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a welcome from our chair

John Mantle – Loss Prevention Specialist

John has worked in retail for over 20 years in a number of operational and loss prevention roles. Most recently heading the American Golf Loss Prevention team where he lead them to record low shrinkage. He appreciates and promotes how essential it is that Loss Prevention Specialists come together to discuss the current trends and collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

Exception reporting: why it’s critical in all sales channels and how it can be leveraged

John Low
Group Head of Digital Risk
Frasers Group

Your chance to meet and discuss your challenges with John Low, Group Head of Digital Risk at Frasers Group

John Low is Group Head of Digital Risk at Frasers Group. This is a unique opportunity to join him for a round table discussion on how you can maximise the benefits of exception-based data reporting across all of your channels.

This is a chance for anyone using data reporting to make sure they are getting the very best out of it, and if you are not why you should, with a man at the pinnacle of the industry.

What does profit protection mean, post pandemic?

Dave Pardoe
Head of LP
Card Factory

Dave Pardoe, Head of LP at Card Factory and Fraud Awards Retail Risk Director of the Year 2018 , considers the future role of Risk and LP professionals

Profit protection roles are moving away from traditional loss management with a requirement to be adept at a range of deliverables. These include internal audit activity, change management skills, compliance tasks and much more. Is this a welcome shift to a new way of working post-pandemic, or a dilution of the core competencies required to effectively manage loss? 

If you want to make sure that you and your team have the necessary competencies to play an important role in the future of your business, this is a main stage presentation not to be missed.

What could you teach the Finance Department?

Andy Moylan
Managing Director
FCIS Limited

A retailer’s ability to raise working capital is increasingly dependent on the operational efficiencies it can achieve, putting risk management centre stage when it comes to a business obtaining lines of credit.

Leading global Trade Credit and Business Finance Adviser, Andy Moylan, considers the direct relationship between the Risk and LP function and business creditworthiness.

In a changing risk picture, underwriters increasingly make decisions based on looking at a retailer’s operational efficiencies.  What can the Risk and LP function contribute to this area? And indeed, what can they teach the Finance Department?

This cutting-edge, main stage presentation provides a brilliant insight into an emerging area of importance to risk management departments, as they increase their influence and value by becoming essential to the future funding of the business.

Andy Moylan is the Managing Director of award winning EFCIS Limited.

A plain-speaking entrepreneur, London born Andy Moylan is the founder of multi award winning EFCIS Trade Credit Insurance Brokers and The Export Hub.

In the last 30 years, Andy has helped many small businesses and household brands to export; from identifying the risk in their export plan to raising finance and protecting their sales ledger using a range of online tools developed by his team. 6 months ago, disenchanted with the negativity surrounding Brexit, Andy created the Export Hub; a non-profit making website with the sole purpose of helping small businesses export with confidence and certainty.

Andy is a Keynote speaker on the international scene having been a headline speaker at events in Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. At each event he shares hard won insights, practical case studies and experience on exporting. Expect to be inspired and motivated by Andy’s passion and his unorthodox approach.

Stressed brains make bad decisions

Terry Streather
Oakwood Training

Looking after the mental health of your retail/security people…


Are your people having to make decisions under stress?

In this thought provoking presentation, Terry Streather of Oakwood Training explores the fundamental link between personal safety and mental health. Terry also offers pointers to looking after the wellbeing of your retail and security workers and explains the significant benefits accruing to a retail business by doing so.

At a time when effective workforce deployment is at the top of the agenda in most board rooms, this is a presentation not to be missed.

Terry is a mental health and personal safety expert, with extensive experience as both a frontline practitioner and trainer.

He works with global retailers as well as security and loss prevention teams. Terry believes that the mental health and personal safety needs of employees are fundamentally linked. The way we think and feel has a huge impact on the way we behave, the decisions we make and our performance at work.

He believes that normalising and de-medicalising the conversation around mental health in the workplace is essential for meaningful change.

As a former frontline officer and supervisor in the Police he has first-hand experience of managing personal crisis, both from members of the public and staff.

When he’s not teaching or developing courses Terry spends much of his time running around after his 11 and 8 year old children, playing cricket for his local team and shouting at the TV when the Springboks rugby team are playing.

Is stock file accuracy the Holy Grail of Retail?

Peter Davies
Sales Director

How the changing world of retail has impacted stock file accuracy… and what can you do about it?

With the pandemic came a sudden lurch towards online. Anecdotally 8 years of advances in e-commerce were realised in as many months.

Soon it became very apparent that in order to provide a great customer experience it is necessary to have accurate stock. As stores and other channels have reopened, to allow retailers to offer a true reactive omni-channel environment, the necessity of accurate stock records has been further put under the spotlight.

