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a welcome from our chair

Terry Streather

Director, Oakwood Training

We are delighted that Terry is chairing Retail Risk – Leicester this year. An accomplished speaker and Chair, Terry is a mental health and personal safety expert, with extensive experience as both a frontline practitioner and trainer. He works with global retailers as well as security and loss prevention teams. Terry was born and grew up in South Africa and currently lives in the UK where he is a Director at Oakwood Training.

Amelia Adey
Loss Prevention Manager
Decjuba, Australia

Cultivating a culture of compliance

How to create powerful strategies through an understanding of human behaviour

In this presentation Amelia will delve into the topic of driving compliance excellence in the retail industry by leveraging human behaviour to foster a culture of policy adherence. She will explore the challenges businesses face in ensuring consistent compliance with policies and procedures, and discuss the powerful strategies that can be employed to influence and shape employee behaviour. By understanding the principles of human behaviour, such as positive reinforcement, social norms, and behavioural prompts, we can create an environment where employees are motivated and empowered to follow policies and procedures. Discover the path to cultivating a culture of compliance, leading to improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business success in the dynamic world of retail.

Amelia is currently the Loss Prevention Manager for Decjuba based in Melbourne and was previously managing the loss prevention department at Kookai. During her tenure, Amelia has covered many areas including stocktake, loss prevention, auditing, ecommerce, banking and fraud analysis.  Amelia has been the project lead on initiatives such as RFID, implementing source tagging from factories in Fiji & Sri Lanka.
Amelia joined the industry 9 years ago and has developed programs in the areas of loss prevention and risk compliance, always with a focus on customer service. She believes that education, up-skilling and simplifying operations at a store level are all key to cultivating a culture of risk awareness in retail teams.

Tony D’Onofrio
TD Insights

Unleash your brand

Discover the key to creating and monetising your personal brand

The dream of greater personal success is alive in each of us. How we wake up to its reality is totally under our control. You must truly believe that if you dream it, provided you work hard enough, and don’t let setbacks stop you, you will craft an amazing life for yourself and also inspire future generations to follow your example.

As Tony puts it: “Because I created a personal brand, I ‘retired’ 10 years early, became an advisor to Silicon Valley startups, joined multiple company boards, reached nearly 10,000 direct connections and over 160,000 followers on Linked-In, became a CEO reinventing an industry, and I am consistently named every year a Top 100 Global Retail Influencer by multiple online organizations. 

“If you are in a career rut, unsure what next step to take, this is your book. If you are already climbing that endless corporate ladder, I can confirm that you are at risk by not applying key branding lessons. If you are an introvert, fearing the persona you are holding within, I have the answer. If you are an extrovert, your cockiness is your best asset that can be fine-tuned through a personal branding formula to even greater success. If you are young, just like compound interest, you will multiply the lessons of personal branding to unbelievable possibilities. If you are middle aged or old, it’s never too late to start. At every age, you can transform and upgrade your career and life to a new level because, whether you realize it or not, the personality you project to the world is your personal brand, a key aspect of your private and professional life. And that deserves – demands – investment”.

Join Tony as he reveals his formula to unleashing your own highly valuable and monetizable personal brand.

Martin Speed
RFID & Data Insights Manager
River Island

What has Machine Learning ever done for us?

The benefits and practicalities of using predictive analytics to support Loss Prevention

Martin will describe simple objective risk models and what they can do for LP.  This leads to a look to the future and the opportunities moving LP analysis from ‘what happened’, through ‘what is going to happen’ towards ‘what is the best action to take now.’ His presentation will be followed by a smaller-group Round Table discussion where delegates can talk through different scenarios.

Dr Martin Speed combines a wealth of commercial loss prevention experience with academic insight.  He is the Operational Risk RFID and Data Insights Manager for River Island where he uses analysis of the data to identify where resources are needed most, to guide programs and to measure their success. 

His retail experience was built up as LP Data Mining manager at New Look, as Risk Department Central Operations Manager for Phones4U and as Security Department Information Manager for Dixons Stores Group.  Also, as Assistant Director at the British Retail Consortium he instigated their first Retail Crime Survey.  As a consultant he has worked on large scale research projects for both private and public sector clients including the UK Ministry of Justice and the Sentencing Advisory Panel.

A graduate of University College London, Martin has an MSc in Crime Risk Management from the School of Management at Cranfield, and a Criminology PhD from Surrey University.

Phil Wilson
Head of Supply Chain Services

GFR – how much do you know?

Good Faith Receiving is working well for many retailers – what’s involved in setting it up?

