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Retail Risk – Global Survey: Paul Bessant, Founder, Retail Risk

Be among the first to take part – and benefit from – the Retail Risk – Global Survey. Since 2011 Retail Knowledge’s surveys of retailers primarily in the US, UK and Australia have become an indispensable tool for the industry to benchmark operations and find practical ways to beat fraudsters. Now the survey is going global, real time and widening its remit to cover the risk arena – to produce the most timely, accurate and relevant material ever available on all aspects of retail risk.

Using latest polling technology, the survey canvasses information from delegates at the conference and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report.

CASE STUDY: Collaborating to cut business crime – an interview with Dan Hardy, Managing Director, the UK’s National Business Crime Solution

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a not for profit initiative in the UK. It enables the effective sharing of appropriate date between the police, crime reduction agencies and the business community to reduce crime and risks for all. Carly Richards interviews NBCS Managing Director Dan Hardy

More about Dan…

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a not for profit initiative in the UK. It enables the effective sharing of appropriate date between the police, crime reduction agencies and the business community to reduce crime and risks for all.

Managing personal information risk: a guide for retailers: Dean Dolan, Counsel, Baker & McKenzie

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) governs the collection, use and transfer of personal information by organizations in Canada. This has enormous impact on retailers both online and in bricks and mortar stores in numerous ways, ranging from use of information gained through e-commerce transactions, to follow-up marketing campaigns, to CCTV use in stores, and cell-phone and cart tracking in stores to understanding traffic patterns.  In addition, international legislation regulating privacy and data security, such as Europe’s GDPR, must be taken into consideration given the increasingly international nature of retail, particularly e-commerce. Dean will consider the risks presented by all these factors and offer practical ways to address and mitigate those risks.

More about Dean…

Dean Dolan is Counsel to Baker McKenzie’s Toronto office.  A highly regarded privacy and data security lawyer, Dean has served on the Executive Committee of the Ontario Bar Association’s Privacy Law Section, the Advisory Board of the Conference Board of Canada’s Chief Privacy Officer’s Council, the Retail Council of Canada’s Privacy Committee, and the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers, and is an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional.  He is an author and frequent speaker on privacy and data security matters, and in particular has spoken frequently on the GDPR and its impact on international business organizations including at the Conference Board of Canada; the Retail Council of Canada; the Law Society of Upper Canada; the IAPP Annual Canada Privacy Symposium; the inaugural IAPP KnowledgeNet in Mexico City; and the Association of Records Managers of America Annual Meeting in Orlando.  He is Co-Chair of the IAPP’s KnowledgeNet Toronto Chapter, and has been recognized as the Data Protection Law Exoert fior Canada by Global Law Experts for 2018.

Prior to joining the Firm, he served as Vice-President, Associate General Counsel and Privacy Officer for a large multi-national retailer in Canada.  Focusing on privacy and information governance, Dean provides strategic advice on the management and retention of information globally.

The case for Whole Body Imaging – the last line of defence in an integrated LP program: Robert Dyk – President and CEO, Worldwide Security

A large warehousing environment staffed with known or temporary worker populations is a unique challenge generally mastered only by seasoned LP professionals.  Whether large or small scale, virtually all traditional security strategies in this environment involve a layered approach comprised of HR policy, training, control systems, conventional security technology, and most of all, supervisory vigilance.  Though each of these components is without doubt necessary, they often fail to detect what whole body imaging systems can easily reveal.  Stand-off screening, high throughput, diverse non-metallic detection, ease of training, and rapid deployment are only a few of the many reasons why whole body imaging can prove incredibly effective.

In this session, you will learn how this remarkable technology not only reduces overall shrink, but also boosts worker safety, bolsters morale, preserves brand integrity, protects valuable intellectual property, and delivers a quantifiable return on investment.

More about Robert…

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Robert Dyk began his education at the University of Toronto in 1983.  He spent his first professional years in land mobile communications and mobile telephony, first in RF maintenance, and system design and sales thereafter.

