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Dear Retailer/Supply Chain Specialist

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the first annual Distribution Centre Survey.

Please remember that all of the data you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. It will never be attributed to you directly.

All data is collated and analyzed by Mark Emmott and the team at Retail Knowledge. No other individual or organization will have access to the raw data you submit.

When completing the Survey questions, please provide data covering the last 12 month period for which you have data collated. Please state at the beginning of the form the 12 month period to which the data relates.

For the purposes of this Survey we define a Distribution Centre as ‘somewhere that fulfils customer/store orders/returns for e-commerce, a facility that picks/packs retail stock for stores, and not simply a bulk storage facility/warehouse, or a facility which holds stock within your logistical network prior to distribution.’ Please only provide data that relates to operations that fall within this definition.

Please note that it is NOT possible to save a part completed survey for completion at a later date. Please read through the questions and make sure that you are in a position to provide answers to all questions before you start filling in the Survey. However, once you have the raw data to hand you will be able to complete the Survey very quickly.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Teatum
Group Head of Loss Prevention
Next Plc
Chair of the Steering Committee for the Annual Distribution Centre Survey 2019

Basic details about your business

*Please include your full STD code

To what 12 month period does the data you are about to provide relate?

About your business in general

About the people working in the DC

About the processes operated in the DC

Which of the following do you use as part of your  secure entry procedures?

Please describe in the field.
Please describe in the field.

About the technology employed in the DC

What physical security measures are currently in place?

About the checks and balances used in the DC 

Health & Safety as it applies to the DC

Please indicate either a number or 'Not known' in the field.

Control of stock movement with regards to the DC

About future innovation in your DC operations 

Please specify postcodes, separated by commas
A fast exit at the end of a shift for my staff is my main priority
Reducing theft from the DC is my main priority
Improving employee security checks by making them less invasive is my main priority
Reducing HR issues is my main priority?
Having high quality security employees is a priority?
The cost of a security guard is a priority?
Changing the culture of staff in DC’s is important (making them part of the company’s philosophy not just a 3rd party staff)