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We were delighted to feature the following presentations at this year’s Retail Risk – Melbourne conference. We are already in the process of preparing for next year’s conference. Watch this space for updates.

OPENING KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: How do you overcome the disconnect between strategy and its implementation?: Brand L Elverston, Director, Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives, Walmart

Brand is a world renowned thought leader in the sphere of loss prevention. In this exclusive Keynote he will be sharing vital lessons learned at Walmart. 

The launch of a strategic corporate wide programme and actual implementation on the ground can be two different concerns altogether. For large organisations, reconciling the gap between them remains a critical challenge. At Walmart, overcoming that disconnect is a priority, particularly with respect to its store operations. Brand now leads a team of subject matter experts, who travel into different regions unannounced to conduct detailed operational reviews. This provides visibility to gaps in process, strategy and technology in both asset protection/loss prevention and operational programmes in Walmart’s stores – providing the retailer’s leadership team with meaningful trending information designed to drive change at the home office level and integration into future programmes

As Brand himself puts it: “All organisations of size encounter challenges balancing strategic expectations with actual execution.  The difference is sharply focusing on those gaps and engineering programmes with that in mind – not as an afterthought”.

New Digital Identity laws will affect all retailers around the world in the next two years: Dr Clare Sullivan, the Law Centre, Georgetown University

The new laws will have “massive implications” for retailers, and yet few have even heard about it! The challenges are NOT hypothetical – international law has already been changed and the practical implications will soon be felt by all retailers around the globe. And yet, despite the MASSIVE implications for all retailers and how they store data about their customers, most are completely unaware of the significant obligations they will have to meet regarding customers’ digital information within the next two years.

More about Clare…

Dr Clare Sullivan, the Law Centre, Georgetown University is a world authority on Digital Identity. In her unmissable lecture, Dr Clare explains how, within the next two years ALL retailers will have to fundamentally review their processes around customer information and store cards, because “damage” to a person’s Digital Identity will result in retailers facing the threat of imprisonment or damages calculated with reference to the standing of the individuals adjudged to have been wronged – worrying for all retailers, but terrifying for those dealing with high net worth individuals.

The most frequently heard description after delegates heard this presentation, first presented at Retail Risk – New York, was “mind-blowing!”

Starting from scratch: how MECCA Brands implemented a loss prevention program that cut shrink by half: Melissa Maher, Business Improvement Manager & Mardi Gault, Loss Prevention Coordinator, MECCA Brands

In November 2015, shrink at MECCA Brands had reached an all-time high, with shoplifters running rampant, and very little knowledge within the business of how to stop it. What initially began as a trial of EAS gates turned into an implementation of a large-scale training and hardware program that resulted in much-improved LP awareness and capability within stores, leading to a reduction in shrink of 50% in just under a year.

In this presentation, Melissa Maher and Mardi Gault explain the strategies that they chose to adopt, sharing their advice for successfully embedding them within existing store operations and upskilling the team to deal with theft directly.

Terror plots, economic hardship and migration online… Can it get any better!: Carly Richards, Director – Contract and Compliance, KPMG Australia

To say Australian retailers are facing challenges might be seen as an understatement. Clearly the new retail dynamic in Australia faces challenges. But it is not ALL gloom and doom. There are opportunities too…

Carly Richards, Director – Contract and Compliance, KPMG Australia takes a thought provoking look at the challenges and opportunities in Australian retail today; drawing on her vast experience both as a retailer and a professional advisor.

Australia is a fast-changing market with international retailers expanding rapidly in the region both online and in store. What does this mean for Australian retailers? How are the industry leaders responding to the challenges? What obstacles are retailers encountering as they evolve to seize new opportunities, and how are these obstacles be overcome?

This energising presentation promises to identify where the opportunities are and put an enthusiastic spring back into the steps of beleaguered retailers.

More about Carly…

Carly joined KPMG Australia in the Risk Consultancy team about 3 months ago after spending 22 years in an Operational Retail role. She has led teams in the retail loss prevention space for 17 years. Working for Omni-channel retails (Argos and Target Australia) has meant that fraud has been at the heart of her focus. Working for Target enabled Carly to bring the learnings from the UK into the Australian market place.

Carly is always looking for innovative and analytical solutions and the application of a slightly ‘different approach’! KPMG allows her to use insight through thought leadership and best practice with the opportunity to see and test what is globally considered best in class to provide solutions to clients.

Launching the Retail Risk – Global Risk Survey: Paul Bessant, Founder, Retail Knowledge

The Retail Fraud Survey is evolving and going global! How does it work and how can you access it? Paul explains all…

Since 2011 retailers have come to rely on the Retail Fraud Survey as the best way to benchmark their own operations and find practical ways to meet the constantly emerging challenges that they, and their competitors, must face. Building on the success of the last six years, the Retail Risk – Global Risk Survey now takes the best aspects of previous national surveys and adds immeasurably to them. Using latest technology, the survey canvasses information from attendees at Retail Risk conferences globally and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report comprising the most up to date, interactive, current, accurate and relevant material ever produced.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The challenges of delivering security in a dynamic branded environment: Corin Dennison, Director Global Profit Protection & Investigations (Group Risk Legal & Compliance), adidas Group

There’s a delicate balance to be struck, ensuring security and protecting the brand, Corin believes. His insight and experience of tackling crime and protecting business for a brand that has successfully rolled out over 230 new stores in the last 12 months is immensely valuable to any retailer, especially those operating in a fast changing environment. In his presentation he focuses on:

  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Innovation and alignment to your brand
  • Added value and ROI
RFID: the technology that’s transforming retail - and loss prevention: Steve Schenk, Business Development Manager – Inventory Specialist, Tyco Retail Solutions

Retailing in the IoT and big data age presents many new challenges in regard to risk. Key to the future of best practice in retail is an understanding of how RFID as a technology can be implemented to support store operations in regard to loss, as well as the transformational nature of RFID on loss prevention as a role.

