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We are delighted to announce that at this year’s Retail Risk – London conference, we will feature keynote presentations from some very influential individuals.

An introduction from our Chair: Gary Tattersall, Head of Asset Protection & Risk Management, Jack Wills
Welcome to Retail Risk – London 2017.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as this year’s Chair for a very special conference indeed, because we will be co-hosting the conference with the launch of eRisk this year.

More about Gary…

Gary Tattersall is the Head of Asset Protection & Risk Management at Jack Wills, leading the Loss Prevention, Brand Protection, Inventory Control and Health & Safety Teams. Since joining Jack Wills just over three years ago, Gary has been responsible for introducing numerous policies and procedures, providing solutions to reduce loss and mitigate risk globally across the business.

From the iconic British university towns of Oxford and Cambridge, to the Ivy League campuses of Harvard and Yale, to the bright lights of Hong Kong, Jack Wills continues to travels the globe, proudly planting the Union Jack in new territories, most recently opening stores in Macau and Singapore.

Gary’s strategic vision and pragmatic approach to Risk Management has been key in driving improvements and efficiencies throughout the business. Using his knowledge of the electronic industry and willingness to utilise new innovative technology on the market, Gary puts his team and Jack Wills as front runners using new exciting security initiatives.


New Digital Identity laws will affect all retailers around the world in the next two years: Dr Clare Sullivan, the Law Centre, Georgetown University

The new laws will have “massive implications” for retailers, and yet few have even heard about it! The challenges are NOT hypothetical – international law has already been changed and the practical implications will soon be felt by all retailers around the globe. And yet, despite the MASSIVE implications for all retailers and how they store data about their customers, most are completely unaware of the significant obligations they will have to meet regarding customers’ digital information within the next two years.

More about Clare…

Dr Clare Sullivan, the Law Centre, Georgetown University is a world authority on Digital Identity. In her unmissable lecture, Dr Clare explains how, within the next two years ALL retailers will have to fundamentally review their processes around customer information and store cards, because “damage” to a person’s Digital Identity will result in retailers facing the threat of imprisonment or damages calculated with reference to the standing of the individuals adjudged to have been wronged – worrying for all retailers, but terrifying for those dealing with high net worth individuals.

The most frequently heard description after delegates heard this presentation, first presented at Retail Risk – New York, was “mind-blowing!”

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The challenges of delivering security in a dynamic branded environment: Corin Dennison, Director Legal & Compliance (Global Investigations), adidas Group

There’s a delicate balance to be struck, ensuring security and protecting the brand, Corin believes. His insight and experience of tackling crime and protecting business for a brand that has successfully rolled out over 230 new stores in the last 12 months is immensely valuable to any retailer, especially those operating in a fast changing environment. In his presentation he focuses on:

  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Innovation and alignment to your brand
  • Added value and ROI
Breaking the silence on Pharma: Luke Hudman, Group Loss Prevention Manager, Celesio UK

As Group Loss Prevention Manager for Celesio UK, Luke Hudman has unique insight into the challenges faced by Pharmaceutical Loss Prevention teams working with other vital partnerships. Luke explores the financial implications of government cuts in pharmacy funding and what it means for LP teams. What additional measures are being investigated to reduce shrinkage? He also looks at what it means when drugs go missing and the degree of co-operation required with regulatory and healthcare bodies as well as manufacturers and the police. Luke calls for greater sharing and co-operation both within the pharma sector and with wider retail – and considers how this can be achieved.

The Fabric of Jack; harmonising ethical trade and brand protection within Risk Management: Steph Green, Brand, Ethical & Compliance Officer, Jack Wills and Marie McMorrow, Partner at HGF Limited EU Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and HGF Law LLP, Solicitors

In this presentation, Steph Green discusses Jack Wills’ business ethos and its ‘Fabric of Jack’ campaign, the business strategy to move from a traditional ethical trade role under purchasing to the position within Risk  Management – and how this links in with the Brand Protection and Legal elements of the role with the support of Marie McMorrow and her team at HGF Law.

