Isn’t it time for retail risk and loss prevention to “get real”?

In the real world, offline crime fuels online and vice versa.
In the real world, successful risk and loss prevention solutions don’t rely on any one department, but on inter-departmental collaborations.
Risk and loss reduction is not just about technical solutions. In the real world, it is about cultural issues too…
In the real world, being able to exchange information with like minded individuals, share case studies and “compare notes,” allows you to progress faster in a day than months, or even years, of going it alone.
Senior decision-makers don’t have time to sift through reams of information about products, theories and news. In the real world, they need people with an established expertise in risk and loss prevention to do that for them; to reject that which is good, so they can focus on only the best.
In the real world, only one risk and loss prevention conference offers all of this. That’s why it is the biggest retail risk and loss prevention conference series in the world…


The Retail Risk conference series offers executives responsible for protecting their businesses against risk and loss with “must attend” events around the world.
All conferences are free to retailers.
Every conference features an array of international expertise with speakers, innovators and thought leaders from around the world gathering together for just one day, in one place with just one shared goal… to beat the bad guys.
Also featured are the latest solutions from an innovative array of sponsors, whose generosity makes all of our conferences possible, as well as a rare opportunity to network with your contemporaries from around the world and engage with them.
To claim your free VIP pass to one or more conferences, simply click on any of the conference links on the right hand side of this page, then click the BOOK NOW button and register… It takes less than 60 seconds.

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