So in this keynote presentation, Steve will brief retailers on how RFID as a technology enables them to understand the availability of their product within their production and logistics flow, as well as within their retail footprint. Innovations in hardware now give retailers insights into change room environments, transactional irregularities and perimeter breaches.  What does this all mean for the loss prevention role in the future?

Steve will also provide insights into the developments that are taking place at Tyco Retail Solutions as they continue to research and develop their RFID platform, TrueVUE: enhancing merchandise visibility at POS, change room and perimeter to reduce and identify loss and eliminate return and transaction fraud. In addition TrueVUE and TRS Synergy networked antenna systems now enable three pillars of store performance, EAS, Traffic and Inventory Visibility (RFID) to be managed via a single platform and in real time. Overlay these key business metrics with Exacq CCTV footage and you have the most advanced, comprehensive integrated tool for identifying, measuring and preventing loss.

More about Steve…

Steve Schenk is Business Development Manager – Inventory Specialist for Tyco Retail Solutions Australia New Zealand (ANZ). In his role, Steve has helped position the Tyco Retail Solutions Inventory platform, TrueVUE, to be the market leader in the adoption and implementation of RFID applications for retailers in ANZ.

Steve has spent over 25 years in the apparel industry spanning sales, design, production, sourcing, supply chain and import and distribution. More recently he has dedicated the better part of the last decade advocating for RFID, data accuracy and the Internet of Things to drive brick and mortar and Omni channel operational, sales and cost savings benefits for retailers locally and globally.

His expertise across the scope of retail operations is derived from working for and with organisations such as Inditex Zara, Paul Smith, NBA, MLB, PAS Group and Checkpoint Systems. He is highly regarded in the industry and has delivered numerous key notes on the benefits of RFID in retail and supply chain. Steve lives in Melbourne with his wife and 2 children.

How to use your existing tech & infrastructure to deal with the terror threat: Eric C White, Global Security Specialist

What does the evolving threat of terrorism mean for retail? And how can retailers protect their businesses in the unlikely event of being affected? This session will cover the evolving threat of terrorism to brick and mortar retail and how a retail security, or asset protection department can make use of existing technology to identify, detect, and deter risks.

Man vs Machines in the world of fraud: Matt Attwell, The ai Corporation

In this session, Matt will consider how machine learning can offer benefits in both reducing fraud losses and increasing acceptance in all channels – without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Does your business struggle with manual fraud monitoring of increasingly complex payment channels? Matt will discuss the field of Behavioural Economics in relation to the management of Fraud, and consider how innovative technology can assist a manual approach. He will answer the common myths of machine learning and show how it can be utilised with big data to deliver outstanding business benefit.

In addition, Matt will cover some of the latest emerging global fraud trends in the retail industry and discuss how these are relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

ai has a long and exciting heritage as one of the world’s leading companies in fraud and risk management. Their expertise has been leveraged by organisations worldwide to enrich, protect and grow their businesses.

More about Matt…

Matthew Attwell has over 10 years’ worth of experience in the fraud industry, managing at every stage of the fraud lifecycle. He has worked in a range of different areas within the financial services sector specialising in both fraud analytics and risk strategy. As Risk and Client Services Director, Matthew ensures that ai’s global client base are utilising the latest practices in management of fraud risk.

Prior to joining ai, Matthew worked in the Global Anti-Fraud team at Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for both managing a global fraud loss prevention program and managing fraud risk for the bank within the UK-MEA region.

Matthew previously worked for Lloyds Banking Group for several years within the UK Retail Bank business unit. Whilst at Lloyds, Matthew took a principal role in the adoption of a new fraud system to prevent First Party Fraud.

Matthew is passionate about the insight potential of transaction data and throughout his career has been an advocate of fully utilising data to make the best decisions. At ai, Matthew is responsible for exploring further usages for payment data with clients beyond the traditional fraud monitoring usages. To date this has resulted in engagements related to credit risk, marketing and sales.


Advanced POS/CCTV integration solutions – what can they do for you?: Andrew Del Biondo, CCTV System Engineer, Camvex

Discover the potential of advanced integration solutions. In this 45 minute masterclass Andrew will explore:



  • The latest CCTV software tools for investigating theft by staff at POS terminals
  • Case study results
  • Outsourcing CCTV data mining
  • Exception Keyword and Phrase Searching
  • Auto detection of user defined POS exceptions
  • Automated archiving of POS exception video files
Discover the applications of NetMap technology in the fight against fraud: John Gray, CEO, NetMap Analytics

NetMap technology is an application that facilitates the discovery of previously hidden connections within data. It uses sophisticated and unique algorithms to find every pertinent connection between millions of pieces of data. In this Masterclass John will demonstrate how NetMap can reveal in minutes irregular patterns of activity providing a shortcut to suspicious activity for investigation.


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