The question of what risk management means in modern business has developed to become so much more than a loss prevention occupation: with the rise in counterfeit goods, intellectual property actions, public image damage and developing global crises posing an ongoing threat. Steph explores how this role both fits within ‘Risk’ and how a measured approach to ethical trade can provide a wider benefit to business including coverage of the legislative framework building around ethical trading, public image damage and overriding corporate responsibility.

About Steph…

As Brand, Ethical and Compliance Officer for Jack Wills, Steph works within the Asset Protection and Risk Management Team. Having studied Law and built a background in brand operations both in the UK and internationally, Steph has a broad knowledge of the retail sector and a respect for the challenges faced within businesses to achieve the end goal in consumer protection and service delivery.

This role expands the remit of the Asset Protection and Risk Management Team beyond the traditional parameters of loss management and into a wider consideration of business risk globally. Working cross-functionally is essential in this role to ensure the business ethical strategy exists in compliance with legal and brand protection needs, to be ahead in research of developing situations and maintain engagement with key stakeholders.


How vendors can support retailers in challenging times: Stephen Simmonds, Head of Sales, WIS International

About Stephen…

Coming from a background in Retail Operations and Stock Control, Steve brings to WIS and its clients over 25 years’ experience of working at a senior level dealing with the issues retailers deal with every day. Steve joined WIS in 2006 as Head of Sales & Marketing as the person responsible for all new business development and the marketing of WIS.

What is a modern day security manager? How to stay ahead of the game through technology: Rob King, Head of Strategic Engagement, Kings Security

In this presentation Rob will be taking forward the theme of Anthony King’s key note speech in April entitled “Bridging the Gap”. The erosion of what we see as traditional policing remains a topic of conversation and so too the reasons for it. Retailers and the security industry can do more to support the police effort. Where we can be most effective is in reducing the opportunities for criminal offending. Much of this can be achieved through cooperation and creating a culture of openness and willingness to share. It is also important that that Security Managers whose responsibilities had expanded beyond their traditional roles, embrace innovation and technology to ensure that relevant information can be assimilated and timely decisions made.

More about Rob…

Rob, who joined Kings in September 2015 to head up strategic engagement, has had a varied career in law enforcement, regulation and commercial security. Whilst serving in the Metropolitan Police for 20 years Rob had exposure to many facets of policing including, public order, contingency planning, surveillance, CID and investigating police corruption. On joining the British Horseracing Association, Rob was actively engaged in intelligence gathering, investigating high profile corruption cases in horse racing and latterly supervising intelligence led investigations into race fixing and corruption in other sports. In  2007 Rob took up a position of Retail Security Manager at William Hill, protecting the company’s assets in the UK, Israel and Europe. In 2012 Rob joined the Post Office; Europe’s biggest retailer with over 11 thousand branches to head up Security Operations. Rob achieved a distinction in the Security Institute Security Management diploma, was commended in last year’s Metropolitan Police CCTV business awards and has recently attained Home Office sponsored Secured by Design accreditation for KIS (Kings Intelligence Service) system as a policed preferred specified product.

World Premier: EXCLUSIVE to Retail Risk – London A (digital) Whodunnit – solving crime in the 21st century: Skip Myers, Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy, Microcenter

In an approach which has already received accolades from law enforcement and security professionals from around the globe, Skip utilises time-proven investigative techniques to unravel complicated fraud cases we face in the 21st century. This includes using a “crime scene” mentality when investigating credit card fraud and chargebacks. Viewing cyber fraud as a “digital crime scene” will change the way you view the virtual evidence and maximize your chances for solving the offense and reducing chargebacks.

“Digital crime is just a human crime… online. So often problems are left unresolved simply because the approach of an investigator needs to be realigned to the digital environment. However, once investigators understand this new approach they can use their existing skill sets, with minor tweaks, to get far, far better results than they have previously.”

In this presentation, which precedes the publication of Skip’s new book, How to Investigate the [digital] Crime Scene, Skip will explain how this approach has been used to deal with and reduce CNP fraud and chargebacks with great success within his organization, Micro Center.  This presentation provides practical tools that you can take away and apply in your business the very next day.

