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Without the continued support of sponsors, you could not attend Retail Risk – Sydney for free…

An important part of attending any Retail Risk event, virtually or in person, is to find out what the latest solutions are, who is using them, how successful they are and whether they might do the same for you.

Our sponsors are the very best of the best, offering world class health, safety and risk management products and services. They are continuously developing their offerings. So, to keep up to date with the latest industry innovations whilst at the same time helping our sponsors to continue to justify supporting this event, please browse the gallery below and choose a sponsor that you would like to “catch up” with. We’ll do the rest.

You might simply be interested in knowing more about their latest innovations. Maybe you are looking to start discussions about a forthcoming project. Or perhaps you are in the midst of budgetary cuts and expenditure freezes and are looking for those who can help you save money or implement new solutions within existing budgets.

Whatever your situation, by taking a moment NOW to engage with some sponsors, you are making sure that next year’s event will also be free to attend, both virtually AND (subject to lockdown restrictions being lifted) in person.

Adding new dimensions for a smarter and safer world

We enable a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions to improve security and to find new ways of doing business.

The world is changing fast, and we make sure we stay ahead of those changes. While security is still our main focus, we are gradually expanding into related markets using new network-based products and solutions. Our experience working with network video and audio solutions, analytics and access control contributes to the protection of people and property, process optimization, and increases business efficiency and information access.

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

We deliver real-time and predictive analytics for accurate decision-making across the enterprise, enabling retailers to move into the future confidently

Retail today is about achieving success through informed moments of truth. Those moments between customers, stores, associates and inventory are opportunities for retailers to positively impact the shopping experience. Our connected, scalable solutions and strategic insights enable retailers to confidently move into the future, bringing together online, mobile and in-store shopping for easy, personalized, enhanced experiences that shoppers love.

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

Empowering retailers to report, solve, and prevent crime

Founded in 2014, the Auror retail crime intelligence platform is empowering some of the largest retailers and police agencies in the world to reduce retail crime, and community harm. Our retail partners are achieving 200-300% increase in reported intel, identifying the 10% of offenders committing 50%+ of their loss, and ultimately reducing loss by 20%+. 

By making the worlds most intuitive process for store teams to report intel, systematically connecting the dots on repeat offenders, and distributing the intel fast to your teams and police partners, retailers are able to stop crime and keep their people safe. 

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

Making ecommerce simply about commerce

Ethoca is an award-winning provider of collaboration-based intelligence and technology solutions that empower businesses around the world to fight fraud, prevent disputes and improve the customer experience. Powered by the ever-growing Ethoca Network, our solutions provide rich intelligence throughout the customer purchase journey and close costly communication gaps between all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem. Ethoca was acquired by Mastercard in April 2019. 

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

Push back against Push out Theft with Purchek

Gatekeeper Systems is the global leading provider of shopping trolley derived loss prevention technology. Gatekeepers Purchek prevents trolley push out theft using locking wheels. Our trolley retention system prevents theft of shopping trolleys from the store boundary and car park. Gatekeepers trolley data solutions can rationalise your trolley fleets. Gatekeepers cart manager is a mechanical trolley push machine, improving trolley collection productivity and reduces accidents and injuries associated with collecting trolleys at store car parks.

Please get in touch. We love to “meet” ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

Save Loss. Save Time.

Sekura constantly strives to be the world’s most innovative security tagging provider by constantly developing new products, improving existing designs, and by reacting dynamically to the needs of our clients as they arise. Sekura Global has offices and distribution centres across the UK, Europe, US and Australia – so we can provide consistent service levels to our clients around the world; our clients include blue-chip global retailers. See how we can help make your business healthier and your products more secure – experience the new technology that’s revolutionising retail now.

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

GLORY Global Solutions are cash management experts, providing consultancy, hardware and software solutions to retailers worldwide

As a global powerhouse in the cash technology sphere, GLORY Global Solutions work in partnership with Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Store Operations and Security Professionals around the world to help drive continuous improvement in reducing shrinkage across the acceptance, processing and handling of cash from POS to the back office, ensuring the complete securitisation, reconciliation and management of cash. 

