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a welcome from our chair

Scott Taylor

Managing Director, Praesidium Risk and Resilience

We are delighted that Scott is Chairing Retail Risk – Melbourne this year. An accomplished Conference Chair, he is the current Regional Vice President of ASIS International and is a 29 year tenured security and risk professional. 
Through his firm Praesidium Risk and Resilience, he provides nuanced asset protection and risk mitigation consultancy as well as contextualised training services to a diverse client base through the retail, entertainment and hospitality sectors both domestically and abroad. He has been a repeat presenter at Retail Risk events Nationally and in Dubai and has had numerous appearances on the Retail Risk Podcast. 

Scott is an innovative and performance driven leader who has worked across the gamut of the security and risk industry and we are confident his appointment as Conference Chair is of no surprise to those who have heard his passionate presentations on the protection of staff in the Retail Sector from escalating situations of aggression and violence. 

Simon Herron
Vix Vizion

Tanvi Mehta Krensel
Senior Privacy and Data Lawyer

Carolynne Ball
Director, Loss Prevention Services
Foodstuffs North Island

Simon Herron

Tanvi Mehta Krensel

Carolynne Ball

Facial Recognition – getting it right!

The legal, social and operational implications of using FR technology in Retail security

Facial recognition technology can protect customers, staff and goods from criminal acts. However recent events have thrown into question how acceptable the technology is to customers. Successful implementation will be a balancing exercise for retailers and this panel discussion will include:

  • Regulatory update
  • Operational considerations
  • Who is using it?
  • What do their customers think?

Nick Trudgett
General Manager
Gatekeeper Systems Australia

No longer ‘under the radar’

Trolley push outs and the surprising impact on Retail

In this round table Nick will cover the experiences so far in Australia and New Zealand, looking at identified methodologies used by opportunist and ORC to remove trolleys full of groceries, and answer some of the most common questions and myths surrounding this line of theft activity. The human demographic of such theft events will surprise many, coupled with the varied value and how such a large percentage goes un-detected. Collaboration between retailers across the spectrum is a key factor to successfully reducing the activity of push out theft. All areas are affected and not just those that provide trolleys to customers, as many perpetrators will use a trolley to carry merchandise from retailer to retailer, blending in with the “crowd”. Nick looks forward to discussing this rising problem here in Australia and New Zealand with you.

Luke Dynan
General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan

Unpacking the evolving threat: fraud trends

Exploring the top fraud trends that online retailers must tackle in 2023

In embracing digital payments, customers have come to expect hassle-free interactions at every touch point in their transaction journey. This digital-first expectation applies to the entire purchase journey, including post- transaction issues of suspected fraud, unauthorized card use, or initiating a return to value-added services such as digital receipts or access to product warranties as well as easily initiating a dispute.
Join Luke to hear about how merchants can navigate through this challenging online payments’ landscape to fulfill a next generation customer experience while reducing or preventing losses from fraud.   

Expect to hear about:

  • Account Takeover and Account Protection
  • Increasing Chargebacks and Disputes
  • Machine Learning Models and Data Analytics
  • Behavioral Biometrics and Device Intelligence to counter fraud
  • Fraudulent Refund Claims / Returns Abuse.

Scott Taylor
Managing Director
Praesidium Risk & Resilience

How to spot the body language of bad intent

In his round table discussion Scott will revisit this theme with the latest research and insights

When people attend our retail sites with bad intent, whether it’s relating to anti-social crime, violence or theft, they display various physiological changes through their “emotional leakage”. Empowering our Teams to better pick up on the nuances of non-verbal communications can help keep them safe and well – and directly translate to a heightened service experience.

Scott is a Security, Safety and Risk Expert with 29 Years Global experience providing peace of mind and protecting the assets of a diverse client base. He has spent the last 36 months studying with the best body language, facial miro expression, deception detection, elicitation and combined communication specialists worldwide with backgrounds from Senior FBI, CIA and DoD roles and he will be sharing unique information relating to the physical traits shown by those attending sites with bad intent.