More about Skip…

Skip Myers is the Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy for Micro Center/Micro Electronics, Inc., a leading computer and electronics retailer with both e-commerce and brick and mortar locations throughout the US. Skip’s experience spans over 30 years across law enforcement, fraud investigations, retail loss prevention, crime prevention, emergency preparedness, EAS security, e-commerce risk strategy and on-line fraud prevention. Skip is focused on building strategic partnerships and developing loss prevention, e-commerce fraud and risk programs. He has successfully led teams to investigate complex cases and reduced inventory shrink and charge-backs related to card-not-present fraud while prosecuting offenders, and increasing on-line revenue. Skip is actively involved with industry events as a speaker and contributor to articles covering a range of topics that include, “How to Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day.”

Launching the Retail Risk – Global Risk Survey: Paul Bessant, Founder, Retail Knowledge

The Retail Fraud Survey is evolving and going global! How does it work and how can you access it? Paul explains all…

Since 2011 retailers have come to rely on the Retail Fraud Survey as the best way to benchmark their own operations and find practical ways to meet the constantly emerging challenges that they, and their competitors, must face. Building on the success of the last six years, the Retail Risk – Global Risk Survey now takes the best aspects of previous national surveys and adds immeasurably to them. Using latest technology, the survey canvasses information from attendees at Retail Risk conferences globally and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report comprising the most up to date, interactive, current, accurate and relevant material ever produced.


Data sharing – are you minimising the risk? An interactive workshop for retailers from the ICO: Richard Nevinson, Karen Round and Rick Syers, Policy and Engagement department, The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights in the public interest. This workshop will focus on retailers’ obligations and responsibilities under the Data Protection Act when sharing personal information for loss prevention purposes. Breakout sessions will provide an opportunity for delegates to speak directly with ICO staff and address key questions around privacy law compliance – what personal information are you sharing? Are you being transparent? Have you assessed the risk?

The workshop is aimed at delegates with a role in retail loss prevention and with some knowledge of existing and forthcoming data protection legislation. The breakout sessions will set out hypothetical data sharing scenarios, which will allow delegates to discuss the issues they need to consider in order to ensure that any sharing of personal information in a loss prevention context is fair and legal.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 70 people.

More about Richard, Karen and Rick…

Richard Nevinson, Karen Round and Rick Syers are all Senior Policy Officers within the ICO’s Policy and Engagement department. Their role is to engage with key stakeholders in the private sector in order to promote good information rights practice and compliance with the legislation that the ICO oversees, including the Data Protection Act.

Richard, Karen and Rick have extensive experience of providing practical data protection regulatory advice to organisations in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors and have worked with a number of organisations to address issues around private sector anti-fraud and crime prevention data sharing. They are based at the ICO’s main office in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

The Terrorist threat to crowded places in the UK: Simon Roberts, Inspector, The National Counter Terrorism Security Office

The terrorist threat to crowded places in the UK, changing attack methodologies and exploring options how to respond effectively in a crowed place to a terrorist attack through evacuation procedures.

More about Simon…

Simon is the Inspector at the National Counter Terrorism Security Office within the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Network.  He leads on the development and delivery of police counter terrorism protective security advice to industry and the public across crowded places, hazardous sites and substances and is responsible for the development and  delivery of CT awareness products  as well as the training, professional development and delivery of the UK’s network of 160 specialist Counter Terrorism Security Advisors and Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisors. .  His particular focus has been reviewing national guidance following changes in the terrorist threat level and attack methodology. Additionally as a result of the online targeting of individuals by terrorist organisations he has also developed the strategy in personal protective security and advice delivery.

Simon has been a police officer in the Metropolitan Police Service for 28 years. Starting his career in the Walworth Road and gaining a broad range of policing experience including public order, working in partnership with Local Authorities to tackle Anti–Social Behaviour, implement crime reduction strategies with prolific offenders, young offenders and in schools. He has more latterly delivered protective security policing plans in London post the death of Fusilier Lee Rigby and for Jewish High Holy Days.

The Chairman’s Interview: Retailers and the Police: cooperation today, and in the future?

