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Demystifying the dark art of the Security Operations Centre…

Iona Blake of Boots turns the spotlight on control rooms in Retail, and explains how you can use technology to protect your frontline workers from violence

The use of CCTV Security Operations Centres (SOCs) has seen significant growth over the last three years. Several leading retailers are already on the journey or planning to embark upon it.

The increasing capabilities of technology offer significant opportunities to help protect frontline retail workers from violence. Much of this technology, retailers already have at their fingertips.

However, if you do want to venture down the SOC route, where is the starting point and how do you get there?  And what are the most important elements in creating a successful operation?

Join Iona for this timely roundtable for discussions about a topic that, even if you are not dealing with it right now, is bound to affect every retail business over the coming months.

Learn from someone who has actually been on the journey, what the bumps in the road can be and the wrong turns are, that you could be fooled into taking, along the way.

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Retail Risk – Podcast selected as one of the most influential by web ranking agency Feedspot…

Despite being newest addition, podcast ranks 8th in top fifteen on the web

Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels.

With millions of blogs on the web, identifying the most influential bloggers in a niche industry is difficult. As seasoned experts, Feedspot uses a thoughtful combination of both algorithmic and human editing to identify the top influencers. Their research team conducts extensive research on Google and social media platforms to identify influencers, and has created in-house media monitoring tools to help them rank contributors.

In the recent rankings, published on 14th October, the Retail Risk – Podcast ranked 8th in the top fifteen influencers in the retail industry.

Paul Bessant, Founder of Retail Knowledge – publishers of the Retail Risk – Podcast and featured presenter on the series – commented “I am delighted that our work in this area is already receiving such recognition. Our thanks go to our sponsors for making this possible, to all of the superstars of retail who allow me to put them under the spotlight of an interview, and most of all to our audience who are the whole reason we do this.”

Feedspot ranking is based on relevancy. Contributions not favouring a specific brand are given higher rank than blogs by individual brands, who often tend to simply promote their own products! Frequency is also a factor as, critically, are social media follower counts, the level of engagement, Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters. In total Feedspot monitors over 100,000 bloggers and influencers in various niche categories.

The ranking of the Retail Risk – Podcast was based solely on audio only audiences and did not take into account the size of viewing audience, which is believed to be significantly larger than the audience for audio version only!

“From this month we are delighted to have our new sponsors, Axis Communications, on board to help us to continue to produce and develop what is clearly a popular and influential platform in retail generally and preeminent in the risk management industry in particular,” concluded Paul Bessant.

Many of those superstars of retail featured on the Retail Risk – Podcast will be at Retail Risk – Leicester and the Fraud Awards 2021 on the 2nd December at Leicester City FC’s King Power Stadium – ‘The Home of Champions.’ If you would like to join them, free delegate passes are available to all retailers by clicking HERE…

Many people have asked about the catchy jingle played at the beginning of every podcast and which artist it is by. The answer is that it is part of a song titled And I Won’t Let You Down on the latest album by our Creative Director, Mark Miller, who also happens to be a very talented songwriter, musician and performing artist. To download a copy of the song/album click HERE. And keep an eye out for more of Mark’s work on some mainline streaming services (we can say no more for the time being!).

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“I don’t want to interview anyone who doesn’t attend Retail Risk… If they can’t be bothered, then neither can I…”

The above quote is taken verbatim from a confidential conversation between Retail Knowledge and the HR Director of a top ten retailer about helping them to make a senior risk management appointment.

If you are serious about personal profile and professional development, you have to be seen at the world’s number 1 risk management conference series… After all, IT IS FREE!

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Paul Bessants talks to…

Brand Elveston

In the week when the Retail Risk – Podcast was named the most influential risk management platform on the web, we go back to where it all began and celebrate with this replay of the very first podcast interview with a man who was not just number 1 risk manager at Walmart… He was widely regarded as number 1 in the world!

For years Brand Elveston was the Number 1 in LP at the world’s biggest retailer. This podcast offers insights and experience from a man still at the top of his game, including the greatest challenges he sees for risk management in the coming years…

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Worried about supply chain issues ahead of the festive period?

With uncertainty surrounding supply chains for months to come, retailers need to have better visibility to products and shipments in transit…

In the wake of supply shortages across major supermarkets and the fuel crisis, various companies have come forward and voiced their concerns regarding supply issues in the run up to the key Christmas period.

With uncertainty surrounding supply chains for months to come, retailers need to have better visibility to products and shipments in transit in order to fulfil consumer demand.

Companies should look to implement systems that allow them to receive in-transit updates from their suppliers in case of delays so they’re able to adjust dock schedules, staffing assignments, customer updates and much more.

Using a third-party EDI programme enables retailers to exchange information and transactions with their supply chain with greater accuracy and speed.

Retailers are able to gain better visibility with product availability from vendors. So, if there is a disruption, they’ll know sooner, allowing them to react quicker and alter strategies if need be.

Also, by providing themselves with visibility into their distribution, retailers can keep their customers in the know if there are any delays to their order. This will be key as we edge closer towards the festive period and shoppers will be rushing to complete their Christmas purchases, giving retailers that edge over their competitors.

Written by Nick Schwalbach, Director of Product Management at SPS Commerce.


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