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This year’s Retail Risk – New York already features top retail LP experts, with more to be announced. Take the opportunity to question them, discuss what challenges you share and understand how they are successfully dealing with them…
An introduction from our Chair: Christopher McDonald, Vice President of Loss Prevention, Compass Group, NAD
Welcome to Retail Risk – New York 2017.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as this year’s Chair for Retail Risk – New York.

More about Christopher…

Christopher McDonald is the Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention for Compass Group, NAD. Compass Group is the world leader in commercial food and hospitality services. With over 10,000 accounts and $24B in annual sales McDonald oversees multiple aspects of all loss prevention efforts within the company. Previous to Compass, McDonald oversaw loss prevention efforts at companies such as Dollar General, Toys R’ Us, and Babies R’ Us, as well as being a part of LP teams at Office Depot and Hartmarx Retail group. With over 20 years in the industry, he serves on the Editorial Board for Loss Prevention Magazine, as well as holding a seat on the board of the International Association of Interviewers (IAI). He is a published author and has numerous other industry affiliations all focused on driving education and professional standards within the loss prevention industry. McDonald is a graduate of the University of Georgia and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Megatrends in Loss Prevention - What will your future look like? An executive panel discussion


Gary Moncur  – Director of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD

Gregg Smith – Sr. Director, Asset Protection, Five Below

Matthew J. Haughton – Assistant Vice President-Corporate Security, L’Oreal USA

Chad McIntosh – VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale’s

Brand L. Elverston – Elverston, LLC

In Megatrends in Loss Prevention our panel of widely respected LP experts are perfectly placed to look into the future and share with you their visions for what key changes will affect your business, and your job, in the coming year and beyond.

He said, she said… Now what?: David Thompson, VP of Operations, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.

Often times, LP professionals are tasked with a case that may be classified as employee relations issues.  These are some of the most difficult investigations, primarily because of the nature of the case and the pure lack of evidence.  Investigations into theft, fraud or more severe crimes are typically supported by documentation, surveillance or other tangible evidence.  The sexual harassment claim, a workplace violence threat or bullying typically only supply the investigator with a witnesses account of what happened.  Hearing multiple versions of the same story, with different perspectives and biases can make an HR professional’s investigation collapse and remain unfounded.  Learn from the tools used by Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFI) to interview victims, witnesses or the alleged when attempting to identify the truth.

The techniques discussed will be derived from the Cognitive Interview (CI), which is based on scientifically derived principles of memory and communication theory. The CI has been found in scientific studies to produce significantly more information than standard Q&A questioning. This interactive session will discuss biases, active listening and proper questioning techniques as they apply to sexual abuse and sexual harassment cases.

More about David…

David Thompson, CFI, is the Vice President of Operations with Wicklander- Zulawski & Associates, Inc. (WZ). He is responsible for the day to day operations of WZ, as well as strategic planning in product offerings and the evolution of interview and interrogation content. David has also served as the Director of Investigations for WZ giving him the opportunity to manage a variety of cases while conducting interviews and consulting on investigations ranging from theft and fraud to sexual harassment and homicide. As a speaker for WZ, David has created customized training programs, presented at seminars, hosted a variety of webinars as well as conducted live broadcasts of training. He is also an active member of the International Association of Interviews (IAI) and has contributed blogs, video tips and published several articles to support the continuing education of its members.

While at WZ, David has also played an integral role in the ongoing research and evolution of content and innovative teaching methods. Developing training that is presented in a virtual broadcast venue, creating more opportunities for distance learning and contributing to some of WZ’s newest technology including a simulated interrogation system are a few of the projects David has been involved in. David has also worked with members of the Innocence Project, Center for Wrongful Conviction of Youth and other academic partners on behalf of WZ to further the enhancement of interview and interrogation protocols throughout the US. David has contributed opinions on behalf of WZ for a variety of cases, and has been cited by the Federal Court of Appeals for his involvement on the topic of interview and interrogation.

Adding value in the world of Loss Prevention: Luis Malave, VP applications, Lucky Brand
LP Teams are constantly striving to do more in order to broaden their impact within the organization and show a greater ROI as an overall business partner. Luis Malave with Lucky Brands will be sharing the various avenues where he is finding value and partnering within his organization. Certain to be a topic of interest for all, from mobile POS to order fulfillment and beyond – come listen to Luis describe his journey, obstacles, and progress thus far.
Artificial Intelligence in Retail – a review of industry trends: Dave Bhattacharjee, Vice President, Data Analytics, Stanley Black and Decker

The retail industry is undergoing tremendous change driven by both consumer habits and technology. An extreme example of this is the Amazon Go store, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In this session, the speaker examines the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry. What is Artificial Intelligence? What are the practical applications and how can retailers adopt this technology to develop a competitive edge?

More about David…

Dave Bhattacharjee is the Vice President of Data Analytics for Stanley Black and Decker. In this role, Dave is responsible for monetizing Stanley Black and Decker’s data assets. His current projects include analytics applications for physical security, retail, healthcare, smart factory and marketing.

Prior to Stanley Black and Decker, Dave was at Cisco Systems where as Managing Director, Dave managed and led Cisco’s consulting services for analytics and big data in the Americas. He has also held leadership positions at IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers where Dave worked with the Fortune 500 on large scale initiatives designed to create business value through data and technology. Dave has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Arizona State University.

Everything you wanted to know about Predictive Analytics but were afraid to ask: An executive panel discussion

Three panellists from varied retail backgrounds will talk about how they are working with Data Analytics in their businesses for both prescriptive and proactive business needs. What does it all mean and have we moved beyond simple POS activity reporting?  We will be discussing their company paths and data paths they have discovered to be of most value. Looking at yesterday’s world, today’s status, and where we should head tomorrow, we will address what data is most useful, where does it come from, and how do we move it from being an ‘LP’ tool to a ‘Business’ tool. And not to forget; how should we be selling this to the C-suite to ensure the right message is conveyed. This and much, much more. Make sure you are part of this conversation!


