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Eagerly anticipated, Covid secure and impossible to miss. Just one week to go to Retail Risk – Melbourne 2021

Make sure not to miss out on the first gathering of the Loss Prevention community in Australia for 18 months!

Retail Risk – Melbourne takes place 22nd April 2021.

It is the first time that Loss Prevention Managers have had the chance to meet in person for 18 months. As such it is a terrific opportunity to catch up, see how everyone else has faired during the pandemic and where the new threats are developing.

What are retailers doing about the pandemic, sustainability, criminality or the rapidly changing structure of modern retail? Retail Risk – Melbourne is the ONLY place to find out…

The organisers have worked closely with the venue to ensure that the conference will be conducted in full compliance with Australian Government requirements. As an in-person delegate you can expect to enjoy the expert presentations, networking opportunities, round table workshops, refreshments and free lunch in a Covid safe environment.

And whilst the in-person experience will always be the best, for those who cannot make it on the day for whatever reason, for the first time ever you can also attend virtually. Just select the appropriate option during registration.

Risk has not gone away. It has simply evolved. Retail Risk – Melbourne is a free-to-attend conference dedicated to helping you adopt best practice to deal with it.

Don’t miss out – click HERE… and register TODAY!


The dishwasher and the forgetful gardener

Following the Easter break, our writer makes a profound realisation, whilst cutting his grass…

I love long weekends.

Punctuating the frantic pace of modern life, I look forward to those extra 24 or 48 hours.

And this year’s Easter Bank Holiday was no exception.

It is true that, as regular readers will know, my attempt to create a worthy contender for the UK’s annual “Shed Week” competition met without success. Even so it was a nice break. And I made good use of it to rescue my lawn…

Back in the office on Tuesday and it rapidly became apparent that, as me old gran used to say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” The gods of retail had clearly been angered by my prolonged Bank Holiday absence, because from the moment I first stepped into the office the phone didn’t stop ringing.

Not that it was bad news. On the contrary. WIS’ new website has just been launched. It focuses on providing tools risk managers need to look good around stock control and to make their jobs easier. And it seems that risk managers appreciate the innovative approach, as we have had a lot of positive feedback already.

One call came from our biggest customer who suggested that it might be time for their experience of driving increased sales revenue through our multicount strategy be added to our site as a case study, to make the experience even more useful for risk managers visiting it. More calls like that please!

By midday it suddenly occurred to me that I had not had any breakfast, which explained why I was famished. I complained to my wife…

“Hey. Aren’t you supposed to be keeping the talent happy? I haven’t had any breakfast.”  She replied, “I made you two boiled eggs this morning…” “Impossible” I thought. I am sure that was yesterday!  “And,” she continued, “as for talent, yours is obviously for forgetting things!”

Hmm. I am in the doghouse again. I’m in there so often that, if it were a real place, I am sure the dog would look at me quizzically as if to say, “Is this my place or yours?” I spend so much time in it! This time I forgot to empty the dishwasher… again.

Apparently, it is her job to fill it up, my job to empty it. Trouble is, I do forget. And then I hear the unfeasibly loud banging of pots going into drawers, china ‘clinking’ as it is thrust into cupboards with unusual gusto and cutlery being dropped from an unnatural height into its boxes – I can actually hear that I am in trouble!

Of course, if I do get to the dishwasher first and start to empty it, then the missus comes downstairs and inevitably quips “you couldn’t make any more noise unloading that if you tried. What’s wrong with you!?!” I can’t win…

The thing is, I have been forgetting things for as long as I can remember!

It’s not forgetting things completely that bothers me. It’s remembering that I have forgotten to remember something that drives me really mad.

Actually, my dad suffers from short term memory loss… but I hope it doesn’t run in the family… because my dad has it too.

The famous comedian George Burns, who won an Oscar aged 80 and was still working stand up (from a wheelchair!) in his 90s was asked about age and memory. He said “First you forget names. Then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally… you forget to pull it down.”
If you remember (!) I mentioned at the start that I used Easter to rescue my lawn.

For years I have half-heartedly tried to get the moss and weeds that infest my lawn under control. Every now and then I have a sudden flurry of activity, but to no avail. You see doing the same thing over and over tends to bring the same poor results.

This year I decided to grasp the nettle – no pun intended! I did some proper research. I checked out what the experts and listened to what they had to say. I bought the correct equipment and then followed their recommendations. And hey presto! My lawn is transformed!

