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Cape Town featured speakers

a welcome from our chair

Bruce Duncan

Interim Head of Risk & Assurance, Certas Energy UK

I am honoured to have been asked, as the ‘imported local’ to chair the Retail Risk conference in my homeland, and in sunny Cape Town (nogal!). I look forward to meeting peers, who no doubt, together with their local challenges, will have some common ones to those that I deal with as a ‘Soutie’ in the UK. I look forward to sharing experience and anecdotes for the benefit of retailers and the wider risk community.

I look forward to facilitating an event in which collaboration is the key ingredient and takeaway. Whilst our experience provides a reference point, our end goal should guide our approach – how can we add value by enabling optimization, highlighting opportunity, whilst advising of and helping to minimize the threats and challenges along the way? By working with likeminded risk peers across wider businesses, sectors, and geographies, we will be better able to find the right balance in our own businesses, which collectively may bring a little more order to the increasing risk of chaos.

Here’s to an enjoyable and insightful conference – thank you in advance for your input and contribution!

About Bruce

A qualified accountant, Bruce moved into retail loss prevention and security 14 years ago. Given his South African upbringing together with a finance foundation he was well placed to protect people, property and profits. Following the financial crisis in the late noughties, there was a lot to keep him busy!

Thanks to support from Retail Knowledge and other seasoned expert peers in the risk arena, Bruce quickly scaled the learning curve and has led teams within the Retail, Gambling and Energy spaces. Of all the lessons learned, he says, the most striking was that “collaboration, teamwork, and sharing was the key to proactive deterrence, detection, and defence of all that was important to us as operators within an increasingly challenging retail marketplace”.

Nuno Pires
Head of Security, Health and Safety
Pick n Pay

State of the nation’s retail

Achieving success in in 2024 and beyond: a keynote address

We are delighted that Nuno is joining us to share his leadership perspective on the Retail Security landscape for the coming year. He will provide an analysis of current challenges as well as some emerging challenges for Retail. He will consider how retailers can work together – and with government – to achieve success in 2024 and beyond.

Carmen Van der Vyver
Head of Group Assurance

Social and political unrest – Are you ready ?

Preparing your business for the coming elections

The 2024 elections are predicted to be different to other years with the current ruling party losing support.  Alongside this there is expected to be unhappiness that can spill over into unruly behaviour as seen in July 2021 in KZN.  How are you preparing your business to deal with events that can take please in the lead up to, during or post the elections ?

Grant Shipway
Global Fraud Manager
River Island

From ‘reactive’ to ‘predictive’ Loss Prevention at River Island

Join Grant to learn how UK fashion retailer River Island is implementing ‘Closed Loop RFID’ stores

In this presentation Grant will explore the use of  ‘Closed Loop RFID’ stores that enable a seamless and frictionless customer journey and experiences while minimising losses in a ‘security tag free’ environment. He will touch on how River Island is using RFID POS & Self-Checkout, RFID Fitting Rooms, RFID Gates and Overheads to enable the transition from reactive to a predictive and prescriptive Loss Prevention Strategy all through utilising RFID data. Grant will also consider how other retailers can start to move towards predictive LP by utilising their current data and placing it into models.

Grant is a fraud and associated loss professional with experience across financial services (insurance and banking) and retail. Has a wide range of global experience leading international operations from a people and process perspective and merging both elements into a successful loss prevention strategy whilst advocating for the genuine customer.  He is an advocate for the evolution of fraud and loss prevention through the use of data and prescriptive analytics.

André Jordaan
Founder Member
Organised Retail Crime Association of South Africa

The employee as an insider threat

A presentation on optimising retail investigation skills

In this session André will explore the employee as an insider threat – a holistic approach – with reference to the latest trends in terms of the loss prevention threat landscape. The proficiency of retail investigations is under the spotlight with reference to organised crime in the South African landscape. The scope of retail investigations as well as deficiencies and/or robust skills of retail investigators is observed to map an efficient future retail investigative capability.

André is a Founder Member of the Organised Retail Crime Association of South Africa (ORCA_SA) and a PhD candidate researching cyber fraud as an organized crime in retail. André has completed a Masters degree in the investigation of employee theft and is experienced in security risk management, asset protection, criminal as well as corporate investigations for large corporate companies, both within state owned enterprises and the private sector. Loss prevention experience within retail led André to being passionate about the protection of retailers against organised retail crime and the provision of specialized investigation skills’ training to retail loss prevention through ORCA_SA.

Dr Paul Vorster
Senior Research Specialist
The Ethics Institute

Build trust and mitigate risks: fostering an ethical culture in your retail business

An ethical culture is key to shaping organizational conduct and mitigating risks within retail

Paul will explore the relationship between ethical culture and various facets of retail operations, including:

  • Understanding the impact of ethical culture: delving into empirical research and theoretical frameworks highlighting the benefits of fostering an ethical culture within your business
  • Exploring how ethical culture influences employee behaviour, organizational performance and customer trust
  • Best practices for promoting ethical behaviour: practical strategies, with a focus on treating individuals fairly, upholding dignity and fostering mutual respect. Discover effective approaches for embedding ethics into organizational processes and decision-making.