Mark Stafford
Sales Director AU/NZ

Scott Murray
Senior Manager, IT Services

Steven Campbell
National Sales Manager, RFID Solutions
Checkpoint Systems Australia/New Zealand

Mark Stafford

Scott Murray

Kookai’s end-to-end RFID journey

Join Checkpoint and Kookai for unmissable case study insights


Vincent Sheehy
Principal Consultant
Australia Investigative and Mediation Solutions

A hidden crisis

The psychological influence on business loss

Join Vincent to discover more about this important emerging concern for Risk and Loss Prevention. He will discuss:

  • The Human Loss – ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy’
  • Coming out of COVID – Internal versus external awareness
  • A new role approach for Loss Prevention / Investigators as an Advisory Lead in your business focusing on cost savings and utilising CCTV and other resources
  • Tribunal / Court Expectations
  • A Psychological Cognitive Interview approach – fairness.

Vincent will follow his presentation with a round table discussion on interviewing techniques: ‘Statement versus Interrogation approach to interviewing’.

Vincent migrated to Australia from Ireland in the mid-eighties from a family background of builders. In Australia he started a 21-year career in Policing predominately as a Detective and Covert Operative in various fields of Organised Crime.

He took a complete industry career change and moved to Retail taking up a National Investigator role with Woolworths Ltd and following a company restructure was appointed to the role of Corporate State Manager Investigations Risk and Assurance for Western Australia. This was followed by another industry change being approached and moving to Ernst and Young as the Senior Manager Lead for SA and Northern Territory ‘Fraud Investigations and Dispute Services – Oceania’. 

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) was set up in South Australia which led to Vincent independently move into an Advisory and Investigations role dealing with Maladministration, Misconduct and Corruption in South Australia, eventuating in the formation of Australia Investigative and Mediation Solutions (AIM Solutions).

Over the past eight years, Vincent is still conducting independent investigations in relation to ICAC matters for various Government bodies, however, there has been a stronger demand and focus in more recent years in both Corporate and Government agencies in relation to psychological investigations in the workplace.

Combining all the cross-industry experiences in investigations along with National Mediation training with the Resolution Institute where Vincent is a current Committee Member, he has developed a methodology of investigational techniques that focus on the ‘Hidden Losses and Costs to a workplace’, a unique and tailored approach, focused on ‘Fairness’.

Deb Palmer
National Operations Manager
Queensland Investment Corporation

Rodney Guinto
Retail Key Account Manager – End User
Axis Communications

Deb Palmer

Rodney Guinto

Project Safe-Guard: public safety as a priority in retail

Alleviate the risk of crime and self-harm incidents in public spaces

As the manager of many large shopping centres across the country, Queensland Investment Corporation invests substantial time and resources into creating safe environments for its retail tenants, workers, customers, and visitors. This focus on safety came to the fore following the onset of COVID-19, during which time Australian shopping centres began to witness a significant increase in self-harm incidents.

In response to this issue and a specific self-harm incident that occurred at one of its centres in 2021, QIC developed a new safety program called Project Safe-Guard. As part of this project, QIC turned to a partner of Axis Communications, PMT Security to implement the technology needed. PMT Security, Axis Communications and video management system provider Milestone Systems collaborated to develop a solution designed to identify high-risk areas within a QLD shopping centre that could see potential self-harm incidents occur, guided by historical incident reports and a self-harm audit tool designed in partnership with Lifeline.

Axis’s round table session will look at the QIC case study, including challenges faced prior to the projects implementation and benefits redeemed post its implementation. The session will also explore:

  • How technology can help to mitigate crime and self-harm incidents.
  • How to identify blind spots in public retail spaces to alleviate the risk of crime occurring.

Deb Palmer

Deb has been with QIC for eight years, and in her current role as National Operations Manager she works across all QIC managed real estate assets. Deb is a specialist in Emergency & Crowded Places Management, Property Risk, Insurance – public liability and property, and Procurement.

