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We are delighted to announce that at this year’s Retail Risk – Leicester conference, we will feature keynote presentations from some very influential individuals.
An introduction from our Chair: Corin Dennison, Director Legal & Compliance (Global Investigations), adidas Group
Welcome to Retail Risk – Leicester 2017.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as this year’s Chair for a very special conference indeed, because we will be co-hosting the conference with the launch of Retail Risk – Leicester this year.

More about Corin…

With over 24 yrs experience within the law enforcement / security arena, Corin served for 19 yrs within the UK Police Service as a Detective, specializing in all areas of major crime including Counter Terrorism, with secondments to the National Football Intelligence Unit and the Foreign Office training Iraqi Police Personnel in the Middle East. Corin held the position of Global Corporate Investigations Manager for Burberry Ltd moving to adidas Group in 2013 taking up the position of Senior Manager Global Investigations. Corin has responsibility for all aspects of investigation management within the adidas Group, overseeing a retail estate of 2800 stores and corporate locations and supporting the Compliance Framework within the Group. Corin regularly presents as a subject matter expert on corporate security and holds the CPP qualification from ASIS International.

Crisis management – dealing with a terrorist attack: Daniel Müller, Senior Manager Security, McDonald's Deutschland
In this presentation Daniel will show how structured crisis management of a large retailer enables a company  to survive the challenges, impacts and consequences of a potential terrorist attack in public areas. He will look at the challenges the Security Department had to face during the Munich active shooter incident in 2016,  and present the lessons identified and lessons learned from this experience.
Retail Risk – Global Survey: introduced by Corin Dennison of adidas Group and hosted by Paul Bessant, Founder of Retail Risk

Be among the first to take part – and benefit from – the Retail Risk – Global Survey. Since 2011 Retail Knowledge’s surveys of retailers primarily in the US, UK and Australia have become an indispensable tool for the industry to benchmark operations and find practical ways to beat fraudsters. Now the survey is going global, real time and widening its remit to cover the risk arena – to produce the most timely, accurate and relevant material ever available on all aspects of retail risk.

Using latest polling technology, the survey canvasses information from delegates at the conference and publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report.

Operation Retail, the Thames Valley Police and Asda partnership pilot: Sarah Cook, Inspector, Local Policing, Thames Valley Police

Reporting procedures are one of the areas of concern highlighted by the most recent BRC Survey. New procedures are being piloted by the Thames Valley Police working with Asda, Retail stores intervene, deter and prevent shoplifting offences at an early stage and only detain offenders when necessary. Stores are then encouraged to deal with the matter internally and seek alternative solutions to resolve where appropriate.

More about Sarah…

Sarah Cook, Police Inspector: having served 26 years with Thames Valley police in a number of roles Sarah now works within the strategic area of Local Policing. Business crime is one area of her portfolio.

Megatrends in Loss Prevention - What will your future look like? An executive panel discussion


Gary Moncur (Moderator) – Director of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD

Corin Dennison  Director Legal & Compliance (Global Investigations) adidas

Peter Page  Group Loss Prevention Manager at a leading GCC conglomerate

Chris McDonald – Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention, Compass Group, NAD

Lee Golding  Operational Risk Manager Asia & UK, Cotton On Group

Learn from the insights of four senior global Risk experts as they share with you their visions for what key changes will affect your business, and your job, in the coming year and beyond. With more technology, the proliferation of ‘do more with less’ and expanding roles and responsibilities – what will the role of a loss prevention executive look like in 2027?

The launch of the National Business Crime Centre: T/Detective Chief Inspector Georgie Barnard, Metropolitan Police

This is an exciting preview into the work of the National Business Crime Centre which will be launched 19th October this year.

Made up of a small team of officers, with Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey as NPCC lead, the NBCC aims to:

  • Stop Police Forces responding in 43 different ways to business crime
  • Help Join up the dots between police forces, security initiatives and private sector/business
  • Become the ‘Go to place’ and a Centre of Excellence for both businesses and enforcement agencies
  • Provide a strong voice for the business community

More about Georgie…

Georgie is currently T/Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police leading a Home Office transformation project setting up of the first ever National Business Crime Centre, to support all 43 Forces and national businesses in tackling crime.