By attending this session, participants will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for cultivating a strong ethical culture within their retail businesses.

About Paul
Dr Paul Vorster is an accomplished Industrial Organisational Psychologist who has dedicated his career to training and development programmes and research that promote ethical decision-making and conduct in the workplace.

Dr Vorster’s efforts have had a significant impact, and he is credited with the development of the Ethics@theMovies concept, which has been implemented in South Africa since 2013. He has written the Ethical Culture Handbook as well as the Ethics Ambassadors’ Handbook both of which try to help organisations to improve and understand their ethical culture. In addition, he has also been the custodian of the South African Business Ethics Survey as well as the Social and Ethics Committee Trends Survey both of which illuminate the state of the governance of ethics, ethics management, and ethical culture in organisations across South Africa. 

He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial-Organisational Psychology from the University of Johannesburg with his primary topic involving the psychometric measurement of personality. Additionally, he obtained an Ethics Officer Certification from the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and The Ethics Institute. He has also consulted with the United Nations funded International Anti-Corruption Academy and is also a member of the International Test Commission which evaluates psychometric validity of survey measurement techniques (psychometrics).

Anastasia Pelser
Information Analyst
Petroleum Security Initiative

Blasts and bills: exploring the underbelly of the Fuel Retail sector

A three-fold increase in bombing incidents has sent shockwaves through the industry

With an alarming three-fold increase in bombing incidents, Anastasia examines the multifaceted vulnerabilities and security threats within the petroleum retail realm through a crime analysis lens. As these violent crimes rock the foundation of service stations, these once-trusted havens for motorists face a perilous decline in public perception. This session will dissect the intricate layers of the risks and challenges that threaten the very essence of safety and trust in the fuel retail landscape. 

More about Anastasia
With five years of experience in the analytics field, Anastasia Pelser is an information crime analyst, specialising in violent crimes within the fuel retail sector. The Petroleum Security Initiative (PSI) is an analytics project of Online Intelligence and focuses on (a) enhanced analytics, (b) collaborative initiatives and (c) disruptive strategies with the main objective to reduce the frequency and mitigate the risk for fuel retailers within the petroleum industry.

Simultaneously pursuing her master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice, Anastasia demonstrates an unwavering commitment to academic and professional advancement. Fuelled by comprehensive knowledge of data science, she adeptly integrates her passion for criminology with a keen interest in analytics, channelling this fusion into her role as the PSI Team Lead. In this capacity, Anastasia orchestrates collaborative efforts across the PSI team, industry stakeholders, the South African Police Services (SAPS), and private security entities. In alignment with the overarching aim of PSI, Anastasia directs her efforts to coordinate comprehensive analyses of the prevailing crime landscape within the fuel retail sector, thereby furnishing invaluable insights and strategic directives to mitigate prevailing security risks effectively.

Chris Cobb
Lodge Service

Virtual Loss Prevention In motion

Join Chris in a discussion of best practice technology solutions to address risk

How do you navigate the best solutions to address theft and improve stock management? Join Chris for an overview, looking at Loss Prevention challenges and considering the technology best practice solutions to address risk, including:

  • Integrated solutions to prevent theft via trigger alerts (smart devices, CCTV, audio) process mapped both within the area or remotely.
  • Improving stock management with live counts in real time using dashboards providing real time visual data also driving increased sales.

Chris is a Security Risk Consultant at Lodge Service: a former HM Armed Forces Coldstream Guards, he is a seasoned Global Corporate Security Zone (Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa ZONE – Mc Donald’s, ACCENTURE, Belmond), Regional (Africa & Mauritius) and Country (South Africa) professional. He has a unique set of competencies due to his firsthand vertical market experience, with insights gained over 30 years from having sat on three sides of the table: as a corporate C-Suite lead, providing security services and as an independent specialist consultant that enables him to navigate the intricate landscape of different vertical markets and their unique risk, security, loss prevention, life safety, OHS&S and HACCP requirements with precision. 

Radim Hotovec
Callidus Trading

How EAS solutions are reshaping the landscape of retail security

Latest developments and unique insights gained from working closely with retailers worldwide

Join Radim for an insightful presentation tailored to retailers seeking advanced solutions in retail security. With over two decades of expertise in EAS technology, Radim will unveil recent developments and unique insights gained from working closely with retailers worldwide. From addressing specific challenges to delivering practical solutions, Radim’s presentation will offer a clear and comprehensive overview of Callidus Trading’s innovative EAS technology portfolio. Discover how Callidus‘ solutions, including MQTT protocol integration for data access, are reshaping the landscape of retail security, and learn firsthand from successful case studies and recent projects. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive hard copies of the presentation for further reference, ensuring they leave equipped with actionable strategies to enhance security and drive business growth.