Closer to home, we have been at the forefront of transforming Retail & Banking experiences for over 30 years, providing consultancy, hardware and software solutions into the Australian market. We have led the way to cash recycling in businesses, helping business reuse cash effectively and securely, while reducing costs associated with human errors, theft, and providing valuable uptime and savings in resources allocated to these high risk tasks.

Why choose us to help manage the most fluid “inventory” item in your stores?

  • Knowledge of the market – 100 years of proven excellence in cash handling technology
  • Buy Direct from the Manufacturer – We have produced currency & cash solutions for over 150 countries, hold over 300 patents and designs, are the largest OEM supplier of cash handling mechanisms and have over 1million devices installed world wide
  • Software solutions designed to further reduce risks and costs – program the hardware to provide the highest levels of security and tracking including SSO, remote monitoring and management PLUS additional services to manage change orders and CIT collections – further reducing risks
  • Local Service Support Australia Wide 7 days a week – Glory provides local servicing with strict SLA’s within the Australian Retail market.   Our Helpdesk, Product Support, Warehousing, Technicians, Sales and Support staff are all based in Australia to understand local demands as well as to leverage global trends. 
  • Wholly owned end to end ownership of the product lifecycle – From development, product management, engineering and manufacturing
  • Staff Training and Support – Glory recognises that your people are key to the success of any technology deployment.  Our process for implementation of our technology is based on a strong staff training & awareness framework before, during and after installation of our technology.

Wherever cash moves, Glory counts. 

Please get in touch. We love to meet ANYONE in risk management to share insights and opinions.

Innovative Security Company

Our Loss Prevention and Retail Security Services division has extensive experience providing a wide range of retail security services, including uniform and covert loss prevention officers, door greeters, customer service officers, static guards, brand protection, and control room operations, such as CCTV monitoring, reporting, investigations, and consultation. 

Our Loss Prevention team consists of certified and trained individuals with demonstrated expertise in the retail business, including supermarkets, shopping centres, speciality retailers, department and discount shops, pharmacies, and liquor outlets, among other formats. The members of the team come from a variety of experiences and have been carefully chosen and taught to execute the function to the greatest possible quality.

Technology is being used to perform a wide range of theft, fraud, and cybercrime in the twenty-first century. Our organisation is dedicated to delivering solutions to all industries that will aid in the fight against this worldwide disease. ORCA collaborates with covert operators, data analysts, and investigators to assist in the facilitation and execution of intelligence-led investigations into these high-value criminals and their networks.

ORCA (Organised Retail Crime Australia) is MA Services Group’s retail criminal investigations section. We are committed to giving the finest service to our clients by pursuing those criminals who conduct severe theft offences that result in considerable financial losses. 

Resources can be allocated to a specific offender or enquiry based on operational needs; there is no fixed weekly cost. We Communicate with our clients on a regular basis keeping them appraised on developments and to ensure that resources are distributed correctly.

Our specialised team works with your staff to promote a positive loss prevention culture and help them improve their security awareness, with a strong focus on customer service.  

Through data analysis, end to end investigations and strengthened connections with law enforcement departments we are able to identify new shoplifting trends and assist in the rapid identification of a large percentage of recidivist offenders thanks to our extensive and demonstrated experience in the industry and a pool of expert analyst resources. We have a high success rate in prosecuting offenders because of our close relationship and good rapport with other external authorities and police departments. By combining our Covert Loss Prevention Officers with our Customer Service Security Officers, you may improve the efficacy of your Loss Prevention efforts (CSSO). Our CSSOs are proactive, well-groomed, and customer service focused experts particularly educated in Predictive Profiling searching for ‘suspicious signs’ from possible individuals of interest entering your premises, rather than a disinterested, passive sentry.

Book a session with one of our specialists during the Retail Risk Event.

Global Partner