A police officer for 29 years, she moved from front line policing to become a Detective, working within the Sexual Offences Command, Domestic Violence, Intelligence, Directorate of Professional Standards and on secondment to the Security Industry Authority as an investigator over the London Olympics.

Whilst still performing an operational policing role, Georgie has also been responsible for delivering a range of business crime initiatives at a tactical level and oversaw the development of London’s first team of officers dedicated to business crime for the Metropolitan Police. Now working alongside all Constabularies, enforcement agencies & specialist departments, including National Counter Terrorism, the City of London Police in relation to Fraud and cyber offences, she is determined to provide a coordinated response to business crime nationally. In addition, she leads on the national Police and Security (PaS) initiative, aimed at improving collaboration between police and private security.

Georgie represents the police as member of the security board for shopping centres, she is a member of the consultative board for the CT Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications hub (CSSC) and sits on the Home Office National Retail Crime Steering Group.

Implementing Counter Terrorism security advice across our shopping centres: Ian Pugh, Group Head of Security, Intu

In this presentation Ian will explain the relationships that intu have with the Police and intelligence community. He will explain how intu have transferred their advice and guidance into detailed policies and procedures. He will cover the company’s approach to training and Multi Agency exercising across its centres. He will also highlight learnings from these exercises and how they continue to implement these learnings in to their day to day security regime. Finally he will confirm intu’s plans for continual review and improvement.

More about Ian…

As Group Head of Security for intu Ian is responsible for the security strategy across their UK shopping centre portfolio and also our centres and new developments in Spain.

Intu receive over 400 million customer visits per year to their 15 directly owned centres in the UK and three joint venture owned centres at St David’s Cardiff, Cribbs Causeway and Manchester Arndale.

Ian sits on the REVO Security and Safer Shopping Committee (Formerly British Council of Shopping Centres) and also on the European Security Group for the International Council of Shopping Centres.

He is a member of the Crowded Places Information Exchange group chaired by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office ( NaCTSO) bringing together key crowded places partners to share best practice.

He also sits on the Counter Terrorism Awareness Working Group chaired by NaCTSO.

He is a Non-Executive Director of the National Business Crime Solutions.  National Business Crime Solutions (NBCS) is a ‘Not for Profit’ Initiative that provides a collaborative solution to more effectively tackle cross border, serious and organised crime affecting business.

Ian’s security career began in 1985. During his career he has worked within both traditional manned guarding and facilities management companies in a range of senior management positions covering various sectors.

He is a member of the International Professional Security Association where he represented IPSA on the Security Alliance which is a coalition of representative security organisations formed to consult with Government and the Security Industry Authority on the future regulation of the security industry.

Through his membership of IPSA Ian has represented (IPSA) at security conferences across Europe delivering various security lectures on topics such as Industry regulation and integration of technology solutions into the retail security arena.

What can we learn from retail in the Middle East?: Peter Page, Group Loss Prevention Manager at a leading GCC conglomerate

More about Peter…

Peter Page draws on a decade of experience in senior Risk roles within leading retailers in the GCC and Middle East. He paints a vivid picture of the challenges and successes he has seen while working in the region. He will consider what are the differences and similarities with the UK and Europe and what we can learn overall, before closing by addressing any questions.

Are you making the most of your Audit?: Gary Moncur, Director of Loss Prevention, Compass Group NAD

Are you getting the most from your current audit process? Regardless of whether your audit is for loss prevention compliance, risk management or operational effectiveness, you can improve your current audit process. From paper and pencil checklists to utilizing technology and on-line resources, this session will review where we have evolved from as an industry, where we are today and looking forward to tomorrow. In this session you will see how one company is tying technology such as components of their POS exception reporting system in order to laser focus both the audit targets and maximize the actual effort of the audit once at the unit. These efforts translate not only into a successful audit program, but other areas of success for the loss prevention team as well as their fellow business partners.

