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Dear Retailer

Thank you for participating in the COVID-19 Retail Business Resumption Survey.

Please remember that all of the data you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. It will never be attributed to you directly.

All data is collated and analysed by the team at Retail Knowledge. No other individual or organization will have access to the raw data you submit.

Please note that it is NOT possible to save a part-completed survey for completion at a later date.

It is anticipated that the Survey takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Whilst some key benchmarks will be communicated to the risk management industry through our conferences and other media, only participants will receive a full copy of the final Survey, which will be provided to them free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for submitting your Survey is Monday April 27th 2020.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Bessant

Basic details about your business

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Protective Clothing/consumables

Temperature screening

Customers & service

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Staff room


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COVID-19 confirmed case process

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Consistency of Implementation