Deb has 30+ years’ experience in effective and successful Project Management and Team Management across significantly different industries. Deb’s innovative thinking delivers effective and efficient outcomes and saw her most recently lead the implementation of QIC’s Project Safe-Guard. This project has received numerous accolades, including a Milestone award for Project of the Year for South Pacific (along with the Integrator PMT) and the 2022 prestigious Frank Lowy Fellowship Award.

Rodney Guinto

Rodney has 19 years’ industry experience, previously working as a National Sales Manager at Everfocus Electronics in the United States, which also included working closely with several different retail companies. Rodney moved to Australia in 2013 and joined the Axis Team in 2015. He brings with him vast knowledge of the US & Australian security landscape; he has also moved through the industry starting as a technician to sales engineer, and later moved to sales and account management.

Jasper Frost
Alpha Intelligence Group

Something not right? Turn your ‘hunch’ into Tactical Behavioural Analysis

How to use the science of human behaviour to prevent crime

How can you, within a few minutes, determine the future behaviour of others? How can you increase your situational awareness so you can act proactively rather than reactively? In this presentation Jasper will explain how you can quickly analyse the situation and spot anomalies in your surroundings. So, when deciding to act on ‘something’ you think is a sign of deceit or a ‘hunch’ based on your intuition, gut feeling, or instincts, you can instead make actions based on the science of human behaviour.

Additionally Jasper will teach you how you can gain unsolicited information from your subject, without the need to ask questions, and how to analyse that information.

Jasper is an executive adviser, trainer and international keynote speaker. His expertise is in elicitation, business intelligence and advanced tactical behavioural analysis. He works with government and intelligence services, as well as law enforcement and corporations, to ensure that when the stakes are high, they have the right tools to get unsolicited information from – and analyse – their counterpart’s verbal and non-verbal behaviour and detect deception.


Top 100 Global Retail Influencer and Founder of the Retail Risk Conference Series, Paul Bessant, presents…

Paul Bessant’s THE RISK FACTOR

Paul Bessant
Retail Knowledge

Amelia Adey
Loss Prevention Manager

Alistair Bulmer
Manager of Loss Prevention & Safety AUS/NZL
EB Games Australia

Jarrah Peterson
Operations Assurance Manager
Wesfarmers Health

Josh Gatt
Head of Total Retail Loss


Paul Bessant

Amelia Adey

Josh Gatt

Jarrah Peterson

Alistair Bulmer

Paul Bessant’s The Risk Factor

Paul will be joined live on stage by arguably four of the most important and inspiring risk managers in Australian retail today:

Paul will be inviting Alastair, Jarrah, Amelia and Josh to share their top areas of focus for 2023/24. The session will combine both global and Australasian perspectives on risk trends, what the future holds and how you should prepare your business for them.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • When will the financial pressures ravaging the Northern Hemisphere hit Australia and what will that do to risk management?
  • What you can do about the escalating levels of violent crime in your business.
  • How can you turn these risks into opportunities?
  • How will Ai change risk management and what does that mean for you and your team.
  • With sales slumping for a lot of retailers recently, but losses rising, how can our departments do more with less?

Make sure not to miss this great start to the conference…

Inspector Julian Coram
South Australia Police (SAPOL)

Operation Measure – a case study in collaboration

We are delighted to be joined by Julian Coram, the Co-ordinator of Operation Measure

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) initiative ‘Operation Measure’ targeting retail  theft and violence was voted Best Retailer and Policing Collaboration Award at the Fraud Awards this year.

Operation Measure was set up in March 2022 to combat a significant surge in shoplifting and aggression toward retail staff. It targets recidivist offenders, as information shows a small number of offenders appear to be responsible for a high percentage of retail crime. It has already resulted in hundreds of arrests.

As a partnership model, Operation Measure has seen SAPOL working closely with Crime Stoppers, multiple retailers, LP, security and operations managers. As Julian puts it: “… the communication between police and retailers has meant that we have been able to identify the persons responsible for the thefts and quickly identify offending patterns. Working together has meant that we have been able to achieve positive outcomes and hold offenders to account.”