Seeking new challenges, Robert moved into the security and loss prevention space with Worldwide Security (formerly Worldwide Security and Protection Corp) in 1991.  Starting in a junior sales position, Robert worked his way through the ranks until becoming Vice-President in 1996, having successfully transitioned the company from personnel based close protection services, to technology based security systems integration.  With tremendous leadership and success, Robert cemented his place at Worldwide Security, moving to the role of President and CEO in 2006.

Over the course of his 25+ year career, Robert has applied his experience and vision with security and loss prevention to almost every sector.  His unique approach has allowed Worldwide Security to operate across the spectrum of security technology, in areas such as CCTV, x-ray, whole-body imaging, explosives detection, perimeter security, and more recently expansion into critical infrastructure, deploying CCTV and discrete wireless communications systems into every nuclear power generating station in Canada.  Robert’s leadership and diverse experience has enabled Worldwide Security to consistently provide custom solutions in challenging conditions, and continue to deliver value in the security and loss prevention space.

Harness the power of your people to create a powerful culture of LP: Jason Hall, Western Europe Senior Manager – Profit Protection, adidas

Rather than issuing top-down edicts which are all too easy to ignore, Jason challenged his European team to create something new and different that would ‘change the game’ about LP: spark the imagination, and inspire people in a different way whilst thinking about protecting their stores. The first challenge to the stores was to make a video. The results revealed the creativity, talent and sheer dedication of the store teams at adidas. In this case study he reveals some of the video highlights and talks about the effects this style of engagement has had on Loss Prevention at adidas.

More about Jason…

Jason has had an ever evolving career within Loss Prevention dedicating his entire working life to the function. Starting out as a Security Officer at the age of 18 before becoming the youngest ever Store Detective 2 years later with UK Retailer, Sainsbury’s. He enjoyed a very successful 16 years working for the 2nd largest supermarket chain in the UK, progressing through the ranks with various management positions including National Investigations Manager where Jason will be remembered for creating Eagle Eye. In 2012 he joined adidas and after 2 years was promoted to the position of Senior Manager where he was put in place to create and lead the Profit Protection team across Western Europe.

Outside of work Jason loves football. As a qualified FA coach he has managed teams to success as well as following his beloved Nottingham Forest and England.

A Digital Crime Whodunnit - How to Fight On-line Fraud & Chargebacks: Skip Myers, Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy, Microcenter


In this presentation Skip reveals his ground breaking approach to investigating digital crime; one that has already received accolades from law enforcement and security professionals from around the globe.

“A digital crime scene is still a crime scene; it is human crime… online. Many times problems are left unresolved simply because the approach of an investigator needs to be realigned to the digital environment. However, once investigators understand this new approach they can use their existing skill sets, with minor tweaks, to get far, far better results than they have previously.”

In this world first, which precedes the publication of Skip’s new book, How to Investigate the [digital] Crime Scene, Skip will explain how this approach has been used to deal with CNP fraud and chargebacks with great success in his US business – Microcenter.

This presentation provides practical tools that you can take away and apply in your businesses the very next day.


The session sees a number of international asset protection experts, each with their own areas of expertise, sit with tables of ten delegates to give personalised interviews, presentations and to answer questions.

At the end of seven minutes the experts rotate around the room so that everyone gets a chance to meet them and ask them for help with their toughest challenges.

Not to be confused with a procurement fair, where each meeting is actually a sales pitch (not the case with our experts), this session is proving a BIG hit with delegates. “The only complaint we had from delegates the whole day was that the Meet the Experts session should be extended from one hour to two” commented Paul Bessant, Founder of Retail Knowledge.

“This one beats them all and the reason for that is because we know that the right people are going to be here, and looking around now at the number of people in this room, they are all influential in our market place – that’s why we’re here.”

Attending delegate
Retail Risk – Toronto

“This one beats them all and the reason for that is because we know that the right people are going to be here, and looking around now at the number of people in this room, they are all influential in our market place – that’s why we’re here.”

Attending delegate
Retail Risk – Toronto

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