This round table discussion, led by Peter Davies of Orridge, addresses some of the most important issues affecting retailers today, including:

  • How poor stock file accuracy impacts on the customer experience
  • The link between pick accuracy and store shrinkage
  • How stock file accuracy impacts your on-shelf availability
  • How customers’ shopping habits affect your stock file accuracy
  • The best practice for measuring stock file accuracy
  • The correlation between poor stock file accuracy and retail sales

Accurate stock control benefits a business considerably. This discussion deals with issues of utmost importance in retail right now.

Peter Davies has been with Orridge for over 20 years, with 10 years of those as a Director. He formerly worked for Hays DX (Legal) and Rentokil (Commercial) providing business services in various senior roles.

The customer journey: how to build trust, bust fraud and boost your brand

Matt Stanton
Head of Fraud Consultancy
TransUnion (UK)

With ecommerce fraud totalling a third of all reported UK losses in 2020 at £376.5m,* it is more vital than ever for your brand to deliver a friction-right experience for customers whilst disrupting fraudsters

This roundtable, hosted by TransUnion Fraud Solutions & Analytics Consultancy Specialists, will focus on ways to optimise Customer Experience (CX) through secure, effortless journeys that benefit both brand and customer.

Join us for a masterclass where we will discuss:

  • Customer demand for seamless, effortless journeys
  • How balancing CX and security, when designing a robust friction-right experience, converts more good customers and better detects fraud
  • Incorporating best practices into your strategies, with examples that demonstrate how fraud solutions are being optimised and used by market leaders

Matt is head of fraud consultancy at TransUnion in the UK, where he helps organisations address the ever-evolving challenges they face across the financial crime and fraud landscape. Having joined the business in 2018, his core focus is ensuring that clients are able to harness the full power of TransUnion’s data and insights, maximising their capabilities to prevent and detect fraud.

With over 15 years’ experience working in fraud-related roles, spanning banking and specified anti-fraud organisations (SAFOs), Matt’s expertise covers areas ranging from relationship management and customer support to product management, solutions consulting and business intelligence.

Theft To Order…

Richard Finn
Product Protection Project Manager

Jonathan Morgan
Shrink and Security Transformation Manager

An increasing problem that is fuelling the grey market…

The increasing phenomenon of specific items being stolen to order and sold into the grey market is becoming a major challenge for retailers.

In this cutting-edge roundtable, Richard Finn and Jonathan Morgan of Tesco partner with All-Tag to discuss how you can identify and combat this type of theft.

All-Tag are seeing an increase in requests from retailers for solutions to combat this type of theft. With the pressures on supply chains and availability of products, there is a danger that this will become even more prevalent in the next 6-12 months, affecting retailers of all sizes.

All-Tag are jointly hosting this round table discussion with Richard Finn – Shrink Operations Manager, and Jonathan Morgan – Shrink and Security Transformation Programme Manager from Tesco, to include the following points:

  • The drivers behind this type of theft
  • How to identify if you are a victim of this type of theft
  • Barriers to law enforcement
  • What can be done to deter this type of theft around electronic systems, physical security, processes and messaging.

Given the myriad of challenges facing retailers in their lead up to Christmas, this session is intended to give retailers a practical perspective of how to mitigate this problem in their businesses.

Richard Finn

I have only ever worked for Tesco, my career began working in my local store as a part time colleague. I have worked in many Management roles in both our Superstore and Extra formats.

I have been at Head Office for ten years mainly working in Supply Chain. I joined the Shrink & Security team four years ago.

I look after Product Protection which means it is my job to slow down or stop offenders who steal from Tesco.

Using shrinkage data supplied by the team, I look for Product Protection solutions for our high risk areas by working with external suppliers.

I work closely with our commercial colleagues to formulate a shrinkage plan for their commercial areas.

Jonathan Morgan

I started work in the co-op as a colleague working my way up to deputy manager. I moved to Tesco in 2012, working a variety of team and lead manager roles.  I became a large format store manager in 2015 working in superstores and extras. I then moved to our convenience format as an area manager. I became the shrink and security transformation manager for the UK last year.

I lead a portfolio of programmes and projects within the UK business to improve shrinkage performance across our estate and reduce incidents to our colleagues and customers. Within the team we look after everything from product protection, CCTV central monitoring through to large scale technology transformation.

To register for this and other outstanding agenda items at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Does data protection law get in the way of your ability to protect your staff?

Superintendant Patrick Holdaway
National Business Crime Centre

If your immediate response was “yes,” then you need to attend this discussion led by Superintendent Patrick Holdaway of City of the National Business Crime Centre

The law on data protection and its impact on information sharing to prevent crime is not always clear for retailers. In response the NBCC is conducting an enquiry into this area. The aim is to bring clarity to what information businesses can and cannot share to protect their staff, on a practical level.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate the difficulties you grapple with every day and contribute to the NBCC’s initiative, whose aim is to cut through all of the legalese and grab clear principles that you can use with confidence in your business.

