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Erik Engstrand, CEO, Safe Asset Group

Your Chair for the day is a global retail risk and security specialist and CEO of an innovative company focussed on protecting retail environments

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Neville Cotton, Head of Risk, The Very Group

What does Environmental & Social Governance mean for you?

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Robert McAssey, Group Head Physical Security Loss Prevention, Richemont & Maxine Riley-Zhang, Senior Manager, Crisis Management & Business Continuity
London Stock Exchange Group

Integrating Loss Prevention into the luxury retail supply chain

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Steve Middleton, International Head of Profit Protection, The Body Shop

How to manage risk in controlling your stock

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Detective Superintendent Gary Miles, Head of National Fraud Intelligence Bureau

Improving the National Fraud and Cyber Reporting Centre

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Chris Phillips, Managing Director, The International Protect & Prepare Security Office (IPPSO)

Terrorism and you… Putting your reactive skills to the test

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Katy Bourne OBE, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

How to work effectively with your Police & Crime Commissioner

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Neil Meiners, Head of Audit and Compliance, McMullen & Sons

Audit, risk and compliance in Hospitality

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Terry Streather, Oakwood Training

How to manage conflict when mental ill health may be a factor

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Austin Craddock, National Security Manager at a leading Australian supermarket chain

Organised Retail Crime in Australia – how we are taking up the fight!

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Rebekah Moody, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Go-to-market Strategy at Darwinium
Mike Nathan, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting at Darwinium

5 New Trends in Digital Risk Management, with Mitigation Strategies for Retailers and Online Marketplaces

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Nick Jacobs, Enterprise Account Executive, Kount

PSD2: how to improve conversion rates and stay compliant

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Alex Buckle – UK & Europe Sales Support Manager, 3xLOGIC, with a guest from leading UK high street retailer

High Street Retail Surveillance – past, present and future

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Collaborating for a purpose, putting words into action

A Data Sharing Agreement between leading high street retailers – how does it work?

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Tony Sales, Founder, We Fight Fraud

Dr Nicola Harding, Director of the Centre for Crime, Law and Justice, Lancaster University

Buy Now, Pay Never…

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Cyril Noel-Tagoe, Principal Security Researcher, Netacea

Bad bots 101: lifting the lid on credential stuffing attacks

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James Lambert, Profit Protection Manager, Wickes

Peter Davies, Sales Director, Orridge

Stock accuracy – the naked truth

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Lizzie Clitheroe, VP Product Marketing, Arkose Labs

Beyond cost centres: reshaping the business value of digital fraud teams

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Rhod Thomas, Chief Customer Officer, Auror

Ellen Dick, Retail Partnerships Manager, Auror 

Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien, New Zealand Police

Austin Craddock, National Security Manager, Coles

The power of collaboration: 10 years of disrupting retail crime

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Ed Tonkon, President, Zebra Retail Solutions, Zebra Technologies

Why retailers should let in-house staff handle inventory events

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Corin Dennison, Senior Security, Investigation and Risk Director

Investigative Interviews: ‘The Last Mile’ of LP Investigations?

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Tony Parker, Regional Director, Forter
Stephen Smith, Director – Strategic Accounts, Forter
John Low, Head of Risk, Frasers

Managing friendly fraud and returns abuse at Frasers Group

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Lewis Farran, Enterprise Account Executive, Forter

Return to sender: strategies for managing returns and policy abuse

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Andrew Kouimanis, Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation, Auror
Phil Thomson, co-founder and CEO, Auror
Rhod Thomas, Chief Customer Officer, Auror
Austin Craddock, National Security Manager, Coles

Partnering on crime and loss safely and securely

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Richard Finn, Loss Prevention Project Manager, Tesco
Edward Price, Sekura Global
Mike Price, Sekura Global

How do we combat the new shoplifter?

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‘Fraud Awards Retail Risk Directors of The Year panel discussion. We bring together winners of risk management’s ultimate accolade, past and present

Raphael Lawson, Fraud Director, THG

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Corin Dennison, Senior Security, Investigation & Risk Director

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Dave Pardoe, Head of Profit Protection, The Works

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Colin Culleton, Founder/Director, Asset Protect Consulting Ltd

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Ray Palmer, Group Head of Asset Protection, Outdoor & Cycle Concepts Ltd

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