Checking all supplier deliveries into a DC is a labour, time, and cost intensive undertaking, impacting both the customer and supplier alike. The Good Faith Receiving (GFR) service is a challenge to the status quo, liberating time and cost in abundance, without compromise.

Knowing that the process has been successfully adopted by many major retailers, we have great confidence in its potential to make supply chains more efficient. Despite this, it is lesser known in the sector: Is this too good to be true? Is it hard work to set up? What’s involved?

Patrick Holdaway
Superintendent Crime Centre
National Business Crime Centre

Paul Fagg
National Business Crime Centre

Andy Sanderson
Head of UK Security Operations

Superintendant Patrick Holdaway

Inspector Paul Fagg

Andy Sanderson

Safe Spaces: enhancing security for business

An update from the NBCC and Tesco on protecting your business from crime

The NBCC will provide on update on their current work, which will include a joint presentation with Tesco on the retail Safe Spaces national initiative.

Katy Bourne
Police and Crime Commissioner
Sussex Police

Amanda Blakeman
Chief Constable
North Wales Police

Jim Taylor
Detective Chief Superintendent & Head

John Unsworth
Director of Crime & Intelligence
Mitie Security

Jenny Alleyne
Head of Operational Risk & Compliance

Andy Sanderson
Head of UK Security Operations

Katy Bourne

John Unsworth

Jenny Alleyne

Andy Sanderson

Developing an ORC capability: a public/private sector partnership

This panel discussion is a ‘call to arms’ for retailers to act against Organised Retail Crime

This panel will discuss the work that is being conducted between Retailers and Policing to develop a new capability to target Organised Crime Groups committing crime against retailers. It will outline a national coordination, local delivery model that uses Retailer knowledge to identify and assess the most harmful Organised Crime Groups targeting retailers, and the tactical options available to manage the Groups. 

The session will provide a ‘call to arms’ for all retailers to actively engage in the management of the current and emerging Organised Retail Crime Threats.

Lisa Baskott
Founder & CEO
2nd Line of Defence

Safeguarding in security: the case for building resilient communities in the UK

Lisa considers the 3 P’s – People, Property, Places – in building resilient communities

In the context of the UK, building resilient communities is an essential aspect of safeguarding. Resilient communities are better equipped to withstand and recover from various challenges, including security threats, natural disasters, and social crises:

  • Preparedness for emergencies: the impact of Martyn’s Law and how to mitigate the impact of security threats
  • Social cohesion and trust: fostering social cohesion and trust among the general public (neighbours and local institutions)
  • Information sharing and communication: promoting open communication and information sharing with all major stakeholders
  • Supporting vulnerable Individuals: working together to ensure the welfare of vulnerable members of a community
  • Crime prevention: actively engaging in initiatives that make communities less attractive to potential wrongdoers
  • Inclusive decision-making: ensuring that all members of a community have a say in local security strategies
  • Educational initiatives: invest in educational initiatives related to safety and security.

Lisa’s company, 2nd Line of Defence, is a security company focused on recruiting more women into front line security personnel roles across the UK. Lisa became a qualified Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed door supervisor in September 2021. Prior to starting 2nd Line of Defence, Lisa had a 20-year career in B2B media, specialising in publishing, tv, online and mobile advertising. She left advertising in 2014 to pursue her passion for property development. Lisa set up and continues to run her own property business buying, renovating and selling period properties in the UK.

As part of a commitment to serving her community, Lisa has been a serving Magistrate for 11 years; she sits as a Presiding Justice in both the Adult and Youth Courts in Sussex.  In October 2021, Lisa was one of seven newly appointed regional Inclusion and Diversity Magistrates (IDM), she represents the SE of England. IDM’s contribute to a range of diversity work within the judiciary to provide a source of good equality and diversity practice for their colleagues. 

Most recently, Lisa has been named as one of 100 most influential businesswomen in the UK. The f:Entrepreneur#ialso100 campaign highlights, champions and celebrates 100 inspirational female entrepreneurs across the UK who are wearing many hats and doing many inter-connecting roles, with a specific focus on community and sustainability.

Ben Dawson
Head of Shopping Centres
Mitie Security

The prevention of suicides within shopping centres

Sadly, the number of attempted suicides within shopping centres across the country has increased

Security teams and retailers within shopping centres have developed a strategy to prevent suicides from occurring. This round table discussion will focus on:

  • the identification of vulnerable locations within shopping centres
  • the identification of vulnerable persons
  • the actions required to reduce the opportunity, and intervene at the earliest opportunity
  • the management of staff welfare following a suicide incident.