Chance Bowlin
Director of Loss Prevention
Petco Animal Supplies

Skip Myers
Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy
Micro Center

Steve Welk
Director, Loss Prevention
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers

Retail Risk – Global Survey: introduced by Corin Dennison of adidas Group and hosted by Paul Bessant, Founder of Retail Risk

Be among the first to take part – and benefit from – the Retail Risk – Global Survey. Since 2011 Retail Knowledge’s surveys of retailers primarily in the US, UK and Australia have become an indispensable tool for the industry to benchmark operations and find practical ways to beat fraudsters. Now the survey is going global, real time and widening its remit to cover the risk arena – to produce the most timely, accurate and relevant material ever available on all aspects of retail risk.

Using latest polling technology, the survey canvasses information from delegates at the conference and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report.

Designing a global data platform from the unknown: Ardita Halili, Global Loss Prevention Analyst, Swarovski

In her presentation Ardita demonstrates how she has taken a combination of data used in other areas of the business, converting it into a global LP framework from store level to executive level. Her focus is on proactively highlighting profit erosion, non-compliance and fraud/theft, as well as providing supporting data to enable effective performance improvement in each market across all brands.

More about Ardita…

Ardita Halili joined Swarovski in 2014, where she is responsible for the development, tracking and forecasting of financial data with specific focus on proactively highlighting profit erosion, non-compliance and fraud/theft, as well as providing supporting data to enable effective performance improvement in each market across all brands.

Ardita has many years of experience from a financial analyst background, whilst achieving a BA (Hons) in Business Management and part qualification in CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). In her most recent role at The Carphone Warehouse, she worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for UK and Europe.

How to be better partners for our First Responders in times of crisis: Anthony Saccavino and Brian Cordasco, subject matter expert, FDNY

Anthony and Brian will share their experiences as Battalion Chiefs in the FDNY to help us become better partners for our First Responders during times of crisis. We often speak of managing crisis response with a variety of our first responder partners from the public sector, but we seldom turn the looking glass around on ourselves. With years of practical experience, Anthony and Brian will share what they have learned to help us be better partners when the big red trucks arrive on scene.

More about Brian…

Brian Cordasco has served the FDNY since 2002. He is currently a Battaliom Chief working in the borough of Manhattan, NYC. He holds a degree in Marketing from Fairfield University and is a graduate of the West Point Counterterrorism Leadership Program. Chief Cordaso is a member of the FDNY’s elite Counterterrorism Task Force (CTTF) and has supervised many large scale multi-agency events in NYC, such as: New Year’s Eve, U.N. General Assembly, and the U.S. Open.

More about Anthony…

Anthony Saccavino has served the FDNY since 1995. He is currently a Battalion Chief working in the borough of Manhattan, NYC and is assigned to the 3rd Division, 10th Battalion. He holds a BA in Fire and Emergency Management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Masters in Protection/Emergency Management from John Jay as well. Chief Saccavino is a graduate of the West Point Counterterrorism Leadership Program. Chief Saccavino is also a graduate of the Columbia Business School for Upper Management. He is a member of the FDNY’s elite Counterterrorism Task Force (CTTF) and has supervised many large scale multi-agency events, such as: U.N. General Assembly, U.S. Open, Pope’s visit to NYC, and President Trumps Security Detail.


The magic of data – adding value with video: Cliff Miller, Director of Retail Sales, Hikvision

Working with the right technology and installation partners, retailers can use video surveillance systems to do much more than just reduce theft. Video surveillance captures massive amounts of data that retail organizations can leverage to improve operations, measure store performance, support compliance, increase sales, as well as reduce theft. Join Hikvision Director of Retail Sales Cliff Miller for this informative presentation that is focused on the needs of today’s retailers. Learn how video surveillance data can give you insight into your business and help you increase your bottom line profits. Hikvision USA is a North American leader in award-winning video surveillance products and solutions.

More about Cliff…

Cliff Miller, Director of Retail Sales for Hikvision USA is based out of Washington, DC. He is primarily responsible for business development, which includes brand awareness and support for end users and dealer channels.

How to improve fraud detection on any fraud platform immediately using machine learning tools: Nick Walker, Commercial Director, The ai Corporation

More about Nick…

Nick’s began working life in the Royal Navy where he served on HMS Leander and HMS Ark Royal, working on communication and weapon systems. This gave him a solid grounding in work ethics that are still with him today; working smart, hard and giving the absolute best he can, while always striving to do better. After the Navy Nick studied Electronic Engineering, while working for an EPOS developer and manufacturer,  he was ‘hands-on’ developing some of the early EFT and POS machines that were deployed to retail fuel stations around the world.

Nick started out as a ‘techie’, then had a great opportunity to grow his skills within a business that he set up, operated and then managed various departments; development, project management, customer services, manufacturing, sales and business development. Nick then joined the senior management team, taking the business to a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. That experience put him in good stead for his next career step, joining Retail Decisions (ReD), where he was very much involved in developing the business from a UK only, one product business into a leading global fraud detection, fuel card and payment solution provider. Nick’s time at ReD included running various types of operations, covering fraud prevention, payments and fuel cards around the world, including South Africa (his home for many years), China, USA, Australia and LATAM, some of whom he now works with at ai.

At ai, as one of the commercial directors, Nick is responsible for business development in The America’s. This includes working directly with financial institutions and leading merchants, as well as developing new partner channels.

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