I could not believe the amount of rubbish. A one tonne bag filled with moss from one relatively small, grassed area. I realised that the cumulative effect of years of bad practice had been slowly ruining my lawn. And as it got worse and worse, little by little, I had become almost conditioned to accepting it. Now though, the lawn looks great, and I am looking forward to a green and lush summer. I can’t believe I did not do this years ago! And that got me thinking…

Just like me and me lawn, retailers are guilty of running their stock in the same way that they always have, despite seismic changes in the importance of stock control and the role of Distribution Centres. Little by little, year by year, the existing regime gets worse.

The retailer continues to use their own people to deal with stock, and does not take advice from independent experts. They just do what they have always done, ignoring new technology or strategies of others that have proven results (like controlling stock with multiple count cycles). And now and then then have a burst of enthusiasm, perhaps to ‘apply’ a new layer of security or ‘aerate their estates’ with a new RFID system. But even so, nothing really seems to change and the stock is still inaccurate.

So as spring arrives, I would encourage all retailers to take this opportunity for a bit of a spring clean… a fresh start. Do take a look at your stock control systems, do some research and take independent advice. You’ll be happy if you do…

Because whilst the relative fates of online versus high street shopping may still be uncertain, whatever happens we do know that having the right stock in the right place at the right time is going to be crucial to the success of every retailer from now on.

WIS International are sponsors of Retail Risk – London L.I.V.E™ AND the Fraud Awards, which both take place on 22nd July 2021. To register for the conference click HERE…  For more information about the Fraud Awards click HERE…

Geoff Chaplin
Managing Director
WIS International



“Brilliant! Terrifying and Inspiring!”

In this latest edition of the Retail Risk – Podcast, sponsored by Sensormatic, John Mantle of American Golf gives a mesmerising account of a struggle for survival with ORC by a business that ultimately triumphed.

From his start in Loss Prevention some 30 years ago, John takes us to the highs of creating an LP operation from scratch only to then win LP Team of the Year at the first Fraud Awards to the despair of the business going into administration just 18 months later.

Upon re-joining the business in an LP capacity, in 2019 John found American Golf was under siege from Organised Retail Crime. Not a day would go by without a nasty incident. The situation was so out of control that it was materially affecting the businesses’ ability to function. Morale was low. Staff felt sick, to the pit of their stomach, concerned about their physical safety, taking losses personally and yet feeling helpless. And even though many of the ORC members responsible could be identified by the team, the Police couldn’t help.

Today American Golf is booming. In this great recording John Mantle gives a brutally frank account of the depths of despair engulfing the company and the twists and turns along the way to eradicating ORC from the business and its triumphant return to pole position in the industry.

To access the interview, click HERE

Retail Risk – Podcast is free to access thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Sensormatic.

Vendors! Join hundreds of senior managers at Retail Risk – London 2021. Your competitors will be!

Book your stand today for Retail Risk – London 2021, followed by the re-scheduled Fraud Awards 2020. Both take place on 22nd July, 2021

Retailers and solutions providers alike have been telling us how much they are looking forward to meeting up. Will you be there?

“Looking forward to Retail Risk London – the recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of professional networks and events like these, for learning and collaborating. See you in London!”
Corin Dennison, Director Global Profit Protection, adidas

“Really excited by the prospect of ‘physically’ attending Retail Risk in London in July. Both my senior team and I are also looking forward to attending the Fraud Awards with our industry peers. Can’t wait!”
Steve Teatum, Group Head of Loss Prevention, Next

“Terrific news about Retail Risk – London. I am urging as many of my new team as possible to attend on the 22nd July.”
Peter Page, Head of Group Security, Travis Perkins

“I am so pleased to see that the Retail Risk conferences are back up and running again at last. Can’t wait to catch up with everybody in person!”
Damien Barne, Head of Profit Protection, Risk & Control, Compass Group 

“The Retail Risk show in 2020 was a great and innovative remote solution, but I am delighted to see that the ‘face-to face’ show is making a welcome return.  I am eager to meet up with friends, engage with the wide range of industry experts and to hear about the new solutions and successes – especially in a post COVID (ish) world.  Not to mention the opportunity to socialise and have a convivial drink or two with like-minded company.”
John Low, Frasers Group