To register for this and other outstanding agenda items at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

New research reveals the truth about trolley theft: who, how much and why?

Matthew Day
Gatekeeper Systems

An in-depth study from the University of Leicester busts some myths and identifies a new category of thief…

A recent in-depth 230 store study by Adrian Beck from the University of Leicester uncovers new data about the nature of trolley theft, and dispels myths around the profile of shoplifters and the value of a push out theft.

It even identifies a new category of thief..!

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Demystifying the dark art of the Security Operations Centre…

Iona Blake
Security & Incident Manager
Boots UK

Iona Blake of Boots turns the spotlight on control rooms in Retail, and explains how you can use technology to protect your frontline workers from violence

The use of CCTV Security Operations Centres (SOCs) has seen significant growth over the last three years. Several leading retailers are already on the journey or planning to embark upon it.

The increasing capabilities of technology offer significant opportunities to help protect frontline retail workers from violence. Much of this technology, retailers already have at their fingertips.

However, if you do want to venture down the SOC route, where is the starting point and how do you get there? And what are the most important elements in creating a successful operation?

Join Iona for this timely roundtable for discussions about a topic that, even if you are not dealing with it right now, is bound to affect every retail business over the coming months.

Learn from someone who has actually been on the journey, what the bumps in the road can be and the wrong turns are, that you could be fooled into taking, along the way.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

How to catch criminals using innovative and covert technology…

Martin Smith
Retail and Development Director

This round table, hosted by Cennox, will provide answers to your key questions about covert technology and allow you to make better informed decisions about what is right for your own business

Traditional crime deterrents aren’t as effective as they once were. Many are heavily reliant on a physical presence in order to apprehend criminals. In-person security also presents more of a risk these days, to staff and customers, than previously. This is due to increased violence levels.

Covert technology allows businesses to protect their products without a having a physical presence. It allows for the apprehension of the criminal and recovery of the stolen goods, without posing an immediate threat to staff or customers. Such technology is also invisible to internal staff. So, over time, it helps prevent repetitive internal shrink.

Crime will never go away. If anything, it is probably going to get much worse. Only through innovation and technology can you understand and reduce crime.

  • How can physical deterrents help reduce crime?
  • What covert technology best assists the apprehension of criminals?
  • How can trends and analytics influence and inform preventive security?

With over 15 years of senior management roles across a variety of sectors, Martin has built his career on strategic and innovative successes in B2C & B2B environments.

Starting his career in Retail Banking, Martin worked through Natwest branch roles into Regional Management, and then began operational and strategic leadership progression leading key projects in performance analysis, audit and product development. Martin was then head-hunted to join Santander at the time of the acquisition of Abbey National and Alliance and Leicester to support the creation of the branch network operating model in the UK working with global teams to build, define and implement this across the UK.

Martin went on to lead senior operational roles in core retail namely with Marks and Spencer, leading specialist projects and new concepts aimed at driving core productivity, operational and cost efficiencies in some of the landmark stores in Central London.

Martin was then head-hunted to join Metro Bank to drive their growth strategy, where he played a key role in the development of the store operation, growing the network to new regions and from 19 to 72 stores. He was a key stakeholder in the successful bid for the Williams and Glynn innovation fund which secured funding of £120 million to drive innovation and competition into the market. It was through this that he joined a key partner in the Cash In Transit industry as their Head of Commercial Strategy.

Martin is now Retail and Development Director at Cennox supporting businesses across sectors driving innovation and growth strategies as well as leading the Cennox Retail division.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Fraud is changing – and so is the role of fraud and risk leadership in ecommerce

Ti Osnat
Enterprise Account Executive

Scams that fraud rings had historically merely dabbled in — synthetic identities, returns fraud, fraudulent fulfilment disputes and more — flourished during the pandemic and are continuing to do so

The focus of fraud attacks has moved down the payment chain to more vulnerable links, such as account creation, account login, and the task of updating accounts with additional payment forms.

Scams that fraud rings had historically merely dabbled in — synthetic identities, return fraud, fraudulent fulfillment disputes, and more — have flourished during the pandemic, when retailers were scrambling for their financial lives and chaos reigned. And like so many pandemic-spurred step changes, the new era of fraud will persist into the 2021 holiday season and beyond.

Ti Osnat

Ti joined Signifyd in February 2021. Ti Osnat’s career spans 10 years across both commercial and technical positions – focusing on helping eCommerce merchants adopt the most innovative new technologies. With experience in inventory, warehousing, finance, and payments there are not many areas of the back office he has not touched. Currently, Ti is Signifyd’s in-house SCA expert, helping brands develop winning SCA strategies.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

How is SCA changing the world of fraud?

