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Singapore featured speakers

Join our international speakers at Retail Risk – Singapore on 27th July. More to come!

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Austin Craddock

Coles Smarter Profits Manager

Austin is a Profit Protection veteran with over 20 years’ service with Coles Supermarkets (over 840 stores Australia-wide). He has led investigation and security teams in Coles for many years and has a passion for introducing new ideas and technologies. Austin was responsible for establishing and enabling Coles’ fraud and internal investigations team before turning to external theft matters. As the Smart Profits Manager he leads Coles highly successful Organised Retail Crime program as well as managing Coles manpower and hardware related security.  Austin was named Group Risk Manager of the Year 2023 at this year’s Australian Fraud Awards.

Corin Dennison
Global Profit Protection Director

A global perspective on protecting your brand, IP, people and assets

Never have businesses been so dependent for their success on the effective management of risk

According to Corin, “there has never been a better time to shine”: from the recent pandemic to cost of living crisis a fundamental change in retail riskhas begun.  Retailers became responsible for risks that they never had to face before such as health, safety and risk management, access to skilled/unskilled labor, rapidly increasing online transactions with associated risks, and stores suddenly being rendered unviable.

Then there are the rising expectations from investors and customers on environmental policy, social responsibility and sustainable business models which have moved from “nice to have” to business critical. And, of course, there is the relentless pursuit of innovation to give customers what they want to buy, whenever and however they want to buy it; these are new routes to market with new, associated threats to match.

All of these provide an unparalleled opportunity for those whose remit includes health, safety and risk management to make themselves indispensable to their businesses and claim a seat at the top table. Never have businesses been so dependent for their success on the effective management of risk. It is time for health safety and risk management executives to make their presence felt like never before.

Corin Dennison

An inspirational speaker, Corin has worked with renowned brands, including Burberry and adidas aG, helping them establish world-class global capabilities to protect their brand, IP, people and assets globally, including LATAM, APAC, Greater China, CIS, North America and Canada.

He believes that security can be used as an enabler, allowing senior stakeholders to make informed decisions. He is passionate about connecting with other brand leaders to share industry best practice.

Corin is currently the Director Global Profit Protection for a major German sports brand, with responsibility for all aspects of Retail Compliance & Profit Protection, overseeing a retail estate of 2,200 stores. His Global Profit Protection Team have recently won awards from OSPA & Retail Risk, and Corinwas the LP Director of the Year 2019/2021 awarded by Retail Risk. In 2020 he became a Director of Insight Retail Risk Consultancy and holds the CPP qualification from ASIS International and Nebosh International HSE qualifications.

Jasper Frost
Alpha Intelligence Group

Something not right? Turn your ‘hunch’ into Tactical Behavioural Analysis

How to use the science of Human Behaviour to prevent crime

How can you, within a few minutes, determine the future behaviour of others? How can you increase your situational awareness so you can act proactively rather than reactively?

In this presentation Jasper will explain how you can quickly analyse the situation and spot anomalies in your surroundings. So, when deciding to act on somethingyou think is a sign of deceit or a ‘hunchbased on your intuition, gut feeling, or instincts, you can instead make actions based on the science of human behaviour.

Additionally, Jasper will teach you how you can gain unsolicited information from your subject, without the need to ask questions, and how to analyse that information.

Jasper Frost

Jasper is an executive adviser, trainer and keynote speaker in the Nordic Region, Emirates and Asia in the fields of elicitation, business intelligence and advanced tactical behavioural analysis, including: non-verbal communication, statement analysis, micro-expressions, deceptive analyses, influential psychology and emotional intelligence. He works with government and intelligence services, as well as law enforcement and corporations to ensure that, when the stakes are high, they have the right tools to get unsolicited information from – and analyse – their counterpart’s verbal and non-verbal behaviour and detect deception.

Marco Landi
Chief Revenue Officer
Sensormatic Solutions

Retail trends and shopper insights 2024

A briefing on the latest trends and insights for Retail in Asia

 Marco will deliver a briefing for retailers, also considering:

  • What you can do about the retail and shopper trends
  • What retail data do you have, and are you looking for in order to better manage your operations?
  • A guide to better retail operations/data management.