More about Gary…

With over 10,000 accounts and $24B in annual sales, Gary Moncur oversees multiple aspects of all loss prevention efforts within the company. Gary has over 30 years in the retail industry and has held various positions including: Store management, Procurement, Analytical Services Manager, Regional Loss Prevention Manager and Regional LP Director. Gary previously managed teams in a divisional capacity with the Babies “R US organization and Dollar General Corporation. Part of his career was spent in Operation’s within the Toys R’ Us organization which allows him to bring a very unique perspective to the loss prevention and audit world.

How adidas negotiated the data mining “minefield”: Ken Bohnert, Senior Manager Profit Protection – Global Investigations Operations, adidas Group

How do you choose the right data mining tool? How do you roll it out across your estate most effectively and with the minimum disruption? And what previously unforeseen challenges are you likely to face?

Ken Bohnert of adidas explains the steps they took to choose and roll out their data mining capability on a global basis. This frank account of the challenges they faced, both during and after implementation, together with the real life examples of the successes they have had, provides invaluable insight for all retailers; whatever stage of the data mining journey they are presently at.

The presentation also provides a tantalising peep “under the bonnet” of how one of the world’s leading brands determines and implements a global risk and loss prevention strategy. This is a shining example of retailers openly sharing experiences for the common good.

National Police Chiefs Council Business Crime conference – 2017

Retail Knowledge are pleased to also be hosting the half day NPCCBC Conference on the same day as Retail Risk – Leicester and the Fraud Awards.

NPCCBC registration opens at 9.30am with the NPCCBC conference itself starting at 10.00am and finishing at midday, with lunch served in The Gallery.

After lunch NPCCBC delegates are warmly invited to join the main Retail Risk – Leicester conference, which runs from 8.30am to 5.00pm; just before the Fraud Awards, which starts with a champagne reception at 6.30pm.

Machine Learning and the evolution of employee fraud detection: Vishal Patel, Director, Data Science R&D, Appriss Retail




In this session Vishal will consider:

  • How do the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence improve the detection of employee fraud?
  • Can an automated system that learns from the experience of prior investigations – across many retailers – identify individuals in your stores that you should build cases on today?
  • How this evolution in employee fraud detection will generate significantly improved results.

Applying the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence improves the detection of employee fraud and identification of cases of outlier behaviour.  These techniques are grouped with decades of experience and learnings in the field of exception based reporting, yielding a wealth of information on the types of known retail fraud typically caused by associates.  The objective of this approach is to provide an automated framework that learns from the experience of prior investigations and queries across many retailers to deliver results.  Additionally, applying general outlier methods to detect aberrant behaviour, which may not have been previously found, helps investigators identify new patterns of fraud which they were previously unaware.  This combination of techniques is an evolution in employee fraud detection that generates significantly improved results.

VSaaS and its expanding potential for defeating fraudulent claims: Gary Trotter, Co-Founder, Ocucon; Craig Huntingdon, Vision Analytics; Stephen Purvis, Chief Technical Officer, Ocucon; Andy Burgess UK/EMEA Head of Retail, Google Cloud Services & Waqas Hassan, Director and Co-Founder, Facit Data Systems


Ocucon is the world’s first Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system for providing unlimited storage for unlimited cameras within the cloud.

Ocucon’s powerful, cloud-based storage and retrieval platform, combines intelligent data analytics with the facility to store, analyse and retrieve long term video surveillance footage.

Held by Ocucon and its market leading technology partners, the masterclass will address the following topics:

  • Ocucon – Introduction – Discussing the threats to retailers
    Gary Trotter, Co-Founder of Ocucon, will open the masterclass with a discussion of the current threats to retailers, in particular the fraudulent slips, trips and falls claims culture that costs businesses more than £800m a year. This fact coupled with the data limitations on current physical and cloud based servers poses a serious cause for concern retailers.
  • Vision Analytics – The importance of technology in remaining competitive
    Craig Huntingdon, from Vision Analytics will explain the importance of using technology such as VSaaS and machine learning to drive efficiency and reduce costs. He will demonstrate how the latest technology can not only reduce costs but also simultaneously provide valuable data and actionable insight. Craig will further discuss how the discounters have created a competitive advantage and improbably low cost base by being at the forefront of this innovation.
  • Ocucon – The Ocucon Portal
    Stephen Purvis, Chief Technical Officer at Ocucon, will provide a demonstration of the Ocucon Portal and discuss the cutting edge software behind the product. The demonstration will highlight certain product features, including the downloadable incident report, the interactive map that helps you easily navigate through multiple sites and multiple cameras, as well as showing the near real-time access of all video from the cloud.
    Stephen will also talk delegates through how to customise the system and implement admin permissions.
  • Google – The benefits of long term Cloud storage
    Andy Burgess, from Google, will explore how Cloud technology can offer the retail industry centralised visibility and management of their premises. He will show how cloud based storage can be affordable without compromising on resolution or reduced retention. He will also explore how the benefits of long term Cloud storage and data access can improve business efficiency (through timely access to data – e.g. Facit?) as well as help organisations efficiently mitigate the costs of criminal / fraudulent activity.
    Finally he will consider the strength in security offered via the Cloud and answer the common myths and concerns surrounding Cloud technology. 
  • Facit– Why analytics is so important to retailers
    Retailers know their business, their products, their stores and their customers, but are always hungry for more intelligence about market changes, customer behaviour and emerging trends. In this masterclass, Waqas Hassan, from Facit, will consider how retailers could create a competitor advantage, build customer satisfaction and optimise sales through the use of analytics and heat-mapping technology.
  • Ocucon – Wrap up
    Gary Trotter to thank speakers for their presentations and let the audience know that if they have any questions he and his team will be available on the Ocucon stand directly after this event and for the rest of the day.
Enhance personal and team effectiveness - Insights Discovery Model™ – taster session: David Davensac, Head of Training Academy, Cardinal Security

David will be supporting Simon Chapman, CEO of Cardinal Security, by taking participants of the masterclass through a taster session of the Insights Discovery Model™. This will provide a fresh way of fostering powerful and effective interactions with new and existing contacts.

To provoke thought and conversation by introducing a method of enhancing personal and team effectiveness that is memorable, fun and fascinating. With an interactive and participative approach that accommodates all learning styles, participants can improve their interpersonal skills immediately. Through recognising visual and verbal clues from others, behaviours can be adapted to best connect with others. Enhanced communication skills can have a direct impact on achievement of KPIs, productivity and effectiveness.

Insights’ solutions are

  1. Simple: easy to understand so everyone can apply what they learn.
  2. Universal: they speak to everyone – your whole organisation will be using the terms
  3. Deeply insightful: they take you places that you never expected.
  4. Positive: our supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.
  5. Fun!: the memorable colour energy system really sticks.

The session will introduce participants to the four colour energies of the model, through a short, light-hearted demonstration that encourages identification of observable traits of each personality trait. A useful aide-memoire will be provided that shows clues from verbal, body language and personal environment traits exhibited by others, which will enable participants to identify colleagues they wish to better connect with. A general discussion about how a heightened self-awareness and recognising type in others will drive greater effectiveness and productivity will conclude the session, with an opportunity to ask questions. Some takeaway fact sheets will be available on each seat.

More about David…

David has 23 years’ experience in Learning and Development, based upon a foundation of operational roles in Hospitality, Retail and Distribution. This included managing stores in high risk towns.

As a freelance L&D specialist he was responsible for the research, creation and facilitation of a 24-month skills development programme for a large Shrinkage and Compliance Function; including loss prevention.

David’s specialism is as an accredited practitioner of the Insights Discovery Model™. This Jungian based system enables development of personal and team effectiveness, and is highly impactful as part of a change programme, talent management and integration of new business strategies and integral systems.

David now heads up the Training Academy as part of the senior management team at Cardinal Security.

Overcoming Network Connectivity challenges in the retail sector: John Goy, Sales Director M2M/IoT, CSL
In this session John explores what Retail Connectivity is, and why it is a challenge for facility and security managers. He then considers moving away from the Corporate Network and what solutions are available today, demonstrating Case Studies showing examples of successes so far.

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