“The support from the retail community through the pandemic was incredible even if all virtual.  We adapted, but nothing beats how we come together at Retail Risk.  I can’t wait to be able to personally attend in July.”
Iona Blake, Security & Incident Manager, Boots UK

“It’s great to see the industry’s leading Retail Risk conference taking the initiative to ensure a quick return to a degree of normality – Well done Paul and the team. A chance to hear about those new and exciting challenges post pandemic, and no doubt to take the opportunity to belatedly celebrate each individual’s achievements.
Welcome back! Looking forward to meeting up with so many of my peers and friends.”
Ray Palmer, Group Asset Protection Manager, Outdoor & Cycle Concepts

“This has been a long time coming. Whilst the online environment may work on occasions, I’m absolutely looking forward to the face-to-face contact with both suppliers and leaders across the Risk and Loss Prevention industry. The countdown begins…”
Craig Kenyon, Security & Audit Manager, The Perfume Shop

“To meet and network with colleagues face-to-face will not only be welcome relief to many who yearn for variety and social interaction, but will also enable impromptu conversations to spawn new ideas and opportunities…”
Bruce Duncan, Head of Risk & DPO, The Tote

“I am really looking forward to attending Retail Risk in July 2021 and connecting with my peers in the industry again.”
Victoria Wilkes, Head of Security, Primark

“I am so excited at the prospect of physically seeing my peers and colleagues after such a prolonged period without them! One thing I am particularly looking forward to, is sharing with everyone how we saw the fraudsters react to the world situation and hear from others what their experiences have been and what helped them get through it.”
Andy Wainwright, Head of Online Profit Protection, Next

“Exciting! An opportunity for engagement with industry partners, associates and vendors. I’m interested to hear how everyone managed their objectives through 2020 and what challenges, ideas and opportunities we can collaborate on as we move back into normality. I will definitely be attending.”
David Hill, Head of Loss Prevention & Security EMEA, Fossil Group

“Retail Risk – London is one event that I look forward to attending each year. And if you’re serious about understand key issues that allow your business to make better informed decisions, whilst giving you the opportunity to network across all levels, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”
Jason Saunders, Loss Prevention & Risk Manager Europe, Tapestry

“I am so looking forward to Retail Risk – London as this event provides great opportunities to view new initiatives, equipment and services that are on offer. It also sparks conversations around topics that previously had not been on my agenda.”
Steve Middleton, International Head of Profit Protection, The Body Shop

“Looking forward to having a peek at how technologies are evolving to support retail risk, with the “do more with less” mantra the industry is increasingly living by. More than anything, super excited to (finally) meet up with industry peers to discuss everything that has and will be happening.”
Colin Stewart, Asset Protection – International, Abercrombie & Fitch

“The Retail Risk event is a key date in the Risk Management calendar and this year more than ever the whole Thruvision team is really excited to be able to meet our business partners and peers face-to-face. The value of face-to-face human interaction is so important, and we cannot wait to show off our latest technology to reduce theft.  As well as have a cold beer in the bar afterwards!”
Alex Brundle, Vice President Profit Protection Sales, Thruvision

“We can’t wait to see all our industry customers, peers and friends in person together once more. Retail Risk – London and the Fraud Awards will be a wonderful event.”
Dan Hardy, Managing Director, Amberstone Security

“Our industry family is one of people engagement, sharing learning, meeting people face-to-face, hearing stories and generally catching up on life. These I have missed during the pandemic and I am excited to see the faces I recognise and miss at the Retail Risk conference this year.”
Mike Finch – Operations Director, Zebra Retail Solutions, SmartCount EMEA

“TEAMS, ZOOM, the virtual world had its place, and it did allow us all to stay connected, but the fact we can meet face-to-face is beyond exciting. I am so looking forward to catching up with you all at Retail Risk on July 22nd.”
Patricia Lacey – Snr Solution Sales, Zebra SmartCount, EMEA

“It was great to be one of the lucky few to see Paul in person at Retail Risk in December 2020, where we discussed the impacts the pandemic has had on retail, but also a look forward to 2021.  I’m keen to see everyone and share our experiences, what we learned and our focuses for this year and beyond.”
Martin Smith – Strategic Account Director, Cennox

“The retail industry has proven itself incredibly resilient and adaptable in the face of a global pandemic. We’re really looking forward to attending Retail Risk – London in person, in July, and engaging with attendees to hear about their successes.”
The Team at Ocucon 

“Video Analysis and Vivotek are looking forward to seeing everyone at Retail Risk – London, for a long overdue catch up and to show you all what we have been up to in the past year!”
Martin Meakins, Managing Director, Video Analysis Solutions Limited

“We are excited by the prospect of Retail Risk – London 2021. It will be great to finally meet up with friends and colleagues again. The SmartWater Group has used the time presented by the pandemic well and looks forward to sharing new innovations and solutions with the industry.”
Rachael Oakley, Head of Sales and Operations. 

