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We are delighted to announce that at this year’s Retail Risk – Amsterdam conference, we will feature keynote presentations from some very influential individuals.
Mark Goldspink, CEO, The ai Corporation

Behavioural Economics in Fraud – Man vs Machine

Have you heard of decision fatigue? People get it, machines don’t! In his presentation Mark will be discussing Behavioural Economics in the fraud space: covering human biases,  the roles of man and the machine and why we believe the machine is better at making fraud decisions, freeing up the human to do better more creative and fulfilling work, that is more suited to the way we are made and wired.

More about Mark…

After graduating from London University with a PhD In Chemistry, Mark started worked for a multinational oil company Texaco for 12 years mainly involved in forecourt retailing. He spent 2 years as Retail Director for Texaco Europe and then moved to New York as Global Marketing Director and was the shareholder representative for Texaco’s global retail ventures with Shell and Saudi Aramco (in the US) and Chevron (Caltex) in the Far East and Africa.

In 2000 Mark moved to an Internet Billing company and in 2004 became Managing Director for Retail Decision’s Global Payments and Fraud Division. In 2010 he moved to Logica (bought by CGI Inc. 2012) and was Vice President responsible for winning and managing Shell’s outsourced payment contracts worth over $0.5bn.

Mark joined ai in 2013 to work with leading payment industry figures on developing and expanding a whole series of inter-related payment businesses globally, but mainly focussed on ai.

Jamie Woodruff, Ethical Hacker and Chief Intelligence Officer at Patch Penguin

Every person has a weakness that can be used against them…

The age old tricks fraudsters employ – of turning human weakness to their advantage – have been vastly enabled in the online age. World renowned ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff is passionate about exposing the vulnerabilities which put business and customers at risk of fraud. Using strict ethical protocols, Jamie has exposed the flaws in leading websites, social media sites and security applications. Join him for a hair-raising and illuminating presentation at Retail Risk London – 2016.

More about Jamie…

Jamie began his ethical hacking career as a student when he successfully hacked Facebook as part of a competition at Bangor University, where he was studying computer information systems. He has since uncovered security holes in numerous high-profile operations, including Kim Kardashian’s website, which he revealed was putting her fans’ data at serious risk.

Jamie travels the world teaching people the importance of system and network security and holds both Certified Penetration Testing Engineer and the EC Council Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Accreditations. He is writing a book on cyber intelligence and combating terrorism, and pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Sheffield University.

Tony Sales, former criminal mastermind

Why is Facebook is the criminal’s social engineering tool of choice? In this latest presentation Tony turns the searchlight on how information revealed on everyone’s favourite social media platform can devastate your business.


More about Tony…
Once dubbed ‘Britain’s Greatest Fraudster’ by the UK media, Tony Sales is now a reformed character using insider knowledge to help UK retailers fight back against targeted retail fraud attacks. He specialises in ID Fraud, Credit card Fraud, Bank Fraud and Internet Fraud.

“As a fraudster I was always able to think outside the box. Making the most of my specialist fraud expertise, now I have made a career working alongside retailers to combat retail fraud.” Offering unique insights into the workings of the criminal mind, Tony Sales works with government, banking, insurance and retail internationally to tackle the threat of Organised Retail Crime.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said recently following their Annual Business Summit 2016: “Tony Sales was a fascinating keynote speaker at my Annual Business Summit 2016. “Now a reformed character, his insights into the criminal underworld are unparalleled. He has seen and done it all and is now on the right track and using that experience to protect the people he once targeted. “I would like to thank Retail Knowledge for their continued help in fighting online fraud.”

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