Marco brings more than 30 years of broad-based international experience in general management, sales, marketing and product development to his role at Sensormatic Solutions. He has worked in a diverse range of hardware, software and XaaS environments and has verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within medium and large-size enterprises.

Marco Landi

Marco earned a BA in international relations from University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Faculty of Political Sciences; holds an MS in human resource development from University of Manchester, Institute for Development Policy and Management; and completed a business-to-business marketing curriculum at the University of Michigan, School of Business Administration

Paul Bessant
Retail Knowledge

A new model of Loss Prevention that offers huge gains for Retail in Asia

Twenty years in the making, this global loss prevention model offers the potential to slash shrink

Retail Risk Founder, Paul Bessant, has not only lived through one of the most important eras in retail’s fight against crime, but he has also been instrumental in helping to shape it.

In this presentation Paul offers a blueprint for retailers to transform their loss prevention operations; challenging them to adopt strategies that have shown themselves invaluable around the world in fighting crime and reducing retail loss.

The presentation considers:

  • Has Loss Prevention really changed in the last 20 years in terms of personnel and technology?
  • What is the true impact of omni-channel retail for criminal gangs?
  • How is it possible that a profitable UK fashion label could go bankrupt solely because of high shrink?
  • The latest analysis on how the “behind the scenes” work of the Loss Prevention department impacts the public perception of your brand?
  • How are fierce competitors working together to fight ORC in all its forms?
  • Why is it no longer possible for individual retailers to fight crime on their own?
  • How to convince retail leaders to invest in Loss Prevention and create board positions for the leading exponents

This presentation offers the lessons gleaned over 20 years of collaboration with those at the very top of retail around the world. The material covered should have a profound effect on all those fortunate enough to see it.

Arasu Kumaran
Employee & Industrial Relations Assistant Manager
7-Eleven Asia

Tackling loyalty card fraud

Customers pushing the limits on loyalty card benefits can be costly for your business

Join Arasu for a discussion on how to push back on loyalty card fraud by employees.

Nick Trudgett
General Manager, ANZ & APAC
Gatekeeper Systems

Trolleys – your true brand ambassador

A trolley is the first and last piece of real estate your customer touches – so how they are managed reflects on your brand image

As more and more retailers focus their operations on a sustainable model, coupled with reducing their carbon footprint, the demand for trolley management solutions has never been stronger. Whilst many solutions are available from coin locks, smart coin locks and trolley containment locking systems, only containing trolleys within a defined area brings a truly sustainable model.

If a solution still requires on-street collection, access to high rise apartments and private dwellings, it is certainly not contributing to a sustainable operation.

In turn, trolleys that are abandoned around neighbourhoods create a negative brand image, directly focused on the retailer and their mismanagement of shopping trolleys – food for thought given the millions of dollars retailers spend annually on brand advertising and image recognition! A knock-on effect of trolley misappropriation is the need to increase trolley fleet sizes to maintain availability to customers. In some cases over 50% of the fleet can at any one time be not available to customers.

Nick looks forward to discussing this topic and highlighting to you the need currently to refocus activities around trolley management. Remember, in most cases a trolley is the first and last piece of real estate your customer touches!

Nick Trudgett

Nick has over 20 years of experience in the retail trolley management and loss prevention space, and in recent years has seen a re-emergence of the need to retain shopping trolleys within a set area, to not only reduce expenditure on maintenance, replacements, and retrieval, but also to manage the business risk trolley abandonment can bring to a brand’s image.

Kenneth Chua
General Manager, South East Asia

Enhancing the customer experience

Join Kenneth for a round table discussion

Kenneth is a senior leader and professional with over 20 years’ experience in the systems integrator and telecom industry. He has worked at regional and global services providers, including Johnson Controls, NTT, NCR, Vodafone Global Services, Orange Business Services, and BT Global Services. Kenneth’s key strengths in regional Asia Pacific general management & sales leadership, consultative & strategic selling, business development, and orchestrating complex IT/Telco deals for global multi-national and public sector clients.

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