Ben Dawson is a security professional with 23 years of Industry experience working within Corporate, Retail, Distribution, Event & Shopping Centre Sectors. He has a wide-ranging skillset built on experience covering Change Management, Risk Management, Crime Reduction and Community & External Stakeholder Engagement.

Ray Palmer
Head of Asset Protection
Outdoor and Cycle Concepts

James Binch
Director of National Accounts
Link Integrated Security Solutions

Ray Palmer

James Binch

Are we doing enough to protect our staff?

A round table discussion on how retailers can do more to prevent violence and abuse against staff

Violence against retail workers is on the rise but the perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) stated that over 850 incidents a day are taking place.  Shop workers blame the cost-of-living stress for the rising abuse. Join Ray and James for a group discussion on measures to protect staff, including:

  • Installing physical controls
  • Staff training
  • Act before violence occurs
  • Conflict management.

Ray Palmer

Ray has the benefit of four decades of retail experience – sales floor to boardroom – covering a diverse  background including Food, DIY, Trade, Fashion and Outdoor Activities within UK, Ireland, across Europe and the Middle East. Former chairman of the DIY, Gardening and Builders Merchant Loss Prevention Forum, Member of the European Loss Prevention Advisory Board and Retail Risk Director of the year 2014.

James Binch

James currently serves as the Director of National Accounts for Link Integrated Security Solutions Ltd. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, James has established himself as a true retail security specialist. His extensive expertise in the sector includes a wide array of areas, such as EAS tagging, merchandise security, RFID, CCTV, Intruder detection, and conflict management systems. Throughout his career, James has been deeply committed to helping retailers protect their assets and combat shrinkage effectively.

James began his journey working in the retail industry, gaining firsthand insight into the intricacies of how businesses and industries operate. His time in retail allowed him to witness the challenges and opportunities faced by retailers, enabling him to assist with their needs and priorities. This valuable experience provided James with a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, knowledge that he seamlessly transferred to his endeavours in the security sector.

David Barr
Enterprise Sales Manager – EMEA
Eagle Eye Networks

Unleashing the power of Cloud

AI-driven transformation of security and business intelligence in Retail.

Join Simon for this discussion around the themes of:

  • The current security challenges facing retailers
  • Existing video surveillance installations and their fit for purpose
  • Cyber security concerns
  • Rip and replace vs retrofit and future-proof
  • AI and analytics and their impact on business intelligence.

Dave Pardoe
Head of Profit Protection

The Works

EPOS data mining excellence, our journey

Data management as guardian, behaviour influencer and business result contributor

With the current economic strains experienced by the majority  of our front-line colleagues, the importance of understanding and responding to internal dishonesty has never been greater. In what promises to be a thought-provoking session Dave Pardoe, Head of Profit Protection at The Works, outlines his employer’s approach to EPOS data mining excellence.

By utilising the IntelliQ approach to the forensic examination of EPOS data, Dave will outline his employer’s data journey and the concept of data management as a capable guardian, behaviour influencer and business result contributor.   

Andy Rowe
Customer Success Team Manager EMEA


The evolution of staff wellbeing via technology

Join Andy for a discussion on the latest technology enabling staff wellbeing

This round table discussion will cover:

  • Requirements for staff safety and wellbeing solutions in the retail landscape
  • The need for retailers to provide real time alerts and push notifications
  • Harnessing technology for wellbeing.

Clint Reid
Head of Group Security


Mark Gleeson
UK Regional Director


Clint Reid

Mark Gleeson

Marks & Spencer and Auror: the evolution of Retail Crime Intelligence

How Marks & Spencer is utilising Retail Crime Intelligence to reduce crime, loss and harm within their stores

Adam Sherlock
Fraud & Payments Manager

James Crowther
Support Centre Profit Protection Manager

Seetal Patel
Client Success

Adam Sherlock

James Crowther

One size does not fit all – the evolving threat of refund/returns abuse

Join this round table to share experiences of return fraud in all its shapes and forms

Retailers have invested heavily in frictionless, flexible return experiences as a means of attracting larger order volumes and greater lifetime value. Higher customer satisfaction scores are directly linked to the provision of instant refunds, return tracking, and boxless/printerless returns. This has led to a rise in returns abuse. While 63% of shoppers admit to engaging in bracketing in 2022 (buying the same item online in multiple sizes or colours with the intention of returning most items), the challenge for retailers is to correctly distinguish between genuine and fraudulent  returns.

Join this round table to discuss: 

  • Case studies from retailers: wardrobing, bracketing, excessive returners, manipulation of shipping labels – returns fraud has taken on many shapes
  • Implementation of controls to prevent or allow future purchases by abusive returners
  • Tracking all refund requests by employing technology.
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