“The Hikvision team are excited to be sponsoring this event, not only because of the fact that we are able to actually meet people in person again, but also because the show itself has proven to be invaluable to all those involved in the retail sector! We really look forward to seeing you all there!”
Gary Harmer, Sales Director, Hikvision UK & Ireland

“WIS International are delighted to be returning again in 2021 as lead sponsor of The Retail Risk Loss Prevention Directors’ Dinner at the Savoy Hotel. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and talking face-to-face with our long-term partners and developing new opportunities. It’s going to be a fantastic evening. See you all there!”
Geoff Chaplin, Managing Director, WIS International

“We at Intrepid are really looking forward to getting back in person and meeting with current and future customers. We have some exciting new and unique products to showcase this year. We look forward to meeting you all.”
Paul Newbury, General Manager, Intrepid Group

“Whilst we are all fortunate to be able use technology to have virtual meetings, there is nothing like face-to-face meetings. Here at Comsec we are looking forward to those meetings with current customers, potential new customers and friends within our trade. Roll on July…”
Paul Tuck, Business Development Executive, Comsec Investigations

“The Concept Tag team are extremely excited to finally be allowed out! We really look forward to attending Retail Risk – London in July and being able to come face-to-face with fellow humans!”
Sean Welch, Managing Director, Agon Systems

“We are really looking forward to attending the Retail Risk – London conference this year in person. It will be great to speak with people about how they see the ever-changing world of Retail and what challenges/changes lie ahead for them over the next year.”
Peter Davies, Sales Director, Orridge

“We are looking forward to hearing about your new challenges, talking shop and giving demos without having to worry about internet connections. We eagerly anticipate seeing you in person at Retail Risk – London and the 2020 Fraud Awards.”
Carrie Cassidy, Director of Marketing, Appriss Retail

“It is always a pleasure to attend Retail Risk and it’s great news that we can hopefully do so in person again this year. I always take away huge insight from the open discussions between vendors, merchants and payment professionals – it is one of the only conferences I find where people are willing to engage, share the challenges they currently face and come together in positive collaboration.”
Ed Whitehead, Managing Director, Signifyd

And many more…

Retail Risk – London 2021 takes place on the 22nd July at the Novotel West London, Hammersmith. It is followed that same evening, at the same venue, by the rescheduled Fraud Awards 2020 – sponsored by WIS International. For further details click HERE…

To enquire about sponsoring the conference, or to book a table at the Fraud Awards contact Paul Bessant on +44 (0) 207 100 3 999 or email [email protected]

Only a handful of tables remaining for the Fraud Awards Gala Dinner 2020 – sponsored by WIS International

Recognising the best in our industry to inspire others to do even better…

We have never seen tables sell this quickly!

Clearly the Risk Management industry is emerging from the disruption of the last 12 months anxious to celebrate excellence in our profession at the rescheduled Fraud Awards Gala Dinner 2020 – Sponsored by WIS International.

This year sees all of the usual features that make this the most anticipated risk management get together of all, PLUS some surprises too. And with the amount of pent-up demand there is for getting out and meeting people, there is never going to be a better time to invite your colleagues, customers and other guests to an industry event.

If you have been nominated but not yet secured a table, then you will need to do so quickly or face the possibility of missing hundreds of your peers applauding your hard work and achievements. For more details, including a shortlist of the year’s nominations, go to The Fraud Awards | Retail Risk

But even if you are not short listed this year, don’t you owe it to your customers and team to come out of Lockdown in style!?!

For more details, including a shortlist of the year’s nominations, click HERE…

To book a table at the rescheduled Fraud Awards 2020, which take place in London immediately after the Retail Risk – London conference on 22nd July 2021, call Kelly Bird on +44 (0) 207 100 3 999 or email [email protected]

Click here for essential information for all VIP delegates attending Retail Risk – London L.I.V.E™

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