This will be a lively discussion between our Chairman, Gary Tattersall, and the following participants:



Georgina Barnard – A/DCI, TP Crime Reduction & Partnerships, Metropolitan Police Service


Hugo Rosemont – Policy Adviser on Crime, Security, Risk and Safety issues, the British Retail Consortium


Geoff Zeidler – BSIA Police and Security Initiative

Iona Blake – Security Manager,Loss Prevention, Boots UK


DeviceRecon and its role in stopping fraud ahead of time: Wesley Kading, Simility

Stop the fraudulent behaviour at its root – the fraudster’s device. Device Recon assesses the fraud risk of a device based on its behaviour and characteristics, even when fraudsters go to great lengths to hide them.

In this masterclass Wesley looks at the role of Device Recon (next generation fingerprinting) and its role in stopping fraud ahead of time, as well as the evolution of that particular technology.

Fraud in retail – what you need to know to understand the threat – and fight back: Presentation: Fraud and the internet: the industrialisation of fraud: Sandra Peaston, Assistant Director, Insight; Lisa Moore and Eunice Johnson-Idan, Fraud Consultants, Cifas.

£280,000 worth of loyalty card points. Personal details of three-quarters of a million customers. All stolen by a single fraudster, in a single moment.

When it comes to fraud, the stakes are high for retailers. KPMG’s latest fraud report showed that in 2016 fraud in the UK soared by 55% to break the £1billion barrier – and internal fraud against organisations increased seven-fold. And that’s just the losses we know about. But the consequences are not just financial – brand reputation, customer trust and staff morale are equally at risk.

In this masterclass, Cifas – the UK’s leading fraud prevention service – will help delegates navigate the fraud landscape in the UK. Expert speakers will analyse the latest fraud data and highlight the threats to the retail industry through real-life case studies. They will explore the role of data in combating fraud and financial crime and show how, to win the battle, retailers must look beyond their own borders.

How to get the most from your surveillance system: Peter Greener and Gavin Archery, Milestone Systems

Peter and Gavin will discuss how to reduce shrinkage though video enabled transaction handling and how to get more from a surveillance system with centralised management, integrated access control and video analytics.

Milestone provides surveillance solutions for customers based on IP video management software (VMS) and network video recorders (NVRs) for installations of any size. With Milestone’s Open Platform software, security installations are ready for the future because more cameras, additional hardware and new solutions can always be easily integrated into the existing system. Milestone has a flexible licensing scheme that allows users to add one or many cameras while still using the same equipment.

The difference between Loss Detection & Loss Prevention: John Gray, CEO and Darren McKenna, CTO, NetMap Analytics

Discover NetMap’s recently developed DetectR software as a service.

This technology provides the ability to display millions of POS records on a simple to use dashboard and display them in a meaningful graphically form that instantly exposes not only fraudulent transactions but possible training and procedural failures.

Fighting fraud through 20 years of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities: Manish Gandhi, Head of Business Development, FICO

We all recognise that fraudsters are forever evolving and actively hunt for weak links to exploit across retailers. Celebrating 25 years of patented and highly successful advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, FICO give’s Fraud leaders the ability to lead instead of consistently putting out fires. We also understand that the past ten years has been about putting liability shifting barriers between the merchant and issuer which has left the customer dissatisfied with companies taking advantage to claim market share by lowering their risk appetites. A frictionless transaction is what wins the day!

More about Manish…

Manish Gandhi is Head of Business Development for analytics at FICO across EMEA. Manish oversees all Regulatory Modelling, Optimisation and Fraud Analytics across Financial Services, Telco and Retailers.

Protect tobacco & small premium-priced goods instore: Andrius Kalašinskas – Global Product Director, Select&Collect, StrongPoint

Theft of tobacco and small premium price products such as razors, mobile accessories, and makeup – products that are easy to conceal and re-sell – is a major source of shrinkage for retailers. Monitoring inventory on these items is also time consuming and expensive. Find out how Select & Collect solution minimises losses, optimises inventory operations and  enables selling items securely at any checkout in the store, including self-checkouts.

More about Andrius…

Andrius has 11 years of experience in Retail Store transformations projects as Product creator and Consultant.

He is working with Retailers across Europe on leveraging Self-Checkout, Mobile shopping, In-aisle scanning, Cash management, Select&Collect and other technologies to improve Store productivity and Shopping experience.

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