Ed Whitehead
MD, Europe

Ti Osnat
Enterprise Account Executive

Join our discussion on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in which we will look at:

  • The impact of SCA across Europe
  • Emerging fraud trends post-SCA
  • Preparing for SCA in the UK

Ed Whitehead

Ed leads the team dedicated to the support and expansion of Signifyd’s EMEA client base. Prior to Signifyd, Ed has worked for multiple software and identity providers, specialising in data and legislation in ID & Fraud, Marketing and CX, including Gigya (acquired by SAP), Experian and Hitwise. 

Ti Osnat

Ti joined Signifyd in February 2021. Ti Osnat’s career spans 10 years across both commercial and technical positions – focusing on helping eCommerce merchants adopt the most innovative new technologies. With experience in inventory, warehousing, finance, and payments there are not many areas of the back office he has not touched. Currently, Ti is Signifyd’s in-house SCA expert, helping brands develop winning SCA strategies.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

The retail changes that are here to stay

Wayne Corbitt
Country Leader, Retail, UK & I
Sensormatic Solutions

Examining new shopper habits, the changing role of the physical store and the key technological enablers for the coming years

In the past 18 months, retail has undergone profound changes. Lockdowns and various restrictions have had an enormous impact on the entire population and their shopping behaviours. Retailers are re-thinking their physical stores, as operations become more complex and shoppers more demanding. Sensormatic Solutions has been assisting retailers throughout the pandemic, while also examining changes in retail operations and shopper sentiments – in order to identify new technological needs and change patterns, and to discover which of the new behaviours are becoming habitual amongst shoppers.

In our presentation, we will walk you through:

  • Impact on retail footfall, recovery trends and shopping patterns in the UK
  • Key results from our original shopper sentiment studies, which examine the changing customer behavior and attitudes
  • The changing role of the physical store and key technological enablers for retail in the next years

Wayne Corbitt

Wayne Corbitt is the Country Leader of Sensormatic Solutions, a part of Johnson Controls, responsible for the combined UK & I Retail business. Sensormatic Solutions is the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls powering operational excellence at scale and enabling smart and connected shopper engagement.

In this position, Wayne leads the commercial teams for Sensormatic Solutions, focused on driving retail digitalization and the delivery of innovative technology solutions to retailers in the UK & I.

Wayne started his early career in the military as a Marine Engineer and progressed into Technical Sales after leaving the Royal Navy. Technical and complex solutions/service selling has been a continuous thread throughout his professional life. Prior to joining Sensormatic, Wayne has held several senior leadership positions in the UK and overseas (USA, Canada & Europe) in both Sales and General Management for companies including OTIS Elevators, SSE Energy Solutions, Schneider Electric & Brook Hansen. Over the last 10+ years he has been involved in the development of smart technologies in commercial and industrial buildings predominantly in Retail, Warehouse & Logistics, Education, Healthcare and Manufacturing facilities.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Shopper sentiment and emerging retail technologies – trends, data and insight

This round table discussion is a chance to explore the findings of Sensormatic’s new reports and consider what they will mean for your business

Andy Sumpter (Sensormatic Retail Consultant) will review the latest trends, data and key insights taken from the Shopper Sentiment Report. Then Simon Reed (Business Development Manager – EMEA) and Adam Herring (Market Development Manager – Video Solutions UK&I) will offer insights on emerging retail technologies.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Fraud capture without friction – is it even possible?

Tristan Prince
Fraud Product Director


Capturing fraud, without some degree of friction for a customer, would historically result in some form of shrinkage or profit loss. Is this still the case?

Frictionless is a word that is often overused by vendors attempting to support a retailer’s never-ending quest for a superior customer experience. Capturing fraud, without some degree of friction for a customer, would historically result some form of shrinkage or profit loss. In this session, we will explore whether a 100% frictionless experience can be achieved without negatively impacting revenue and profitability.

Tristan Prince

Having recently joined Experian, as Fraud Product Director, Tristan brings with him a wealth of fraud prevention, data and technology expertise. During his career he has helped to support the implementation of fraud prevention strategies for many leading international organisations and retail brands; working with many well-respected fraud prevention companies to grow their footprint both in the UK and globally. He has been directly responsible for the creation of fraud prevention data assets and for spearheading several industry-wide fraud prevention initiatives. In recent times he has pioneered the use of open source data into fraud prevention, investigation and analysis.

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

Protecting Colleagues and Customers at the John Lewis Partnership

Sarah Henderson
Partner & Security Engagement Manager
John Lewis Partnership


A case study on body worn cameras presented by Sarah Henderson, Security Engagement Manager, The John Lewis Partnership

Join Sarah to learn about how body worn cameras are being used within both the John Lewis and Waitrose brands. Sarah will look at the reasons for choosing this technology and what her objectives were in their implementation. How far have these objectives been met and what has been the feedback from Colleagues?

To attend this round table and many others, plus details on main stage presentations at Retail Risk – Leicester 2021, click HERE…

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