Fraugster Max spent 7 years in Strategy consulting across e-commerce and financial services. He is an ex-GB triathlete who has competed at two world championships and a Cambridge University graduate (English Literature and Philosophy).


AI ethnicity bias in fraud protection: how does it arise and what does it mean for your brand and your customers?

Self-learning and deep learning “machines” can be biased, just like humans. In this discussion Fraugster will share their cutting edge research into bias in fraud protection and payment security. What can merchants and payment companies do to mitigate the risk of discriminating against customers on the basis of race, gender, age etc?

Max will be joined by Fraugsters data scientists and AI researchers to unpack this highly interesting area.

Retail waste – risk or opportunity?

A panel discussion


The world is more aware today than ever before of the devastating environmental impacts of waste. Waste is now one of the world’s most significant risks. Our climate, rivers and oceans, human and animal health, have never been under more threat.

Waste legislation and sustainability reporting requirements influence organisational behaviour and provide frameworks for managing and reducing impacts. This has initiated massive change in recent times for all property stakeholders.

Now, in most western countries, every property owner, manager, investor and stakeholder are obligated by law to know what waste is being produced, to take steps to follow the waste hierarchy, avoid waste to landfill, ensure transfers, transporters and destinations are compliant, manage cost, know where it is to be disposed of and how it will be treated.

Customers increasingly expect businesses to place the environment and sustainability at the heart of their business. Failure to do so presents a clear threat to brand trust and loyalty, whereas the opportunity is there to step up and stand out.

Waste is no longer only a cost, risk or threat to retail. It a measurable opportunity. An opportunity to reduce, recycle, generate revenue, and create efficiencies in your operations.

Special guests include:

Geoff Grateley (CHAIR)
Founder & Director
Grateley Consulting Services

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Geoff  Grateley

With more than 25 years Facilities Management (FM) experience across government, corporate and retail sectors, Geoff’s career began with the Inland Revenue managing critical office and data centre facilities. Moving through Electronic Data Systems and Alfred McAlpine Business Services, Geoff managed workplaces across various sectors, before being head-hunted by Europa Facility Services to manage their retail business.

Geoff led the key client relationship with Capital Shopping Centres (CSC), subsequently intu Properties, and began work with CSC in 2012 to build intu Retail Services, a new FM (joint venture) business, born in 2013.

Geoff was iRS UK Operations Director for seven years. Skilled in compliance, communication, customer experience and commercial performance, Geoff was responsible for the shopping centre operations delivered through 2,000 colleagues.

Geoff is now Founder & Director of Grateley Consulting Services, and a Board Trustee for Home-Start Cheshire.

Corin Dennison (PANELLIST)
Director, Global Profit Protection

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Corin Dennison

With over 27 yrs experience within the law enforcement / security arena, Corin served for 19 yrs within the UK Police Service as a Detective, specializing in all areas of major crime including Counter Terrorism, with secondments to the National Football Intelligence Unit (England National Team) and the Foreign Office training Iraqi Police Personnel in the Middle East.

From Global Corporate Investigations Manager for Burberry Ltd, he moved to a major German sports brand in 2013 and is currently the Director Global Profit Protection with responsibility for all aspects of Retail Compliance & Profit Protection, overseeing a retail estate of 2400 stores. His Global Profit Protection Team have recently won awards from OSPA & Retail Risk, and Corin is the LP Director of the Year 2019 awarded by Retail Risk. In 2020 he became a Director of Insight Retail Risk Consultancy and he regularly presents as a subject matter expert on corporate & retail security topics and holds the CPP qualification from ASIS International.

Michael Foreman (PANELLIST)
Managing Director
Don’t Waste UK

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Michael Foreman

“I thought the boldness of the Adidas presence was exactly what I’d like to experience in the future, honest and open information sharing at it’s best! The survey piece delivered by Paul B was nicely positioned and I look forward to its content.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

“Best expo I have attended in a longtime. Unlike other expo’s Retail Risk was correctly focussed and not in anyway saturated with needless displays.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

“Yet another informative and insightful day provided by the Retail Risk team. Thought the ability to interact and ask questions of the presenters via our smartphones worked really well.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

“I thought the boldness of the Adidas presence was exactly what I’d like to experience in the future, honest and open information sharing at it’s best! The survey piece delivered by Paul B was nicely positioned and I look forward to its content.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

“Best expo I have attended in a longtime. Unlike other expo’s Retail Risk was correctly focussed and not in anyway saturated with needless displays.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

“Yet another informative and insightful day provided by the Retail Risk team. Thought the ability to interact and ask questions of the presenters via our smartphones worked really well.”

Attending retailer
Retail Risk – London

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