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Retail Risk and COVID-19

Dear Retail Risk – London Delegate

A number of speakers, retailers and indeed sponsors have told us that, whilst they personally would be very pleased to attend the Retail Risk – London event, blanket travel bans instigated by their businesses now preclude them from doing so. Due to this the conference has been rescheduled…

Many experts predict that the COVID-19 outbreak will peak in May. As such we are planning on rescheduling Retail Risk – London to 2nd July 2020. By this time we expect (hope!) a return to normality.

We are also creating a new digital conference to take place on 2nd April. After all, everyone has the date free in their diary! And travel restrictions mean many will be working from home at that time and so perfectly placed to participate.

Please be sure to support both events. It is only by working together that we will all get through these challenging times.

Thanks in advance for your help and continued support.


Paul and the Team