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Coming soon, Retail Risk – Dubai, 2017 promises to be even better than last year…

Welcome to Retail Risk – Dubai

Retailers asked us to pack so much into our Gulf conference this year, that we simply had to expand the schedule…

Thorough and extensive consulting with retailers revealed a need for greater access to free training sessions, speaker engagement, networking opportunities and time with vendors to truly understand their latest and best risk and loss prevention offerings.

And the result was Retail Risk – Dubai; a risk and loss prevention conference designed for the Gulf region in collaboration with its leading retailers.

This year’s conference includes…

  • Regional security intelligence – a steer from the experts
  • The advent of Omni-channel – anticipating the strategic issues
  • Mobile POS – what are the implications for Risk and Loss Prevention
  • Law 24 – the regulations governing transactions covered by cameras – and CCTV best practice
  • How to secure your IT systems – and plan effective disaster recovery strategies
  • Data analytics – their role in Risk and Loss Prevention
  • Accurate inventory recording – how to achieve it
  • The cyber threat – facing up to the threat of cyber damage
  • Manned guarding – making it work for you

And much, much more!


Join us at Retail Risk – Dubai for the new live and interactive Retail Risk Global Survey...

Since 2011 Retail Knowledge’s surveys of retailers primarily in the US, UK and Australia have become an indispensable tool for the industry to benchmark operations and find practical ways to beat fraudsters. Now the survey is going global, real time and widening its remit to cover the risk arena. This will produce the most timely, accurate and relevant material ever available on all aspects of retail risk.

Using latest polling technology, the survey canvasses information from delegates at each conference and  publishes the results in real time at the event. The material is then compiled into a detailed report.

Live, anonymous and instant: here’s how the Global Risk Survey works…

As a delegate at Retail Risk – Dubai, you will be asked to log on to a secure, third party website. This will allow you to vote and share information anonymously. Live on stage, a presenter will lead a discussion on important aspects of retail operations, such as shrink levels, what issues people are finding most challenging and what technology they are using to meet those challenges.

The audience interact with the live debate via the website. You may be asked to state anonymously what your shrink levels are, or pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest causes of loss to your business on and offline. You may provide feedback as to what technologies you are investing in over the coming 18 months and what technologies you see themselves as needing additional help with.

Audience feedback is processed, instantly tabulated, plotted on graphs and presented live as it is received. So the information is bang up to date and because it is provided anonymously, there are no issues over commercial sensitivity. The results are subsequently put into a report with commentary from the panel, which can be delivered to attendees who request it. With the new survey, retailers will immediately be able to make international comparisons. They will see how threats are changing geographically and will track those changes year on year.

What makes Retail Risk the world’s No 1 Risk and Loss Prevention conference series?

More executives, whose work involves Risk and Loss Prevention, attend our conference series than any other in the world. Here’s why…

  • Be inspired by fresh thinking from international speakers, many of whom only speak at Retail Risk events
  • Take away case studies of others who have “learnt the hard way” and use their experiences in your business
  • Free Access All Areas VIP Delegate Passes for retailers, academics and law enforcement personnel
  • Enjoy unlimited refreshments and a delicious hot lunch at a superb hotel – all complimentary
  • Vendor numbers are limited, so our delegates don’t get overwhelmed by unsolicited sales approaches
  • Carefully constructed networking opportunities with peers as well as our international experts
  • Workshops are held under the Chatham House rule, so you can be assured of complete confidentiality
  • Potential for personal international profile development
  • Opportunity to participate on future steering committees and influence agenda
  • International publicity for all speakers through

"The future of Loss Prevention is collaboration not isolation and this annual Retail Risk event in Dubai provided the necessary platform for this inclusive approach. An excellent event."

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