Radim is the CEO of Callidus Trading, bringing over 20 years of experience in the field of EAS and retail security. With a master’s degree in IT and a passion for innovation, Radim has led Callidus Trading to become a global leader in EAS technology. His dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and practical insights has earned him recognition among industry peers and clients alike. Radim’s presentation promises to deliver valuable insights and actionable strategies tailored to the specific needs of retailers.

Radim Hotovec
Callidus Trading

Future trends and challenges in retail security: navigating the evolving landscape

Explore innovative strategies to address evolving security threats and consumer demands

In this round table session Radim will facilitate a conversation on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the retail security landscape worldwide. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange insights, share best practices, and explore innovative strategies to address evolving security threats and consumer demands.

Errol van der Merwe
The Sales Collaborative

How do you Integrate Risk Management with your Digital Transformation strategy?

The need for a cohesive strategy to address the intricacies of risk in a digitized environment

In the face of evolving technological landscapes, the real challenge lies in seamlessly integrating risk management into the framework of digital transformation. This entails navigating the shift from manual to digital processes, encompassing: monitoring, incident reporting, and response protocols through the integration of mobile applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, the complexity arises in managing and analyzing extensive data from varied sources, ranging from physical security devices to digital transaction systems, highlighting the need for a cohesive strategy to address the intricacies of risk in a digitized environment.

Errol van der Merwe
The Sales Collaborative

Navigating tomorrow’s security landscape

Balancing automation and human judgment in Retail risk management

A round table discussion about the evolving realm of retail security, exploring the delicate interplay between automation and human oversight. This discussion not only addresses the importance of harmonizing technology with human judgment in digitized security operations but also ventures into the future. Uncover upcoming trends, such as the integration of AI and machine learning for predictive analytics, and gain insights into how these advancements are poised to reshape risk management strategies in the dynamic world of retail security.

Damian Judge

Staying ahead of the criminals: new developments in access control
A global and SA perspective on engineering developments in physical security.
Anyone that works in the security field is aware that no single security system is impenetrable. Retail outlets need a package of security measures that will buy time for law enforcement to get to a property that is being attacked by criminals. Digital surveillance is not enough. It needs to be combined with physical barriers that will significantly delay criminals from getting to the goods they have targeted.

Barrier manufacturers that supply retailers have had to design increasingly sophisticated physical security to counteract all types of attack. And their product engineers have developed ingenious ways of making these barriers stronger and less susceptible to breaches. Including:

  • Lift-resistant roller shutters: These were developed for Sainsbury’s outlets in the UK due to a rise in after-hours smash and grabs at their cigarette kiosks. New technology includes anti-lift actuators that are activated when a vertical force is applied upward from the base of the shutter curtain.
  • Cut-resistant technology for roller shutters: Petrol powered angle grinder attacks at cigarette kiosks in Sainsbury’s outlets in the UK lead to the development of cut-resistant roller shutters to close up these counters. This technology has dramatically reduced the incidence of thieves breaching the shutters using an angle grinder.
  • Quick release locking mechanisms for Retractable Grills or gates: this is a keyless locking system developed for London Underground stations. They have huge crowds moving through their stations so they require gates that can be opened quickly and easily during an emergency, without having to search for keys.
  • Built-in strengthening features to slow down attacks on retractable gates: studies of criminal attack methods have led to the development of added elements to toughen up sliding trellis gates and lift them out of the ordinary. Features such as shrouds that make it difficult for criminal gangs to successfully attack the lock or lock stile; additional sets of flights across the uprights that strengthen the gate’s construction; and a roll formed top track cover with no welding or other weak points for robbers to exploit.

Questions for discussion:

  • What local crime trends are RSA retailers needing solutions for?
  • What solutions have they already tried?
  • Did you know there is a difference between access control and security?
  • How can you be sure you are installing physical barriers that will do the job you expect of them?
  • With no local manufacturing standards in SA, do you know how to judge a reliable physical security barrier?

Matt Gilmartin
Managing Director
Concept Smoke Screen

The onion of security – how layered approaches can change the game in smash and grab raids

A look at the approaches taken by high-risk retailers to detect, delay, deter and defend

  • Gain insights from 25 years of industry experience in combating smash and grab attacks in retail outlets.
  • Explore the layered approach to physical security, highlighting the necessity of multiple systems working together to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Learn from real-world examples and methods adopted by retailers globally to reduce losses and enhance security measures.
  • Understand the limitations of relying solely on one security measure and discover the benefits of a holistic security strategy.
  • Engage with a seasoned industry veteran who brings expertise and practical knowledge to the discussion.
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