Marco Landi
Chief Revenue Officer
Sensormatic Solutions

Retail trends and shopper insights 2024

A briefing on the latest trends and insights for Retail in Australasia

Marco will deliver a briefing for retailers, also considering:

  • What you can do about the retail and shopper trends
  • What retail data do you have, and are you looking for in order to better manage your operations?
  • A guide to better retail operations/data management.

Marco brings more than 30 years of broad-based international experience in general management, sales, marketing and product development to his role at Sensormatic Solutions. He has worked in a diverse range of hardware, software, and XaaS environments and has verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within medium- and large-size enterprises.

Marco earned a BA in international relations from University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Faculty of Political Sciences; holds an MSc in human resource development from University of Manchester, Institute for Development Policy and Management; and completed a business-to-business marketing curriculum at the University of Michigan, School of Business Administration.

Alistair Bulmer
Manager of Loss Prevention & Safety AUS/NZL
EB Games Australia

Where does regenerative AI fit into the LP landscape?

Join Alistair for this topical round table discussion.

Daren Ng
VP & General Manager Asia Pacific
Sensormatic Solutions

Retail trends and shopper insights 2024

A briefing on the latest trends and insights for Retail in Australasia

Daren will host a round table for retailers, also considering:

  • What you can do about the retail and shopper trends
  • What retail data do you have, and are you looking for in order to better manage your operations?
  • A guide to better retail operations/data management.

Antoinette Slavica
Retail Vertical Business Development Manager
Dahua Technology

Jonathon Malzard
State Manager, SA & NT
Dahua Technology

Exploring emerging technologies in Retail Security


Vincent Sheehy
Principal Consultant
Australia Investigative and Mediation Solutions

Statement versus Interrogation approach to interviewing


Vamshi Gudavalli
Senior Solutions Consultant
Zebra Technologies

Darren Bretherton
SaaS Solutions Business Development Manager
Zebra Technologies

Why retailers should let in-house staff handle inventory events

A discussion on how you can gain more insights into these blind spots on revenue loss

87% of retail executives consider inaccurate inventory a larger factor in revenue loss than theft, and 10% of profits are lost every year, on average, due to inaccurate inventory records. Furthermore, 66% of retail executives indicated that inventory inaccuracies made their Click & Collect offerings inconsistent. This round table discussion will cover the following areas:

  • Retail shrink has been on the rise in recent years. How have you been impacted by inventory shrink, either from theft, organized retail crime, or other sources?
  • How has the rise in retail shrink affected your store employees? Do you see any changes in productivity or engagement?
  • Inventory management is key to gaining better visibility into inventory-related issues and challenges. What inventory management strategies have you been using to gain insight into areas where shrink is taking place?

Matt Godward
Regional Sales Manager

Navigating the path: on-premise vs hybrid cloud security

The last five years have been disruptive for physical security, what are your new options?

Going ‘cloud’ has been a hot topic for most businesses over the last ten years. However, over the last five years physical security has truly been disrupted. Join Matt for a discussion on:

  • challenges retailers face today on physical security
  • explainer on NVR/DVR vs Cloud
  • difference between on-premise security solutions and hybrid cloud
  • key factors to consider when choosing a security solution.

Carolynne Ball
Loss Prevention Services
Foodstuffs North Island

Facial Recognition – continuing the discussion!

Join Carolynne for a smaller group discussion on the role of FR in retail security


Trav Heaven

Operator: ‘Wait Sarah, requesting you don’t pursue them and remain in the store’

How realtime AI is keeping retail teams safe, compliant, and up to date

  • An employee just found some cash on the ground. 
  • Water started leaking from the roof.  
  • Someone grabbed something and ran out the door. 
  • A customer started stalking an employee on social media. 
  • An internal memo leaked. 
  • Bomb threat. 
  • Suspicious delivery. 

No matter how much time a business spends on policies, procedures, SOPs and documentation, if an employee can’t quickly and easily access the right information at the right time, then safety and compliance are compromised. 

Tune in to see how AI is proving to not only identify these issues, but solve them as well.

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